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81 Days

Well, I just found this fic in my phanfic folder from quite awhile ago - it’s not my best by a long shot but it’s also not my worst and I figured someone might enjoy it.

Word count: 1.1k

Warnings: swearing

Summary: It took 81 days for Phil Lester to be in love with Dan Howell.

A/N the more I think about the more I am against the idea of posting it so I’m just gonna do it and stop thinking about it

Day 1 was when Dan finally realized how head-over-heels in love he was with his best friend Phil, although if he was perfectly honest it was a long time coming. They were sitting on the couch and laughing at some absurd things on Tumblr when he looked over and that feeling he’d felt all week finally made sense. Butterflies were kicking up a storm in his stomach. Nothing was different about Phil, really, except that Dan was in love with him.

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my art was all over the place this year ugh ugh ugh

tbf, i started a new job in january that quadrupled my workload and stress levels so i had a lot less time/creative motivation to draw this year

better luck next year

Reverence: 707/MC

fluffy drabble of my fave two 

Summary: His feelings are consuming, no matter how much time passes he thinks of only her. Especially in the mornings, when she’s only his.

All he wanted to do was be enough. Completely, entirely, fully and utterly all he desired was to be enough for Saeran, and for you. To Saeyoung Choi, you two were his most precious people. It struck him in the small moments, the quiet seconds between activities and always when he least expected it. The simple things like the smell of your hair when you got out of the shower, the way your nose crinkled in laughter, how you refused to write in pencil, forearms stained with ink. It never ended, every waking second, and many of his dreams, were intertwined with memories and fragments of you. He was so happy, a joy that was so intoxicating he feared what would happen if it went away. Sometimes he had nightmares, he’d be trapped behind a pane of glass, bloody fists banging on glass as he screamed your name; all his shrieks falling on deaf ears. In these dark nighttime horrors you couldn’t see him, eyes turned away, to another- a blurry person Saeyoung couldn’t make out in the haze of sleep. Thankfully these dreams never lasted long, he’d wake panting and drenched in chilled sweat and you’d be at his side, pressing kisses to his throat, hands caressing down his stomach.

“Saeyoung,” you’d murmur, sleep coating your words, “did you have a bad dream?”

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20percentmorecynical  asked:

hi so i read your billdip pirate fic and its really good but idk if youre going to continue it so could you please let me know? sorry if im being pushy but im kinda in fanfic limbo here rn lol

oh my god yes hi I didn’t expect anyone to ever find my tumblr again let alone message me

ye I’m probably not going to update the fic anytime soon??? I’m really really REALLY sorry about that… Fandom’s kinda dead and I’m actually working on an original novel now? (and also university #ripme) I’m super glad you like what I’ve managed to write though!!! 

If it’s any consolation, the ending I had planned involved Dipper and Bill somehow getting together (because I never managed to figure out how lmao) and cute fluff happened. Exhausted Dipper saying “fuck it” and straight up falling asleep in the pond with Bill, soaked to the bone, while Bill sings about his One True Love under the stars and moonlight because I am a DISGUSTING ROMANTIC SAP and everything.

But ANYWAYS, the plot was that Dipper would have to leave Bill in the pond for a few days while the Pines went out to explore the rest of the island but then LO AND BEHOLD Gideon has of course followed the Mystery Shack pirates to the island and finds Bill. He captures him and brings him back to his ship where he dumps him in a fairly sized aquarium in the Captain’s quarters? 

Then Bill overexerts himself by reaching out to Dipper via dreams. Dipper and the rest of his crew follow what directions Bill managed to tell them and stage an ambush attack to rescue Bill. It was going to be fairly EPIC with the mutineer half of the Mystery Shack crew having joined Gideon and wanting revenge and then Dipper dodging his way to the other side of the battlefield and breaking into the Captain’s quarters where he finds Bill in the aquarium (and maaaaaybe there was going to be a cheesy touching-palms-through-the-glass moment, we will never know). Then Gideon (of course, the little shit) interrupts, and actually I’ve never decided whether I really wanted him dead or not, and whether it would Dipper or Mabel that would kill him if I did. But anyways, Dipper gets Bill out and kinda like… just dumps him overboard?? very anti-climactic I weep.

