summer 201

Summer Bucket-List 2014
  1. Make Strawberry muffins from scratch
  2. Go vegetarian for a week
  3. Have an 80s movie marathon
  4. Re-read a book
  5. Make chocolate chip cookies from scratch
  6. Make fried pickles
  7. Answer everything yes for one day
  8. Watch TFioS
  9. Make breakfast
  10. Learn to grill
  11. Make homemade hamburger patties
  12. Spend a day at the bookstore
  13. Go a day without your phone
  14. Befriend a stranger
  15. Go a day without complaining
  16. Stay awake 36 hours straight 
  17. Lay under the stars
  18. Go a day without makeup 
  19. Make sausage pinwheels
  20. Get CPR certified 
  21. Make stuffed jalapenos
  22. Make smores
  23.  Tie-dye a shirt
  24. Make Hawaiian Punch
  25. Make Funnel cake
  26. Late night snack out
  27. Homemade popsicles
  28. Late night swimming
  29. Grow my hair out
  30. Get a snowcone
  31. Watch a sunrise on the beach
  32. Summer job?
  33. Mix glow sticks and bubbles
  34. Make a face mask
  35. Finish Supernatural
  36. Mentos and coke
  37. Leave notes in random places
  38. Run 3 days a week
  39. Tie a message to a balloon and let it go
  40. Take a photo booth picture
  41. Go bowling 
  42. Finish Doctor Who
  43. Go to a water park
  44. Go to an amusement park
  45. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day
  46. Set a dandelion on fire
  47. Kool-aid dye my hair
  48. Make a time capsule
  49. Use a fake name at Starbucks
  50. Buy an airhorn (why not)
  51. Cut a watermelon 
  52. Make a basketball shot from half court
  53. Get my cartilage pierced
  54. Get donuts for breakfast
  55. Read at least 10 books
  56. Go to the zoo
  57. Get a free slurpee on 7/11
  58. Disney movie marathon
  59. My favorite movies marathon

When you feel lazy or useless, get outside take a walk, bike ride, run, stroll, anything to get you to realize there are millions of things that one could be happy about, such as,YOU are healthy enough to get up and go, YOU are wise enough to know what is good for you, and YOU are determined enough to feel better. These all start with YOU, so get up, get out, be determined, and have an adventure.

My gift to you will be an abyss, she said,
but it will be so subtle you’ll perceive it
only after many years have passed
and you are far from Mexico and me.
You’ll find it when you need it most,
and that won’t be
the happy ending,
but it will be an instant of emptiness and joy.
And maybe then you’ll remember me,
if only just a little.
—  Roberto Bolaño, “My Gift to You,” from a portfolio of five poems in The Paris Review no. 201 (Summer 2012), translated from Spanish by Laura Healy
Resistance is a key part of how hegemony works. Wardens sometimes allow the prison riots to go on before they shut them down. When prisoners riot for better food, sometimes they get better food. But then what happens? They go back to their cell. They get better food within the systematic oppression of the PIC. The system remains. Hegemonic systems allow moments of resistance to happen to allow for the facade of change while the infrastructure stays the same. By relieving small moments of pressure, moments of resistance uphold systematic oppression.
—  Dr. Archana Pathak lecturing on Gramsci in Summer GSWS 201