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Could someone do the ravenclaws playing Pokemon go please?

It all started when Lysander Scamander got stuck in the vanishing step on his way up to the third floor. Although renowned for his unusual behaviour, this was rather odd even for him. It wasn’t unusual for him to get stuck, of course (Lysander was a rather absent minded boy with an unfortunate disregard for his surroundings) what was unusual was how cheerful he remained despite having been stuck in the staircase for 3 hours. When asked why he was so happy he would only reply “I caught a charizard” 

Now the majority of ravenclaw tower decided simply to place the ‘charizard’ in the same category as the crumple horned snorkack or the nargle, but upon one retelling of the story a seventh year’s head shot up in disbelief. 

“Did you just say he caught a charizard?”

“Yeah, don’t worry man it’s probably just some weird thing he made up-”

“Who is this kid?”

So the seventh year wandered over to where the 13 year old Lysander was sat alone at a table overlooking the grounds, and cautiously pulled up a chair. The younger boy didn’t seem to notice he had company until the seventh year cleared his throat and muttered under his breath

“So I heard you caught a charizard?” Lysander’s eyes lit up and a small smile crept across his face. He nodded. The seventh year glanced around nervously, unsure what his friends would make of this conversation of apparent gibberish with a 13 year old and renowned liability. “How?”

And so it began. 

Soon the entirety of ravenclaw tower was filled with phones sent in from home and it was near impossible to cross the common room without colliding with at least one student. School work was dismissed as an unnecessary distraction and team rivalries became outright war fare when armed with supplies from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

It was said that pidgeys could be found in the owlery (this was true though in all honesty they could be found at every turn), squirtles were often discovered by the black lake, and a bulbasaur would require a trip to the forbidden forest. Not many students thought that particular risk was worth the rewards. 

Getting back into the ravenclaw common room also become something of an affair. “Is it possible to burn yet feel no pain?”

“Yeahhh if that ponyta loves you mate”

It’s safe to say that ravenclaw is indeed the house of nostalgia and reminiscence, even if the majority of the students never experienced the phase the first time around


Cillian talks Nazi hunters, Peaky Blinders and… Harry Styles? In the Sept 3 issue of RadioTimes. (Do the right click thing to read full size). New stuff:

Dunkirk: ” He won’t share anything about the plot, not even his character’s army rank. “The reason why Chris has always been so ‘secretive’ about his scripts is that it just ruins the experience. And I agree with him. The word ‘spoiler’ says it all. The anticipation is amazing, so let’s just wait and see, and all will be revealed. With the way Chris is shooting, all on IMAX 65mm cameras and in the real locations, it should be pretty powerful.

What’s next: Right now he’s taking some time off. He was interviewed in Dublin just before heading to Greece for a family holiday. After promoting Anthropoid he’ll start promoting another film, Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire, which closes this autumn’s London Film Festival. Then next year he’ll be shooting S4 of Peaky Blinders.

939.  After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry received angry howlers from the grieving families of those who had lost their children during the battle, a cause that these specific parents didn't feel strongly about. They stopped after a few months but about a year later he received his final howler from Lucius Malfoy, angry that Harry had saved his son and let him live.