Bill manages to sing the enemy pirates from the beach and into the ocean Gideon’s ship was anchored in. Whether they just kinda fall asleep or get eaten by the rest of the sirens is honestly just up to your own taste really.

Then I have absolutely no idea what happens. All I know is that first there’s The Angst because Dipper has to leave the island someday but Bill isn’t about to spend the rest of his life in an aquarium on the Mystery Shack just to stay with Dipper (once was quite enough thank you), so Dipper prepares to leave the island and Bill behind despite both their broken hearts. But when Dipper and the rest of the crew row back to the Mystery Shack, the other sirens ambush them again but only so that they can give The Shovel Talk™ to Dipper on Bill’s behalf. And then Dipper more or less runs back to Bill (and that just sounds so cheesy when said like that but I assure you it’s a Very Emotional Scene *snort*) and “convinces” him (it doesn’t take a lot of arguing, let’s be honest here) to leave with him on many many pirate adventures (and instead of being kept trapped in an aquarium, Bill would just swim alongside the ship until they’d get to a small deserted island Bill could live in while Dipper goes off and does his thing. Sometime during the story Bill would’ve gotten a magical item allowing him to use his dream powers to communicate with Dipper even from really really far away???? maybe idk).

There was a rough idea of a sequel maybe happening (obviously not going to be anymore) with a fairly important Mabifica storyline (as in, a good 50-50 split between billdip and mabifica). Pacifica would’ve basically been Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean 1 except with more Honest And Good Communication and Talking About Feelings with Mabel. The billdip storyline would’ve started with Dipper loosing dream-contact with Bill for (to his knowledge) no reason at all so of course he panics and gets the crew to divert course to Bill’s island ASAP only to discover that the idiot made a deal with some other supernatural creature (I don’t remember who it was but it was basically the Gravity Falls version of Ursula from The Little Mermaid) to get legs in exchange for his dream powers (instead of his voice I guess). Then it’s basically just Dipper trying to teach Bill how to be a Proper Human™ and Bill not having it. 

OH AND ALSO I just now remembered Bill had some Tragic Backstory™ to be revealed. Basically he was born in a lake up north (AKA the good ol’ US of A) where he lived a pretty decent life until some human settlers started up a village on one of the banks. The humans started fishing in the lake, of course, making it hard for the sirens to hunt themselves. So it was rough for a while but the sirens made do and left the humans well enough alone. But then one day there was a little child playing on the beach while Bill (still quite young) was also playing nearby and so, trying to make friends, Bill started singing.

I think we all know what happens next.

The child, of course, drowns. The villagers, outraged and grieving, took their boats out and hunted the sirens down (they’d also sing and laugh sadistically while doing so because That’s How I Roll). Bill is the only survivor, and that’s because his parents managed to free him from capture (by literally overturning the boat because I swear the entire family has No Chill). They urged him to swim as fast as he could to where the lake flowed into a river (that led to the ocean) and Bill watched as his mother was killed right in front of him before the rapids took him down. 

He then spent months travelling southwards, eating what little he could scavenge and cowering in fear of every new creature he saw (because any of them could be a predator, especially the ones with the sharp teeth) until Tad found him and brought him to live with the colony. 


I think there were more plot holes/mysteries to be solved in the fic but fuck me if I can remember them. Just ignore them really. The fic’s like 2-3 years old now idk.

Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Note: I really enjoyed writing this. Being an LGBT+ person myself, I think it’s really important with more representation and I just like the idea of Lin being bi tbh. Starting now, I will be adding summaries to my stories too because I feel like it gives people a better picture of my stories, hehe. I’m sorry this took so long to finished. I’ve just been really busy and stressed

Summary: Lin comes out as bi on twitter and is finally able to be with the guy he has been in love with since college and he just prays that this guy is still in love with him like he was back in college when Lin didn’t dare ask him out.

