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Alright, I’m pretty convinced at this point that these new imdb summaries we’re suddenly getting for the last few sunny episodes aren’t real. First of all, we’re getting descriptions before titles, which makes no sense. Secondly, this newest one doesn’t remotely fit with anything we know about which episodes are left this season. Third, the ‘episode image’ for the finale is literally just a picture of the cast when they went to pride. I don’t know how imdb works when it comes to who’s allowed to edit things like this, but I’m fairly certain at this point that it’s just someone trying to mess with people. If it is real, they’re certainly going about it in a very confusing way.

Sleep Ciel, sleep... (Kuro113 thoughts 1/2)

As always, only my thoughts part 1 on 2 (so I can get them out of my head) so you don’t have to read and even less to agree. :) There might be a little of chemical/medical stuff so I’ll try to stay simple, but as always feel free to ask for explanations.

Spoilers for ch113 and below is a little TL;DR/summary in case you want to be sure you won’t waste time reading something completely uninteresting lol (nah because it turned out to be long and I don’t want to bore you with everything, so pick up your favorite subjects and read what you like):

  1. “Too lovely corpses” -> D’aww, thanks UT!

  2. “Please join Bravat’s blue sect! We’ll make sure to intoxicate your body with chloroform to the point you’ll never wake up.”

  3. Violet aka the MVP of this chapter, a new candidate for the place as Ciel’s best friend

  4. The end with a small parallel to ch108

Now that it’s been proved I am actually not funny, here’s the actual post under read more for the interested ;)

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The Santoro School’s Handbook for Making Better Comics

Finally got round to having a proper look at this little gem. The Santoro School’s Handbook for Making Better Comics by Frank Santoro and Kurt Ankeny was a perk that you got for donating to the Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency crowdfund (gosh that was a mouthful).
 If you’ve been having a little poke about at my blog for a while, you’ll remember when I reblogged their post asking for donations and talking about the lecture we had in October from Frank Santoro.
It was a really interesting lecture, with a lot of insights into composition and what to consider when laying out a page for a comic book. This book is a bit of a summary of what he spoke about; It’s a really good little read, the illustrations explaining each point are beauts and the stuff that is talked about in it makes so much sense, you’re kind of gonna think ‘oh, duhh’ after reading it. You’re also going to trace all over your comic books to try and prove it wrong - don’t bother. You won’t.

You can watch this video to hear Frank Santoro talk about this and a couple of other pieces of his work if you want to have a deeks.
I don’t know if this is still available through anywhere, but if it is, I would definitely try and get a hold of one.