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Hey there buddy, you wouldn't happen to have any Peter and Rita headcanons, would you?

i’m running with the assumption that this means headcanons about the two of them together

  • Rita stops flirting with him immediately after noticing the way he looks at Mr. Steel because FINALLY, it is ABOUT TIME someone noticed the boss like that, and wow they’re clearly so in love and she gets to WATCH
  • Peter goes to her book club one time and in the course of an evening learns how to read palms and wiretap an encrypted comms line, adds several questionable paperbacks to his endless pockets, and starts reading as well as doodling in his downtime
  • he tends to doodle in the margins though
  • Rita does not inquire about his real name, and Peter does not ask about her last name. they have a perfect understanding
  • Peter is the only person who can actually follow along with Rita’s plot summaries. Every time he stops by he asks her to fill him in on the last few episodes of Beyond The Seas of Venus (which is the one with the shipwrecked twins and the pirate and the lovesick king, right,)
  • he keeps bringing her pairs of earrings, and interesting and exotic snacks from various places he visits,  and really nice pricey moisturizer, and expensive limited edition show merchandise
  • she gives him a lot of advice about Juno. he is considering her suggestion that they acquire a kitten.
  • mani/pedi movie nights? yes?
  • presuming that this isn’t some kind of Hell Future and The Princess Bride is still a beloved cinema classic, they have seen it together at least five times, because both of them are romantic losers
  • both of them can and will fall asleep anywhere and at any time and Juno has found them sprawled across one another on the sofa in front of a still-playing movie and snoring more than once
  • they have elaborate and incomprehensible in-jokes which are this point are more like some kind of code
  • they’re not allowed to play pictionary anymore
  • they’re actually not allowed to play any board game, because the combination of Peter’s flawless, calculated, but ridiculously overdramatic planning and Rita’s totally unpredictable game-breaking strategies made Mick cry and Juno shoot the game board
  • also, the way Peter plays Risk is… disquieting
  • He taught Rita how he cheats at cards and she taught him how to count cards
  • Juno’s “bad art collection” consists entirely of drawings that one or the other of them have done on various cases
First Time (Hwarang Scenarios)

Summary of Request: gif scenario on the first time in bed with them

Warnings: Smut-ish

Gifs are not mine, credit to owners

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Moo Myung:

The Passionate One

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Sam Maek:

The Dominant One

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Soo Ho:

The Kinky One

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Ban Ryu:

The Rough One

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Han Sung:

The Playful One

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Yeo Wool:

The Teaseful One

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These are obviously just assumptions on how I think they would be like in bed. Let me know what kind you think they would be!

Disclaimer: I will be using some scenes from the series, but they will not be following the plot of the actual episode unless requested so. Also, I apologize for any mistakes when using some parts of the episodes if the translation is correct.

The rest of the mershark story

SO AS PROMISED, I wrote out the rest of the mershark story. I originally wanted to actually write the fic, but I really don’t have that kind of time right now and I wanted to get something out so you guys aren’t sad forever lmao. So, instead, I did a summary of sorts, though it’s a bit long. If anyone wants to write the full fic, by all means, please do so. Just credit me for the idea/plot if you follow it closely (not for the concept of mersharks obviously, that’s not mine) and send me a link so I can take a look! 

The summary is under the cut. It starts from the point where I left off with the drawings.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 7: Fitting In

Sam Winchester x Reader

1160 Words

Story Plot: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Chapter Summary: You’re still trying to fit in with the Winchesters, while feeling yourself falling for Sam.

Catch Up: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

The rest of the afternoon was enjoyable, spending most of it helping Dean work on his car, learning what made her run. Dean was funny, and smart, and knew a lot about the machine. Afterwards, the two of you returned to Bobby’s house, where he handed you a beer. This time you took a sip, barely making a face. Bobby was in the kitchen, standing next to the stove, where something was bubbling away.

“Where’s Sam?” You asked, glancing around the room, wanting to see a glimpse of your tall, shaggy haired hunter.

Bobby stopped stirring long enough to answer. “He went to go get cleaned up. He’ll be back down in a little bit.”

You nodded, before you walked over to Bobby, staring down at the fascinating mixture in the pot. You had always been fascinated by human food, but you hadn’t had that many chances to try things. “What is this?” You asked Bobby.

“Chili. Have you been hiding under a rock girl? First, you’ve never had coffee, now you have no idea about chili? Who are you?” He asked, his eyes growing big as he stared at you with concern.