Wordcount: 1520

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Male!Reader

Warnings: None

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September 23 / 19:21


So, since it’s ’celebrate bisexuality’ – day, I’d just like to take a second to say that I am bisexual and proud for all of you wondering

You had fallen asleep on your couch at around 6 pm but was woken up by your phone buzzing. Lin had tweeted something and even though the brightness of your phone’s screen blinded you slightly in the now dark living room, there was no mistaking that Lin had just confirmed his bisexuality. You had known Lin for a really long time and had definitely suspected it, so you were not all that surprised. You had been in love with him since college where you had been friends. You had never really had to come out to your small friend group because everyone knew that you were not straight. So, you never really bothered.

You smiled lightly at your screen. You were happy that he was finally comfortable enough to share it with the world.

You decided to text him because it honestly seemed like the most rational thing to do. You wanted him to know that you were happy for him, even if he probably already knew. “Welcome to the non-straight club” You texted him as you finally got up from your couch. The day had really gotten to you and the nap did not really help your tiredness much either. But, you still managed to drag yourself to the kitchen to get some kind of dinner. You had not really planned on falling asleep and now it was too late to cook anything.

September 23 / 19:34


Thank you for all the love and support, it means a lot!

Lin had tweeted and just seconds after you received a text from him “Thank you, bahaha. Are you home?” He asked.

You grinned slightly at his text. “When am I not?” You replied as you placed your phone down on the counter and started roaming through your fridge to find something edible.

You had just managed to find some cheese and butter to make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner when your phone buzzed again. “Great! Can I come over? I’ll bring take out” Lin texted.

You considered his offer for a little. You knew that you looked like shit since it had been a pretty rough day. But, you did not want to let your friend down. Besides, you had been able to hide your feelings for the guy so far, why would it be any different now? “Sure. When will you be here?” You ended up giving in as you put the stuff back into the fridge. You needed to go to the grocery store tomorrow, you noted.

“I’ll be there in 30 minutes” He replied, which gave you enough time for a quick shower which you figured you were in great need of.

“Great! See you then” You texted back just before grabbing some clean clothes, consisting of a pair of boxers, gray sweatpants and a black t-shirt and hoodie. You checked the time before taking a quick shower, enjoying the relaxing warmth of the water running down your body, making your sore muscles relax.

You barely managed to slip your clothes on, before your doorbell rang. You zipped your hoodie halfway up and then left the bathroom to let Lin in. You could not help but smile when you saw him standing outside your door with a white bag with what you assumed was the take out he had promised to bring.

“Hey.” You grinned, as you stepped aside to let Lin inside and closed the door after him. The two of you hugged, both lingering a bit too long in each other’s embrace for it to be a quick ‘it’s nice to see you again even though we only saw each other a couple of days ago,’ - hug.

“Hey Y/N.” He greeted as he handed you the bag of take-out and shrugged his jacket off afterward. You led the way to the kitchen, sitting the white bag down on the counter. It smelled amazing and you were pretty hungry, but you figured Lin had not just come over to eat take out with you.

“So. Bi, huh?” You questioned. You knew how hard coming out could be, since coming out to your parents was something that you had done a while back and still often had to do. It was tough and really unpleasant. But, Lin seemed to take it well.

Lin nodded at that. “Very bi.” He grinned. He seemed proud and it made you smile. He was proud of being who he was and you really admired that about it because coming out was not easy for you, but Lin seemed so at ease and it made you happy.

“How are you feeling about being out?” You asked curiously as you leaned against the counter slightly. You honestly just really hoped that he was happy.

“Pretty great, honestly. It means that I can finally be with someone special.” He admitted with a shy smile.

You felt your heart sink a little; of course, Lin had someone. You should not be surprised, really. Lin was an amazing guy and he deserved to have someone special in his life. You chuckled slightly as a somewhat genuine smile spread across your lips. “That’s great Lin. I’m really happy for you.” You said. You were, but it also hurt. Then again, you had been in love with the guy since college and you had dealt with him falling in love before. This was nothing new, right? Still, it hurt just as much as the times before this.

