summer 2021

졸업식 [Graduation!]

Lowkey graduated from HS 2 weeks ago but hey, better late than never and still helpful to learn about!  Congrats to all my fellow class of 2017 graduates!  I hope that you all have an awesome summer and are excited to be starting the next chapter of our lives!  Whether it be entering the workforce, going to community college, entering a 4 year university, or even taking a non-traditional path, I wish you guys the best of luck working hard and being successful!  Anyways, here are a few terms associated with graduation in Korean!~ 

고등학교 - highschool
고등학생 - highschool student
졸업식 - graduation
대학교 - college
대학생 - college student
가족 - family
축전 - celebration
파티 - party
저녁식사 - dinner

Hope this helps and happy belated summer everyone! Y'all deserve it! ☀️ ~

Lucy pushing James into the water at the annual Weasley/Potter party at Shell Cottage.
Taken by Louis Weasley, summer 2021

After the war, all of the members of the Order of the Phoenix were endorsed handsomely. Even Molly and Arthur received a hearty deposit of galleons into their cobweb covered vault at Gringotts. All of their children became wealthy as could be, and that was only the beginning of their success. Despite all of this, Molly stuck to her old ways. Every morning, Molly woke and made her husband a large breakfast which he are happily before going off to the ministry, where he retained his old job three days out of the week. When he wasn’t working, he was out in the barn tinkering with his ever growing collection of muggle things. Molly would go out into the garden, where she would tend to her herbs and flowers. Every Tuesday and Friday, she made an early afternoon trip into Ottery St. Catchpole, where she picked up what she couldn’t grow from the small shop there in town. Her afternoon’s were spent knitting hats, gloves, scarves, and sweaters for her many grandchildren, and the occasional tag along.
Hermione eventually convinced Molly to allow her to buy matching dinnerware, seeing as Molly and Arthur owned no more than two matching plates. Not a single of their cups even resembled each other, and the silverware was just as mismatched. It took Angelina and George an entire year to convince her to allow them to get her a new table. She only conceded on that front because the Burrow was lacking a table big enough for the entire family, and so Angelina and George gave her a farm table long enough to sit the entire family, with matching chairs. Ginny even managed to get in new beds, and Audrey replaced a bookshelf that was about ready to give in under the weight. One Christmas, Charlie brought home a new record player, a rare find in 2016. Aside from the record player, the only new addition to the Burrow that Molly didn’t resist had to be the puppy that Bill got she and Arthur for their anniversary one year. It was an Australian shepherd, and Bill swears to this day the main reason she took the thing in was because it was the “runt” of the litter. It’s mismatched eyes, unusually small size, and meow-like bark were some of Molly’s favorite things. All of that, and the fact that it gave her someone to spoil and baby at all hours of the day.

The Burrow, still standing strong in the summer of 2021.
Taken by Dominique while hovering on her broom.

Shell Cottage’s beach is personal property of Weasley-Delacours. All the 10 kilometers of the beach were completely closed to the public. With time the Cottage was expanded and was constructed a wing for Wotters&Co. clan rooms so they could spend time at the Cottage for a long term. Do you understand how cool is to have a big beach for themselves? It’s like one of the biggest privileges ever. You can do whatever you want. No one will bother you outside your gigantic family. They are so loving it, especially Victoire, Dominique and Louis, because basically this is their legal property.
(As well the Weasley-Delacours are known for throwing the best beach parties in history)

The hands are Louis and Lucy, the rest are Dominique, Lily, Eva, Molly, Emma and Wendy having one of their many picnics on the beach

Taken by Hugo. Summer 2021


It’s Friday, and guess what that means? It’s time for our weekly round-up of our favorite Bellarke fanworks!


Though I Am Death, You Are Life by Lionheart_Rising

Okay, hear me out. A Bellarke Hades/Persephone AU. Everything about this is gorgeous.