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i kept running for a soft place to fall (chapter 1)
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Summary:  Becoming a point man for organising heists inside dreams was not what Isak imagined he’d be when he grew up. Then again, he didn’t imagine any of the shit that did actually happen.

or: Isak is a point man, Even is a forger and the only reason they keep working together is because they are both the best at what they do. No other reason. At all.

Pairing: Even/Isak

Chapters: 1/3

Anime Review: BanG Dream!

I don’t typically do plot summaries in my reviews because I assume anyone reading them is familiar with whatever it is I’m reviewing, but no one watched BanG Dream! even though it’s fantastic and they should’ve.

Basically, the story follows a first year high school student named Kasumi and her attempts to form a girl band to perform at a live house called Space. The first half focuses on the actual formation of the band, the second half mainly focuses on them passing their audition, and the last episode is their actual performance. I kind of expected the series to turn into a “save the orphanage live house!” thing after the reveal around the halfway point that Space was going to shut down, and to it’s immense credit it didn’t go in that direction. Instead, the imminent closing of the arc just upped the sense of urgency to the auditions and added a bit of a ticking clock element, since they now only had 3 chances to pass if they wanted to achieve their goal of playing there.

The first half is fairly weak since all the drama and the question of “WILL SO-AND-SO ACTUALLY JOIN?!?!?” is rendered kinda moot by the fact that the band members are clearly shown in the OP. Granted, it really is more of a matter of the characters overcoming their individual hang-ups and making the decision than any question of whether or not they will, but it can still get a bit tedious at times.


Fortunately, the second half more than makes up for any failings in the first. None of the girls are portrayed as musical geniuses (thankfully) and the fact that Kasumi is a beginner who’s being carried by her more experienced bandmates eventually comes around to bite her in the ass. It’s genuinely a bit scary and heartwrenching when she has a little panic attack during their second audition and can’t perform at all, and the solution her bandmates come up with to help her get through it is sweet.

I referred to this series as an idol anime in my first impression review of it, and while it technically is, it doesn’t follow the standard idol anime formula. Poppin’ Party is a group that exists, but the girls in the anime aren’t idols, and don’t become idols by the end. In addition, while there are more well-developed characters in anime, compared to your typical idol fare, these girls are the most complex and interesting characters that have ever existed, since the writers give them actual internal conflicts and character flaws.

Most of the conflict in the series comes from the characters attempting to overcome their own shortcomings and insecurities, and there’s no “evil” band to contrast the “good” band. The other groups in the anime are supportive of and quite friendly toward Poppin’ Party, and the closest thing this anime has to an antagonist is the owner of the live house, but only in the sense that she presents an obstacle for them to overcome. She’s not a villain and genuinely wants them to get good enough to pass their audition.

I compared the direction of the series to the sort you’d see in something from KyoAni, and those cues continued throughout. This actually wound up being better than the actual KyoAni series of the winter, since they never molested a little boy for laughs, and unlike a certain other series from last year, we actually got to see the thing they were building to all series. The animation isn’t as good as an actual KyoAni series, and the CG used during the performances was quite gratuitous, but the production is still solid and the anime looks great for what it is.

also, they run like how people run. i appreciate that. kill the stupid anime girl run 2k17

I could go on and on about this series for a while (or even just write a whole review about Otae and her mom), but this review is probably already too long. Suffice to say if this series hadn’t still been continuing, it would’ve been in my top 5 of the season. Go watch this thing so I have someone to talk to about it instead of having to scream into the void.


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hello there, we are a brand new appless greek mythology roleplay and we were hoping we could get an opinion, please? thank you very much in advance :)

Of course you can! It’ll just be a solo one I hope that’s okay (:

The premise of the plot seems intriguing, just from the summary I’m already interested to read more, which is great. I’m not quite sure what a plot drop is? Maybe a little summary of that somewhere would be good. The actual plot itself is very well written and gives a good backstory to the rp. The rules seem reasonable and easy to follow. The application is also easy to follow and fill out as well. As for the look, I like the colour scheme of the overall rp. It’s bright/light and gives me the impression of it involving something sort of ‘god-like’ which it does! The header graphic to me, looks fine but the background seems bare. Not saying you should fill out the whole background but adding some graphics in there would definitely make it feel less empty. Overall the rp looks good, best of luck!

Michael-centric Fic Rec (with a hint of Fake AH Crew)

I’m making this rec specifically for michaelsgavin​‘s anon, so I’m really hoping you enjoy it! 

anonymous asked: “Hi there! I was wondering if you happen to have any fic recs? I love Gavin and all but am really only interested in Michael-centric. I’d especially love Fake AH crew stuff, but will take anything/any pairing as long as Michael is a main part tbqh. Thank you and feel free to ignore if you don’t feel like answering!”