“Yeah. I’m really happy, Y/N. I can finally be myself.” He admits. He seems so happy and you were unable to help the smile that spread across your lips. You were happy for him. You were not exactly happy, but you were happy for him.

“That’s amazing. He is a very lucky guy.” You tried with a weak smile as you turned away as you took the take-out Lin had brought out of the white plastic bag. It was your favorite. Just like you loved it. Lin knew you so well.

Lin was stunned into silence for a second, not knowing what to say. Had you not realized what his words had meant? Or maybe you had and you were friend zoning him. He placed a gentle hand on your upper arm. He had to make sure, right?

You swallowed slightly as you felt his hand on your arm. “What?” You breathed, your voice coming off a lot smaller than you intended.

“Y/N. You were the guy I was talking about.” Lin tried, treading lightly. He definitely did not want to make you uncomfortable, but he also really needed you to know.

You blinked a little, looking at him in complete shock. “What?” You asked, not sure if you had just heard right. Had Lin, the guy you had been in love with since college just confessed to you that he wanted to be with you?

“I’m in love with you for God’s sake, Y/N.” Lin blurted, followed by a somewhat nervous chuckle. “But. I get if you don’t want me because I’ve been a total dick for the past years. I knew that you liked me in college and I just sort of hoped that it would still be the case.” He rambled.

And before he could continue his rambling, you grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss, effectively shutting him up. Were you really kissing Lin-Manuel Miranda? Definitely.

It all felt so surreal and when he pulled back, you just stood there chuckling nervously as you stared at him. He grinned at you, as he pulled you in for a tight embrace.

“I still like you, Lin.” You breathed quietly, which made both of you chuckle. You probably did not have to even tell him, since you had just kissed him, but you still did.

“Good… Great. Amazing.” He grinned, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. The two of you stood like that for a while with your arms wrapped around one another. It was nice. This was what you had wanted for such a long time and now it was finally happening. You were almost unable to believe it. The guy you had been in love with for such a long time by now had finally come out and that to be with you. You were not really a person to believe in miracles. But this? This was definitely a miracle. And it felt so right.

You were the first one to break the silence as you pulled back to look at him. “Maybe we should eat the take-out before it turns cold?” You suggested with a grin.

He chuckled at your words as he nodded. “Seems like a plan.” He agreed as he grabbed the plastic bag from your counter and made his way to the couch with you as you sat down to eat the take-away Lin had brought to your apartment.


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I butchered a prompt here. I’m sorry anon, but I was so tempted to do it… Sometimes I just feel like playing with my readers.

Summary: Sehun pointing out you basically know shit about sex.

“You do realize that it doesn’t work like that?” You jump in your seat, hand instinctively coming up to slam the laptop closed, as you turn around to face the speaker. To your mortification it’s Sehun, reading what you wrote under your arm. He even nudges your elbow out of the way.

“Go away– “ you whine weakly, but the harm has already been done, you know that. Sehun just laughs, but clearly not at your words, but at the page in front of his face. He squats next to you so it’s easier for him to read, and you’ve had enough.

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Bad Girlfriend (Shawn Mendes)

Hey loves, here’s my new imagine.

Feel free to send requests!

Summary: Y/N forgot that Shawn is allergic to dogs and brought one home.

Disclaimer: lynx is any of the four species within the Lynx genus of medium-sized wild cats.


Originally posted by griersnash

„Stupid stupid stupid“ I kept murmuring while looking at the cute husky in front of me. „Shawn is going to kill both of us“ I sighed. How could I forgot that Shawn is allergic to dogs?

*Few hours earlier*

‚Hey Tara, where‘s the animals shelter you‘re working in?‘ I texted my friend while humming to Shawn‘s music on the radio. Because Shawn is in the studio again and I have nothing to do I decided to visit my friend Tara.