Most of us are familiar with the Greek myth where the God of the Underworld fell in love with the Goddess of Spring, and he opened up the ground beneath her feet one day to whisk her away as his bride. To be honest, there are a lot of darker themes surrounding this myth, and I was slightly uncertain as to how the author would depict the highly controversial abduction and the god’s subsequent trickery.

I didn’t need to worry. Even her ending was beautiful.

The author managed to smooth over the rougher details in the myth while still managing to bring out the best of the controversial love between two opposites that have intrigued critics for as long as anyone can remember. Bellamy and Clarke, indeed.


A Thread That Has No End by AvaRosier

Remember that Bellarke flat tire AU meme that’s been going around?

Well, AO3 user AvaRosier wants to throw in her two cents. In the scorching heat of a 2021 summer in Virginia, Clarke finds herself stranded in the middle of the road with a flat tire–and who should come riding along in a big bad deputy’s car but none other than Bellamy Blake?

Which is basically just an excuse to segue into shameless smutty scenarios, and lemme tell you–it’s beautiful.


Where I Pray For the Thunder to Pass Me By by AvaRosier

Most us have probably seen this Bellarke arranged marriage AU floating around by now. I just want to point out that the author does a stellar job in painting her world for her readers with all of its meticulous details. The first time I started reading this, I nearly thought it was a crossover fanwork.

So even though I’ve already futilely hit the “kudos” button every time she updates with a new chapter (because I keep forgetting I’ve already left them), I want to extend further kudos right now, in text form, for the incredible world-building alone.

Also, this latest installment introduces a few steamy moments that I’m sure you’ll appreciate if you’ve been following this work as closely I have.


you always were (and you always will be) by secondsandhours

As far as modern Bellarke AUs go right now? I’m pretty sure this one takes the cake.

Ho-lee shit.

Maybe I’m a sucker for the falling-in-love-with-the-best-friend’s-big-brother trope, or maybe it’s the girl-next-door trope that stole my heart. And the sheer amount of sass in the dialogue is pure gold. There’s nothing I don’t love here.

From point-blank conversations about SpongeBob SquarePants to the heartwrenchingly real portrayal of two people growing up at different paces–until their paths finally converge in light of a tragedy that pulls them together at last–I urge you to read this.


haven’t got time to pretend by royalwisteria

Bellarke bakery AU! Is there nothing this fandom hasn’t covered?

There’s something so sweet about reading this, like a bite of tiramisu on a rainy day.

In the midst of bustling around while baking cinnamon rolls and brownies, a mysterious man steps inside of Clarke’s haphazard bakery–and subsequently, her life. He seems to have known her father, which captures her attention from the start; but there’s something more about him–the way he keeps coming back, time and time again, even for a pan of burned brownies–that tugs at her heart. (He’s also attractive as sin, and it’s not a fact that her best friends will let her forget anytime soon.)

Every element is written with flourish–the characterization, the plot, the subplots, the intrigue. And I adore Clarke’s interactions with Jasper/Monty. Even if you’ve never usually gone for cafe/bakery AUs, this is a must-read.


The Eyes Told by Durinsbride


Bellamy calling Clarke “baby”.

We’re all hung up over his use of “princess”, but man, if “baby” doesn’t make my throat dry when he uses it here. I’m in love with the way this author characterizes Bellamy. Honestly, her characterization of him is probably one of the best I’ve ever read.

Basically, smutty smut (not AU!), which is made even better when we get to see how much Bellamy’s falling in love with Clarke–but he’ll be damned if he lets himself admit it first.


A World Without Fences by Coldsaturn

You might remember this Bellarke tattoo parlor AU from last week, Well, the author has promptly updated with a second chapter!

It’s a little less fluff and more plot set-up this time, but I’m not complaining. The dynamic between the characters is still as engaging as ever to read, and we get our first look at Wells.

I’m just anticipating those future Bellarke moments. I know they’ll be so good I’m gonna want to swoon–I can feel it in my bones.