These fics will mostly deal with Mavin as the main pairing as I am the most familiar with that pairing! In addition, most Fake AH Crew fics I’ve read are Raywood-centric, so I will try my best to find a few Michael-centric ones!

(Title is the link; summaries in regular font; italics are my comments)

Chronicles of a Fallen Love - 8/10

The Fake AH Crew, led by Geoff Ramsey, rule over the criminal world of Los Santos with an iron fist. This series follows their ups and downs, and the challenges they have to face. Mostly Michael/Gavin centric.

As you can see by the summary, this is actually a series, but it focuses on the relationship between Michael and Gavin in the Fake AH Crew. Huge plot twist at the end of the first one that caught me by surprise. Admittedly, I have not finished reading the second one, but I think you should enjoy it. :)

Words, Words, Words - 10/10

Michael wondered if Bonnie and Clyde had to deal with this shit, or any other criminal in the last like century, or if it was just him who had to deal with a life of crime and having one of the most prominent identifiers of anyone in the business. Soulmates, yeah cool, that’s great until you’ve got a body full of first words that make it so anyone who sees you can immediately identify you as that guy who stuck up the bank the one they saw on the news last night.

I actually read this fic specifically in my search for this rec, but I am absolutely in love with it. It’s Michael-centric OT6 with emphasis on Mavin!! The RWBY girls are known by their character’s names because they’re assassins. It’s all super neat. Soulmate AU within Fake AH Crew AU. (Plus, I love Ray’s characterization in this!)

It’s the start, it’s the end - 7/10

It’s a long story. It starts with a group of fledgling thugs and mercenaries banding together to commit crime.
Michael is afraid that it will all end after they try to go down in history with a spectacular heist that goes spectacularly wrong.

Another Fake AH Crew OT6 with Mavin and Raywood emphasis! Definitely has a darker feel. Told from (mostly) Michael’s third-person perspective in short bursts of action. Has a good flow to the whole thing. Definitely captures the emotions of the Fake AH Crew in a realistic way. 

fortunately misfortunate - 10/10

falling for someone who likes you back is pretty fortunate. falling for someone who likes you back AND lives halfway across the country? not so much.

One of my absolute favorite Mavin fics ever. Focuses on Mavin in a LDR. Not necessarily Michael-centric, but I think you will really enjoy it anyway. 

Told You - 9/10

Mavin, to Ray, has always been harmless flirting that turned into unresolved sexual tension that turned into resolved sexual tension. He had always thought that they were just a little fling that would eventually fade and fizzle and they’d be better friends at the end of it. But with that murmured confession, Ray realizes that this is big. Bigger than he could ever imagine.

A short, super-sweet fic about Michael being afraid of losing Gavin and expressing that fear to Ray. Ray is super cool, and I love Michael’s characterization in this. I also recommend anything by hey-cas (the author) in the Mavin category. 

Cross My Heart - 10/10

Michael wakes up alone. Then he remembers Gavin is in England, and it’s only the start of a very long couple of weeks.

I have a thing for Michael being left behind while Gavin goes to England and the whole pining thing that goes along with it. I’m a mess, I know. Fun fact: This songfic inspired my love for my favorite band. 

An Entire Future Stuck With You - 9.5/10

(Psychic AU) Michael is sort of psychic. When he meets Gavin and sees that they end up having a very serious future together, he will stop at nothing to get rid of the annoying asshole before it’s too late. But Gavin is clingy and affectionate, and it’s difficult to get rid of him. And even more difficult to want to get rid of him.

Basically, Michael having visions about his future domestic life with Gavin. Can you handle the cuteness?? It is really my favorite. Plus, it’s fun how he tries to deal with it in his present life. 

@shitmichaelsays - 1000/10

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Hi guys I’m Ryan and I have a colleague called Michael. This is where I tweet all the shit he says.
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Anything written by Dee is my favorite ever. I am a big nerd bc I’m reccing this and this is for Dee’s anon. I don’t care; it’s a really good fic. I love you, Dee. <3


I really hope I was able to find some fics for you, anon! I found some good fics for myself doing this rec, so I didn’t mind doing it, haha. I also hope that anyone else finds some new fics that they enjoy as well. This is for everyone!!