„Tara, your friend is here“ Tara‘s coworker yelled. Soon I felt Tara‘s hands around my body. „You‘re finally here¡ I missed you!“ „I missed you too“ I yelled while hugging her. „Weirdos“ the same guy said in a boring tone. „Go fuck yourself, Jeremy“ Tara flipped him. „Wanna go and help me?“ I quickly squealed clapping my hands. Tara always knew I loved animals. When we were little we would always go to shelters and play with animals sometimes we would take some of them to our house too. My house was like a tiny zoo. I loved it. Soon I was surrounded by loads of cuties. AKA doggies. I started playing with all of them. THEY‘RE SO SO FLUFFY AND FREAKING CUTE. I CAN‘T. My gaze landed on the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. He was in the corner playing with his toy. „I‘ll take him“ I told Tara. „Who?“ she asked looking at me confused. „That husky“I pointed to that dog.


„How do you like your new home, Nasa?“ I asked my new dog. I quickly put him down when I heard my phone ringing. Without checking who‘s calling I quickly  picked up the phone „Hey princess“ Smile appeared on my face when I heard Shawn‘s cozy voice on the other end. But soon it vanished when my gaze fell on Nasa. „Shit“ I murmured without thinking.“What? Did something happen?“ Shawn asked panicking. „Oh no no, how are you?“ I asked nervously. „You sure? You sound nervous. Oh I‘m good, just wanted to say that I‘ll be stuck in the studio for longer than I thought“ I sighed and smiled „Oh okay“ I answered happily. „Why are you so happy about it? I though you were going to be sad“ Shawn asked laughing „Of course I‘m sad. But now I‘ll be able to cook your favorite“ „That‘s nice. Love you“ „Love you too“ soon as the call ended I looked at my dog. I‘m fucked.


„Stay in here, okay?“ I‘ll come later today. You have your toys here, bed, where to pee. It‘s like your kingdom, be a good boy for momma“ I petted Nasa and shut the door when I heard Shawn‘s voice downstairs „Hey baby“ I smiled walking down the stairs „Hey princess“ Shawn hugged me tightly and pecked my lips. „So what‘s for dinner?“ Shawn winked. Oh god I totally forgot about his favorite meal. „Chinese?“ I weakly smiled with rosy cheeks. I was damn ashamed of myself. Shawn pulled me into his arms „I still love you“ „Really?“ „Rea..“ his sneeze cut off his sentence. Here we go.


Another sneeze. And another. Shawn‘s face was swollen and I was the only knew the reason behind it.

Sneeze. „I‘m such a bad girlfriend. Oh my god“ I murmured under my breath. „What did you say?“ Shawn asked with runny nose. „That I‘m a bad girlfriend“ I answered while Shawn looked at me confused. „Because you forgot to cook my favorite meal that doesn‘t mean that you‘re a bad girlfriend“ „There‘s more than that“ I looked sadly at him. „You didn‘t sleep with someone else?“ Shawn asked carefully with fear in his eyes. „Oh god no“ Shawn relaxed „that‘s not it either“ I quickly said. „Just wait here“ I said and went to take Nasa. „I totally forgot that you‘re allergic to dogs and I rbought one“ I said with Nasa in my arms. Soon Shawn kissed Nasa. „What are you doing Shawn?“ I screamed pulling Nasa away from him. „What? I love dogs“ „Yes I know, but you‘re allergic“ I looked at him weirdly.


„Are you sad that we took Nasa away?“ Shawn asked me. Of course it may looked like this. Sad music was playing in the backround while I was scrolling my camera roll with photos of Nasa I have taken today. „No I‘m not. I just feel lonely“ „You have me“ Shawn pulled me closer to him. „I know“ I said smiling. „You know I read that people pet lynx at their home“ „We‘re not getting lynx, Y/N“ „Okay“ I said sadly.

Chapter 116: A Dream from Somewhen

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.  Please keep in mind when copying and pasting that I may continue to correct errors and tweak details after it is posted.

Pg 1: Matsuri is sliced through the head. He turns and sees a member of V attacking him. Matsuri raises his arms and catches the blade.

Pg 2: Matsuri uses the blade to throw the V member. He then slices the V member’s face in half.

Pg 3: Matsuri realizes that he is now surrounded with members of V, Clowns, and the CCG (who are likely regarding him suspiciously because they watched him take a sword to the head and live). Matsuri thinks that love is blind and licks his lips.

