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Welcome to another Billdip Collab! This is Billdip; Summer Memories, which aims to collect a scrapbook type of output.

CONCEPT: Bill compiles polaroids of a summer spent with Dipper and turns it into one big scrapbook which he then gives to the twins on their birthday.

- any artist may join and submit art
- any artist may submit up to three polaroids (one is minimum, three is maximum)
- artworks must be in the following dimensions: 1:1, 16:9, or 4:5 and must be at least 800px800p, 1280px720p, or 800pX1000p in resolution
- the artwork format is like an actual polaroid, meaning backgrounds will be required. Highly detailed backgrounds are encouraged but not required. The characters in the polaroids may be smiling or posing for the picture or caught off-guard in a candid pose.
- although this is a Billdip prompt, your drawing doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic. Remember that the concept is that Bill compiled this scrapbook for Dipper, so it may be Dipper caught in an embarrassing situation with friends, or spending time alone with Bill
- you may draw triangle Bill or your own image of human Bill
- strictly no nsfw
- if you are submitting multiple artwork, try to make them as varied as possible instead of drawing three polaroids of characters in the same situation
- try to include Dipper in all the polaroids unless the situation calls for him to be out of the shot. If possible, include a supplemenary polaroid showing where Dipper is. (supplementary polaroids will be included in the three count)
- Do NOT submit a polaroid formatted submission, as in a pic with the white border. We will format your submissions into polaroids ourselves, so submit the original drawing only.
- Also, the cast will be aged up for the drawings. Dipper and Mabel should appear between 18-21 years old in the drawings. Other characters should be aged up accordingly.

- embarrassing moments
- night time memories
- summer time fun
- forest adventures
- heck if you want to make a polaroid about weirdmaggedon don’t let me stop you
- platonic Billdip or pure billdip is a-ok. Please do not draw other ships so as to avoid any conflict.

- Deadline of submission is July 31, 2017. We need approximately a month to compile all the works. The final output will be uploaded on August 31, the twins’ birthday. Submissions past July 31 will no longer be accepted.
- Submit a short caption accompanying each polaroid you submit! Limit it to one sentence if possible, and remember that the captions were written by Bill. Examples would be “Pine Tree makes the cutest screams when I pop out of nowhere” or “Knew there was a reason Shooting Star is the alpha twin!”
- Upload your work on any image sharing website such as imgur or imgbox or even mediafire if needed for max resolution. Send the link to me, @masterdipster as soon as possible.
- Submit your signature along with your artwork! These will all be compiled and put on the last page! Send them in .png format, like below

That’s all! If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to send me an ask. I can’t wait to see all the lovely art you come up with! Please reblog so more people can see this!

(also if you plan on joining just leave me a message, don’t worry, I won’t hold you to it, just let me know so I have an idea of how many are joining).


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tooenthusasticforherowngood  asked:

do you know what that book that's essentially Mike and Psmith but at summer camp? It's aimed at like 10 year olds and it's on openlibrary but for the life of me I cannot remember its name so google is useless. please, you're my only hope with obscure Psmith knowledge

Ah, you refer to the wonder that is I Want to Go Home! by Gordon Korman, known to all true scholars as The Psmith 1980s Canadian Summer Camp AU.

Also please note that I am never the last line of Psmith inquiry; @isfjmel-phleg is a professional and always in business.