summer 2012 was great


@snuffes is a mad genius, and there is no arguing this fact. 

Somehow, she managed to distill the sprawling, ridiculous, dark, bloody, messy Gates of Summer into three perfect paintings – and I can’t stop looking at them. She captured so much energy and so much of this fic’s mythology and plot arcs in these paintings, and guys, my heart is just so full

I could look at these for hours, and keep noticing new details. The tiny hands in the right painting, April’s tears on the left, the Elsewhen family fading into nothing, how the Boar is almost showing its true form as it and Donnie race toward their confrontation – it’s all so amazing, and so fitting that I get to post these tonight, when the whole fic ends. I wish you guys could see it as one piece, because it’s even more striking and emotional that way. 

I’m honestly a bit teary, and I’m so damn happy and in love with every tiny piece of this masterpiece, but most of all I’m lucky to know @snuffes, who has been yelling at me for this fic for years now, and who shared her genius like this. 

So thank you, thank you, Snuffes! May these hurt everyone as much as they’ve hurt me! <3<3

INFINITE Checklist

KR albums / singles

  • First Invasion (2010)
  • Evolution (2011)
  • Inspirit (2011)
  • Over The Top (2011)
  • Paradise (2011)
  • Infinitize (2012)
  • New Challenge (2013)
  • Destiny (2013)
  • The Origin (2014)
  • Season 2 (2014)
  • Be Back (2014)
  • One Great Step Live (2014)
  • Paradise LP (2015)
  • Be Back LP (2015)
  • Reality (2015)
    –limited edition
  • INFINITE Only (2016)
    –regular (8 photobooks: 7 members + group)
    –limited edition

JP albums / singles

  • Before The Dawn (2011)
    –limited A
    –limited B
    –normal edition
  • Be Mine (2012)
    –pop art
  • She’s Back (2012)
    –limited edition
  • Koi ni Ochiru Toki (2013)
    –limited edition
  • Last Romeo -Kimi ga Ireba Ii- (2014)
    –limited A
    –limited B
    –normal edition
  • Dilemma (2014)
    –limited with DVD
  • 24 Hours (2015)
    –one for each member (7)
    –regular edition
    –CD + DVD edition
  • For You (2015)
    –one for each member (7)
    –regular edition
    –CD + DVD edition
    –CD + Blu-Ray edition
  • Best of Infinite (2016)
    –regular edition
    –CD + DVD edition
    –CD + Blu-Ray edition

DVD releases

  • Infinite Japan 1st Live: Leaping Over (2012)
  • 2012 Infinite Concert: Second Invasion in Japan (2012)
  • Infinitize Showcase (2012)
  • Second Invasion: 1st Concert Live in Seoul (2012)
  • 2012 Infinite Concert: Second Invasion Evolution (2012)
  • Infinite 1st Arena Tour in Japan (2013)
  • 2012 Infinite Concert: That Summer (2013)
  • Destiny in America (2013)
  • One Great Step Returns (2015)
  • 2014 Infinite Concert: That Summer 2 (2015)
  • Grow (2015)
  • 2015 Infinite Japan Tour: Dilemma (2015)
  • Infinite Effect Advance Live (2016)

Solo / Units

  • Sunggyu - Another Me (2012)
  • Infinite H - Fly High (2013)
  • Sunggyu - 27 (2015)
  • Infinite H - Fly Again (2015)
  • Infinite F - Koi no Sign (2015)
  • Infinite F - Azure (2015)
  • Woohyun - Write.. (2016)


  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2012)
  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2013)
  • L’s Bravo Viewtiful (2013)
  • L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2 (2013)
  • Infinite IDEA Photobook (2013)
  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2014)
  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2015)
  • Infinite Season’s Greetings (2016)

Shows / Box Sets

  • Infinite You’re My Oppa (2011)
  • My K-star Infinite MBC DVD Collection (2012)
  • Infinite Sesame Player (2012)
  • Infinite Ranking King (2013)

anonymous asked:

For the MerGucket prompts: maybe something with Mermando?

Hope this fits the bill, Anon.  Set this in the summer of 2012, when Dipper and Mabel visit their great-uncles, unaware that they are mermen.

               “Wait, Grunkle Stan, who is this guy?” Dipper asked, looking at the boy that had showed up on the ship that morning.  Mabel and the mystery boy were chatting.  Stan grunted.

               “One of my wife’s work friend’s kids.  She’s outta town for a bit, so Angie promised to keep an eye on him.  Then Angie got called into work, so now I gotta watch him for a few days.”

               “But how did he get here?  We’re in the middle of the ocean!”

               “…Dinghy showed up last night with him.”


               “Cut it out, kid!” Stan barked.  “Go…scrub some pans or somethin’.  Paint tar on the boat.  I dunno. Just quit askin’ me questions.” Stan stormed away.

               “So, what’s your name, cutie?” Mabel asked.  She waved a hand playfully.  “Just kidding!  I know it’s really ‘Prince Charming’!”  She grinned at the mystery boy.  “Actually, what’s your name?”

               “Mermando,” the boy replied.  He grinned back at her.  “And yours?”

               “Mabel.  But you can call me the girl of your dreams,” Mabel said, fluttering her eyelashes.

               “All right, all right,” Stan grumbled, stomping over to the two of them. “Mabel, quit buggin’ him.”

               “No, it’s quite all right with me!” Mermando insisted.  “I find Mabel, how do you say, charming and wonderful.” Mabel squealed happily.