Pg 4: Matsrui runs about the room tearing the people around him to pieces as his clothing is reduced to tatters. He thinks that losing there and not being able to see [Urie] again is even more terrifying. He wonders why his passion flares after a fight.

Pg 5: Matsuri suddenly faces Kaiko, one of the more prominent members of V. Matsuri asks Kaiko Furuta was the one pulling the trigger on everything. Kaiko says that the Washuu clan is a thorn in their side and tells Matsuri to die. Matsuri tells Kaiko not to write him off and says that if he is faced with a battlefield he will just cut his way through. He flexes and the remainder of his clothes are torn. The narration says that shortly after Matsuri is cut to ribbons (likely implying he was killed).

Pg 6: Marude watches Matsuri fight from a distance using binoculars. He comments to himself that he could have done without seeing such a grotesque display and that it would have been better if Matsuri had become the Washuu head. The scene changes to the injured Hige being tended to. Hige asks Shao about Urie. Shao tells him that Urie is fine and to worry about himself. Hige comments on how amazing Saiko is because she went straight back to the front lines after saving him.

Pg 7: Urie, recovered from his berserk state, lies on the ground and thinks of Saiko and Mutsuki. The scene changes to Mutsuki getting up and leaving. Aura tells Mutsuki that he didn’t see a thing.

Pg 8: Aura says that as long as he can kill Haise Sasaki he doesn’t care (recall that Aura is angry with Haise/Kaneki because he holds him responsible for the Cochlea outbreak that killed Arima and injured his aunt, Kiyoko Aura). Mutsuki touches Aura’s hand and asks him to go kill him together. The scene changes to Donato and Uta together on steel beams, overlooking the city. Uta comments that he’ll have to get another piercing. He asks if Donato will need to get another finger. Donato says that he will and asks Uta if seeing the moment a person change makes him tremble with excitement.

Pg 9: Uta comments on feeling like he flipped a switch that he doesn’t know what it will do. He comments on feeling like he is going to vanish. Donato asks him if it fills him with a sense of dread and Uta comments that he’s always been unprincipled which is why he wants to stay in the thick of it. He asks Donato if he is the same and Donato replies that he isn’t quite as sentimental.

Pg 10: The scene changes to the members of Goat shortly after they finished taking out all of the Clowns and V members. Tsukiyama says that it looks like they are going to pull through. The White Suit members say that the suits they are wearing are ruined. Irimi tells Hirako that it seems like they cleaned up all the V members and the clowns. Hinami notices that “they’re” coming.

Pg 11: Kaneki and Ayato overlook the scene. Kaneki tells the members of Goat to go. The narration states that Goat suddenly appeared and crossed blades with the clowns, which was carved into the minds of several CCG officials.

Pg 13: The narration states that the persona of the “One-Eyed King” who had chosen to walk apart from the CCG and ghouls was beginning to take color. The scene changes to Furuta addressing the CCG. He says that they have confirmed that all clown squads were completely suppressed. Members of the CCG turn to him smiling. Furuta bends over the railing.

Pg 14: Furuta appears to bow, hands trembling. He says that he owes his thanks to them all. The CCG members begin to clap. The narration mentions that Furuta’s plans to obtain what he desired were falling into place. Furuta’s face is revealed to be a twisted grin.

Pg 15: The scene changes to the members of Great Wheel Act operating on Akira.

Pg 16: Akira is shown receiving the RC suppressant. Dr. Ogura and his assistant tell Kaneki that the surgery went smoothly thanks to the suppressor drug and now they just need to wait for her body to heal itself. The assistant comments on Akira’s beautiful life force and says they shouldn’t expect anything less from an investigator.

Pg 17: They say that their organization will continue their activities below the surface with the hope that one day ghouls will obtain rights in their society. They tell Kaneki that both Goat and the One-Eyed King have their support. Kaneki looks upon Akira and thinks that he is glad. He turns.

Pg 18: Kaneki faces a recovered Amon. Amon turns to him and addresses him as Eyepatch.