Call Me by clarkeneedsbellamy

Bellarke sexting. There is everything right about this.

Clarke sleeps over with Octavia, but temptation, thy name is Bellamy Blake, because of course he tries to lure her out of her bed and into his. Of course.

Not so much explicit sexual content, but there is some STRONG LANGUAGE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THE SWEET SUMMER EYES OF MINORS in those steamy texts.

James: Let go of her. She is my cousin, she is on my side
Fred: She is my cousin, too. So you don’t have real claim on her
James: She loves me more
Fred: That is not true. I’m her favorite
James: You’re not
Fred: I am
James: You’re not
Fred:I a…
Rose: Guys, shut up. First thing first let me go, second  neither of you are my favorite cousins, Al and Lily are, third I have a voice and I can choose myself, neither of you have a claim on me and last I’m already in Roxy’s team and we will destroy you suckers  

The 9th Prank War started in summer 2021 with someone (read: Lily) putting a hair colouring potion in James shampoo and making his hair yellow for a week. James thinking it was Fred filled his room with bright green swamp. Fred on his turn thought it was his not-so-innocent baby sister and suspended all her clothes. This way started the worst, yet, Prank War they witnessed. The team captains were James, Fred and Roxanne.

Above we can see two of the captains trying to lure one the strongest strategist, Rose Minerva Weasley, in their team, unsuccessful like you can see, because she was already recruited earlier that day by Roxanne.

Taken by Albus who in a surprisingly, but in a completely believable way was in James team. Summer 2021 

The Proposal

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Fluff :)

Warnings: None

Words: Cannot be bothered to count

Summery: It’s Valentine’s Day 2021. Phil has been planning his proposal to Dan for months, and now it’s finally time to put the plans into action. But will they work?… Very fluffy and quite cute, if I do say so myself :)

A/N: This is my first ever phanfic, so I apologise if it’s terrible!