               “Oh, Mermando!” she sighed.  Stan grunted.

               “Fine.  Whatever.” Stan walked away, entering the cabin that served as a bedroom for him and Ford.  He moved the fake bed covering the moon pool, intending on taking a quick dip, to refresh his gills a bit.  But he changed his mind at the sight of a merboy swimming by.  “Mermando!” Stan hissed.  Mermando surfaced in the moon pool.

               “Yes, Mr. Pines?”

               “What are ya doin’?”

               “Mabel bet I couldn’t swim from one side of the ship to the other faster than her.  I am proving her wrong.”

               “No!  Ya told her you were mer?”

               “Yes.  Why, is this a problem?”

               “She doesn’t know!”


               “Mabel doesn’t know about me and Ford.  She’s human, and she thinks we are, too!”


               “You didn’t tell her I was mer, did ya?”

               “No, I assumed you had already told her,” Mermando replied.  Stan ran a hand through his hair.

               “Well, that’s something, at least.”  The cabin door burst open.  Stan shoved Mermando unceremoniously under the waters of the moon pool, decided he’d apologize later, and quickly shoved the fake bed over the moon pool again. He turned around to face Dipper and Mabel.  “What is it?” he asked.

               “Grunkle Stan, why didn’t you tell us Mermando was a merman?” Mabel asked. Stan shrugged.

               “Didn’t think it was important.”

               “What?” Dipper said.

               “Look, I see lotsa weird, supernatural creatures at sea.  Gets boring after a bit.”

               “But how can you think we wouldn’t be interested?” Dipper asked.  Stan glowered.

               “Kids these days.  Have to know when people are mermen.  Well, I don’t care.  Go swab the deck, both of ya.”

               “What does that mean?” Mabel asked.  Stan shoved Dipper and Mabel out the cabin.

               “Figure it out!”

i wish there were more kelly clarkson fans bc sometimes i think about how great her 2012 summer tour was and i just wanna chat about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s annoying how pathetic you feel when you’re upset or at a super low point like wow this is so shit and I don’t even know if this thing can be helped because literally no one around me give a shit but it’s okay I can’t complain people have it worse but yup this still feels so awful. Wow.Great. I’m just going to lay on the ground and feel numb and pointless. Great.

I’ve decided that the merfolk in the MerGucket AU eat bugs.  Not very frequently, since bugs are not usually found on the ocean floor.  But when merfolk are on the surface, if a tasty looking bug flies by, they’ll snatch it out of the air and pop it into their mouth.  It’s more of an instinct, than anything, so merfolk do it without thinking.

Yes, this means that freshly-turned-mermen Stanley and Stanford Pines accidentally eat bugs within their first week of being mer.  They freak out when they realize what they just did.

And yes, this means that when Dipper and Mabel spend the summer of 2012 with their great uncles, they see both Stan and Ford (and probably Molly, too, since she visits for a bit) snag flies out of the air and eat them.  It is confusing and gross to the mystery twins.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a Larryshipper and for some reason I've never really looked into Ziam proof that much. I've always shipped them as a bromance and thought that they would be so cute as a couple. I guess I haven't thought Ziam is real because I've (part 1)

never seen Sophiam as fake. I know Zerrie is fake but I’ve always thought that relationship is to give LM promo. I know a lot of Larryshippers don’t believe in Ziam for some reason but I try to see things objectively and for some time now (part 2)

I’ve been wondering that maybe Ziam is possible after all. Do you have a Ziam masterpost that you could link me too so I can analyse for myself? Thanks :) and btw I really like your blog, I hope that I’ll discover that Ziam is real (part 3)

Hi! I haven’t personally made full Ziam masterposts for newbies, mainly because it’d take so much time, and my timeline project is these days on hold until we get through this latest drama.

Anyway, for starters I recommend I Like Your Skirt Mary’s videos. Consider it as a crash course. That should give you a clear idea of the basic timeline, girlfriend drama and so forth. This Ziam video covers a good deal of important events as well, but is much shorter than ILYSM vids.

Then I recommend you visiting Ziamresources video list  for more detailed Ziam clips from past years. I absolutely recommend watching these livestreams/interviews from 2012 (if it’s ot5, concentrate on Ziam): x, xxx, x

This UAN masterpost series is pretty damn great because it covers the summer 2012 very well.

Zayn’s love tweets with analysis, and Ziam tweets post  

Some old masterposts.

My tags about Liam and Sophia 1,2. Zerrie for those who happen to need it. And about Little Mix promo

My Ziam tag if you want to hurt yourself beyond repair.

You can also search for the events from my blog based on tour leg, concert, month or date. (e.g. OTRA Tokyo 4).

Lemme know if you need more specific info. And good luck! (you’re going to need it with these two beautiful bastards) :)


Stephanie Jayne Houghton, MBE is an English footballer, who both plays for and captains Manchester City and the England women’s national football team. Since her debut in 2007, Houghton has played over 60 times for the England national team, scoring 8 goals; the most recent being in the 2015 Women’s World Cup in which she lead England to an historic 3rd place finish.

Houghton was called up to the first Great Britain women’s side for the 2012 Summer Olympics as a defender. She became the team’s record goalscorer from the left–back position, scoring in all three group games to help Great Britain to win the group with a 100% record, as well as making important challenges to help ensure the side progressed without conceding a goal. Houghton was also named left back of the tournament due to her outstanding performance during the games.