Chapter 117: Thumb Up

Feel free to copy and paste my summaries to other sites as long as you give me credit.  Please keep in mind when copying and pasting that I may continue to correct errors and tweak details after it is posted.

Pg 1: Cover page of Kaneki wearing an eyepatch.

Pg 2: Akira awakens and sits up in bed. She wonders where she is. Banjou excitedly begins telling her how glad he is that she finally woke up. She furrows her brow and asks him who the hell he is.

Pg 3: Kaneki sits in a room filled with many monitors. He appears to get dizzy looking at them. Banjou approaches him and tells him that Akira woke up. The scene changes to Kaneki standing at the side of her bed.

Pg 4: Akira begins to tell Kaneki about her memories and emotions but cuts herself off. She asks him if he is someone that she knows. He tells her that his feelings have not changed (likely his feelings regarding her as a mother figure). She interrupts him.

Pg 5: She tells him that the investigator that she knew (Haise Sasaki) would have never turned his blade against Arima. She turns away from him and asks him to leave her alone. Later Kaneki talks to Hirako, saying that he probably shouldn’t have brought up the CCG and Arima. Hirako says that it’s important to get it out now rather than leaving an opportunity for misunderstanding later. Kaneki comments that Akira is more delicate than you would think.

Pg 6: Kaneki asks Hirako if he thinks that things will be okay. Hirako replies that her environment has drastically changed and it will take time to break the ice. Hirako tells Kaneki that according to his contacts (implied to be Tsukiyama and Hori who have broken into the CCG’s database) Akira has been removed from her former role as a CCG investigator and is on the wanted list of “ghoul countermeasures act violators”. He says it’s impossible for her to go back to the way things were. In the background Tsukiyama and Hori discuss hosting a cyberattack on the CCG but Hori says that they will track them down quickly. Hirako says that Akira shielding Takizawa led to the current situation. Kaneki says that he wants to do what he can for her because she is important to him. Hirako says that it will take time but they can possibly shorten the process.

Pg 7: Hirako says that the person who can shorten the process is possibly the one who hates her the most (Hinami). The scene changes to Ayato and Hinami standing in the remains of the 19th Ward Base of Aogiri Tree. Ayato asks Hinami why she brought him there. Hinami tells Ayato that Akira regained consciousness. Ayato realizes that she’s talking about the “spine-wielder” (Akira, in reference to her quinque, made from Hinami’s father). Ayato asks Hinami if she hates her.

Pg 8: Hinami says that she didn’t directly do anything to her but it’s complicated having her in Goat because every time she looks at her she can’t help but to remember her mom and dad (recall that Akira’s father, Mado, was the one who killed Hinami’s parents in the original TG). Hinami says that she will likely eventually get used to it but she thinks that it would be a disgrace to their memory because she wants to remember them when she wants to, not when she is forced to. She says someday she wants to perceive what happened to them in a positive way and file it away with the rest of her memories.  

Pg 9: Hinami begins to cry. Ayato approaches her and reaches his hand out. The scene changes to Touka standing behind the counter of :re.

Pg 10: Amon enters the café. He addresses her as Rabbit. Touka invites him to take a seat and asks if he is there to arrest her. He says that he would if he had his badge. He asks for a cup of coffee. Touka asks if he wants it black and asks if he wants to see Akira.

Pg 11: Touka begins making the coffee and tells Amon that she has woken up. Amon tells her that he’s scared. He says that he is neither human nor ghoul and has wandered so long without saying a word to her. Amon says that he can’t find the words to say to her. Touka tells Amon that she wants to talk to Akira too.

Pg 12: She says that she is scared because she is the one that killed her father, Mado. She tells him that if Amon doesn’t go first then she will be too scared to meet her at all. Amon tells Touka that losing Mado lit a fire in his chest that will burn until he dies. He says that the fire doesn’t burn at her, but instead it burns at the world and the circumstances that gave them no choice but to do what they did. He says that he came to the café to tell her that.