Phil was so nervous he felt as though he was almost vomiting butterflies. His heart fluttered like the wing of a hummingbird, at once excited and terrified. For this was the day he had been planning for the last three months- he was finally going to ask Dan to marry him.
Himself and Dan had both come out (and finally admitted that Phan was real) to their respective audiences on the same day- Valentine’s day 2018- and just like Phil had promised Dan, it had been fine. Of course, as with anything there were a few idiotic trolls who left hate on their coming out videos, but mostly the response had been overwhelmingly positive, with thousands upon thousands of fangirls sending them both messages on Twitter and Tumblr, and leaving comments on YouTube, saying how much they had cried with joy at the announcement that Phan was real, thanking them both for finally making their OTP canon and wishing them a happy life together (“Chill out guys, we’re not married! Yet…” Dan had replied to those last ones, which of course only added fuel to the fire). And now, exactly three years later to the day, Phil was going to propose.
Once deciding that he definitely, 100% wanted to ask Dan to marry him (which had not been a very hard decision to make), Phil had spent months planning the perfect proposal. He wanted it to be sweet, but not over the top as Dan would just find that embarrassing, and he wanted the fans to know (he knew how much they’d love to see the proposal, and Phil always put his fans first.) Finally, he had settled on what was happening tonight- he was going to propose to Dan live, on national radio. Just the thought of it made Phil want to throw up with nerves. As he stood there with Dan in the studio, fifteen minutes before the show (which they had now been doing for 9 years) started, he was so scared that he was almost considering backing out. What if something went wrong? What if Dan said no? What if Dan was angry with him for doing this publicly? Despite Phil’s efforts to try and hide how he was feeling, Dan could evidently see he was scared.
“Um, yeah, D-Dan?”
“Are you ok? You look really scared, or nervous or something…”
“Oh no, I’m fine…” Phil said a little too quickly. Seeing the doubtful expression on Dan’s face, he added “Really, I am…” as he entwined Dan’s fingers with his own. Dan smiled and gave Phil’s hand a squeeze, then let go as it was (finally!) time for the show to start.
“Ready guys?” asked the producer, smiling at Phil as she did so (he had already told the BBC people what was about to happen). “We are live in five, four, three, two, one…”
An hour and a half later, they were three quarters of the way through the show and it was almost time. Everything else had gone perfectly; they had laughed at the stories on this weeks ‘Sorry, I don’t know how to Internet”, squealed at a cute video of baby Pandas during Internet News and unsurprisingly, Dan has won Dan vs. Phil. Yet as the time got closer and closer, Phil got more nervous. Suddenly, the producer winked at him and ohgodohgodohgod it was time. Dan started to introduce the next song and Phil took a deep breath.. and interrupted him.
“And now next, requested by Charlotte on Twitter, it’s-“
“Dan, wait.”
Dan turned to face him, confused. “What?”
“Well… um, actually I’d like to request a song please- if you don’t mind… Cause, you know, it’s Valentine’s day and all…”
“Um, okay?” Dan was still confused. “So, what do you want?”
“Well, actually I’ve got it here, It’s one we both like. I’d like to dedicate this to you, Dan.” Phil pressed play.
A sweet, melodic, simple tune came floating out of the speakers and flooded the earphones of thousands of young fans throughout the world. Dan recognised it instantly, wrote down on the whiteboard (which they used to write things down on during songs, as the microphones were turned off then), ‘Interrupted by Fireworks?’ (which was the title of the song) and smiled at Phil. Phil nodded and smiled back at him, and as their eyes met he suddenly felt calm. Now was the time to execute his plan. He was ready.
Grabbing the whiteboard from Dan, he quickly rubbed off the current writing on it, and wrote quickly but neatly the words ‘Dan, can I ask you something?’. He held it up so that the fans could see it, then passed it too Dan, who read the message, rubbed it off and replaced it with his own: ‘Of course, anything’.
Taking the whiteboard back, Phil wrote the message which he’d been writing and rewriting in his head for months. He took a deep breath and then, angling the whitebord so it was still visible to the camera, and taking out a small black box, he got down on one knee.
Dan gasped with surprise and happiness as he read Phil’s message:
‘Dan,’ it read, ‘I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Not than we weren’t going to do that anyway, but still. Will you marry me?’
Dan put his hand to his chin, pretending to consider (though he had already made up his mind). He grabbed the whiteboard from Phil and, though he never wanted to rub off Phil’s sweet little message, he did, replacing Phil’s words with his own: ‘What do you think guys?’ Twitter, which had already been going mental the moment Phil got down on one knee, suddenly exploded with thousands and thousands of messages screaming “YES!!!!” Dan laughed and then, rubbing off his previous words, he wrote new ones: ‘Of course I will, Phil! Love you too :)’ Around the world, thousands of fans clapped and cheered (and some cried), as did the crew in the studio. The two men smiled at each other, both of them so happy that they both thought they might cry. Phil pulled out the ring he had spent ages choosing and slipped it on Dan’s finger, and for the rest of the song they just stared at each other, smiling and holding hands, never wanting to look away. The song suddenly finished and Dan, still holding Phil’s hand, rushed to introduce it: “And that was ‘Interrupted by Fireworks’ from Final Fantasy VII. Now, if you weren’t just watching on the BBC Radio 1 website, there have been some pretty serious developments round here…” A/N: So that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it! If you did enjoy it, let me know by liking it as I really want to sort of turn this into a series and write more about their actual wedding, and I really want to know if that’s something you guys would be interested in. Either way, thanks for reading! :) Edit: So, due to all the notes on this fic (thank you SO MUCH btw) i’ve decided to continue this and turn it into a series of fics (which i am calling “The Phan 2022 Saga”) centered around the story of Dan and Phil planning their wedding, eventually concluding with a fic about the wedding. I will post a new fic every week starting on Sunday, so if you would like to read more of this sort of thing, then follow me! :)