Writing Process: Organizing a Messy Manuscript

Anonymous asked:

Hey. I recently did NANOWRIMO. While it was a good experience knowing that I wrote more words in a month than I ever did before, it does have its drawbacks. I wrote a lot of words for filler and I am having a hard time trying to cut out fat to actually get to the point of the chapter. I did write notes, but they are vague and unorganised since I had to transfer everything(free trial). So, how do I know what scenes to get rid of and how to actually flesh out the point of different chapters?

Follow these steps…

1) Think about what you wrote and write out a general plot summary. Who is the story about? What happens to them? What do they want to accomplish? Do they succeed or fail?

2) Skim through your manuscript and make a numbered list of every scene you wrote. Come up with a descriptive label (similar to a chapter title) for each scene so that you can later recall what the scene was about.

3) Once you have your scene list, expand on each scene by writing a short summary of who’s in it and what happens. At the end of each summary, note down what the scene accomplished. For example “character development” or “story advancing action.” (see Outlining a Scene for more information.)

4) After you have your scene list expanded, go through the list and really examine each scene. Think about what happens in the scene and decide whether or not it’s really necessary. (more on that here.) If a scene makes the cut, place a check mark next to it. If you think it should be cut, place an X next to it.

5) Once you’ve determined which scenes to cut, write out a new scene list but keep the old one handy in case you decide to resurrect/re-vamp any deleted scenes. (This may sometimes be necessary if you trim too much fat.) Now, look for shorter scenes that are related that can be contained within the same chapter, separated by a scene break. For example, if you have three scenes that take place in the same setting at slightly different times of day–like during a school day–those scenes might fit well together within a single chapter. You can draw lines to connect scenes that can be combined into a single chapter.

6) Now you can do a chapter list with a sub-set of scenes. It might look something like this:

Chapter One - Moving Day
- CH1/SC1 - Clara arrives at her new house in Smithton
- CH1/SC2 - The moving van is late, Clara meets next door neighbor, Sam
- CH1/SC3 - The moving van arrives, Sam offers to bring lunch over

Chapter Two - First Night in Smithton
- CH2/SC1 - Clara is putting things away when a stranger appears
- CH2/SC2 - Sam calms Clara down after her scary encounter

You can use different labels or organize it any way you want, really, but in doing this you will have an outline of your manuscript. This will make it much easier to know what you’re doing when you start on your second draft.

Also, you might consider doing a timeline if you haven’t already. This works especially well once you have a chapter/scene outline as shown above, because you can label each important event that occurs as well as when/where scenes happen, etc. It can give you a nice “big picture” overview of your story. :)

Best of luck to you!

Author interview - thegreatorangedragon

Originally posted by softsunsets

Every author I’ve talked to since joining this fandom talks about the decision to finally do something they’ve always wanted to do – to publish something they’ve written. Some of us do it gradually. We write a couple of thousand words and then bite our nails as we wait to see whether someone out there thinks what we’ve written is worthy of a like, a kudos or a follow. And then, there’s @thegreatorangedragon who dives right in, heading off to CampNaNoWriMo to write a 25,000 word fic in a month! Her fic, possibly titled Being Peeta Mellark, will be out soon. @everlark-interviews caught up with her to talk about deciding to write, CampNaNoWriMo and what it’s like to be a first time writer in the Everlark fandom.

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tattoo series 1

Summary: He’s a punk. She’s a prep. They have nothing in common, but that won’t stop them from falling in love.

Pairing: Jackunzel

Punk!Jack & Prep!Rapunzel

Modern College AU

A/N: There’s no ACTUAL plot to this series. It’s just going to be a sequence of my drabbles in the Punk!Jack / Prep!Rapunzel AU. All drabbles in the series will follow the same universe. 

They will always be labeled with “tattoo series” and its sequence.

Here is my Christmas edition with this universe. Whether or not Rapunzel will be in a sorority in the actual series is debatable atm. 

order: 2


It started with a single tattoo.

The first time Rapunzel saw him in class, his bright white hair and crystal blue eyes attracted attention like a rose among thorns. But what she had noticed most was the single lined circle in his inner right wrist. With something so small and insignificant, she wasn’t sure why it caught her eye. But it did.

From there, she noticed every new visible tattoo. It became a pattern in her head—every two months, there was something new, something beautiful on his body that she couldn’t resist from watching, from sketching in the corner of her notes. She noticed as the tattoos increased, as both arms became sleeves, as colors and dark ink started to peek from underneath his clothes, reaching out to his neck and collar bone.

When her first semester with him ended, she felt a tug of disappointment in her heart, as she knew she would miss sketching the faint colors that danced across his skin.

Three-quarters into her first-year, one day, she saw him.

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