Pg 13: Touka asks Amon if he ever wanted to see Akira while he was wandering about. Amon thinks back to one of his first encounters with Akira. He says that he did. Touka tells him to just go. She says that she would be happy, even if time had passed and if their bodies had changed and he had forgotten her completely.

Pg 14: She says that as long as he comes back home things will be alright (giving Amon advice but obviously she is speaking in reference to Kaneki). Amon drinks the coffee.

Pg 15: Amon tells Touka that she’s pretty nice. The narration states that at the same time Goat was shaken up by the awakening of Akira the CCG was on the cusp of profound change.

Pg 16: Urie, Ui, Juuzou, and Mougan walk down a hallway. Their names are displayed along with their updated ranks and affiliated squads.

Pg 17: Many CCG members are gathered for an announcement of the new chief. The narration states that Ui became the aide and advisor to the new Washuu chief and had distanced himself from his duties as the S1 squad so Mougan took over as deputy leader. Urie was given Matsuri’s position as leader of the S2 squad and had his rank raised to First Class.

Pg 18: The narration states that with the Washuu line almost entirely wiped out there was only one man in the Bureau who had Washuu blood in his veins, Furuta. Furuta now goes by the name Kichimura Washuu and is known as the last Bureau Chief of the CCG (there is a translator note stating that the Washuu Bureau Chief naming system adds “kichi” or “Yoshi” to the appointee’s previous name, I will likely continue to refer to him as Furuta to avoid confusion from switching names too much in my summaries).  Furuta approaches the gathered investigators wearing a sash, party glasses, and a false mustache. Ui stands behind him looking irritated.

(Note that this chapter did not continue off of the Amon/Kaneki conversation where the previous chapter ended at, it will likely be revealed in subsequent chapters).


1. Angry Sarada

2. Fucking handsome Naruto

3. Worried Sakura



6. THE ONION SQUAD ADOPTED THING BECOMES REALITY (and look at this adorable one)
















Seaside Confessions

Summary: Dan has been dealing with new feelings for his best friend that he never thought he would have to face.

Pure Phan fluff just because.

Word Count: 2093

a/n: Hi pals. I’m re-posting this to my main blog because, well, I’m going to start using this space for my writing as well. Let me know what ya think! I’m a writer. I thrive on feedback.

He kicked the sand as he made his way closer to the edge of the water. He knew he shouldn’t have come. His friends had invited him to spend the weekend at the beach with them, and he stupidly allowed himself to be talked into going by his best friend, and housemate, Phil.

“Come on, Dan. It’ll be fun. It’s just one weekend at the beach. Live a little.”

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Naturally Phoenix and Maya IMMEDIATELY jet it over the to Detention Center to SAVE PHOENIX’S BOYFRIEND as we all would.

“What are you doing here?” Like Miles expected to just die alone in his cell. I’m not fine.

“Let me defend you” is THE SECOND GODDAMN THING OUT OF PHOENIX’S MOUTH, AS IT WELL SHOULD BE. He asks “what happened” and Miles pointedly does not answer that question, instead saying “and what will you do about it?” and Phoenix pretty much falls over himself to say “LET ME DEFEND YOU.”


And then my ASSHOLE CRAVAT MAN puts on the condescending act like a TOTAL TSUNDERE because HE DOES NOT WANT PHOENIX GETTING SUCKED INTO HIS VORTEX OF SUFFERING because 1. Miles thinks he’s not worth it, murder me 2. even if he’s not guilty of THIS murder Miles does believe he’s guilty of SOMETHING anyway, ha ha ha, MURDER ME 3. BASICALLY EVERYTHING MILES TOUCHES TURNS TO SUFFERING, MURDER ME 4. he thinks that he’s gotta go it alone because he’d be “weak” otherwise thanks to CERTAIN TERRIBLE ASSHOLES IN HIS LIFE, MURDER ME and 5. Miles actually does have a point about Phoenix not being experienced enough, his three wins aside, because he already knows Von Douchebag is going to be prosecuting and he DOES NOT WANT PHOENIX IN THE WAY OF VON DOUCHEBAG’S RUTHLESSNESS. MURDER ME.

This is fine (NOT FINE).