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Sorry for being MIA but I needed a little time to relax. January was pure stress on steroids. Don’t know how I survived that.

Well, as I said at the end of the first semester I booked a trip to Dublin, Ireland. What an incredible city! To all of you who have never been, I’m telling you, you must visit someday! The people are super friendly and the atmosphere is the best. I have to go back before I die to explore even more.

The second semester started today and I’m still having Dublin withdrawals not the best combination. It’s like I got a new perspective on life and now I feel like I’m wasting time with classes that aren’t that interesting like Statistics.. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get back on track in a few days.

To summarise everything, I’m back to the same old routine and let us all be successful this semester 🙏🏻

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Did you hear about the sun outing a gay nurse who used to be in porn films for no apparent reason? (Saw it on reddit, confirmed it through ye olde web archive site)

Yeah I did and to me it just summarised everything that’s wrong with the English media. It starts with headlines.


And then a guy who happens to have been a gay pornstar to put him through nursing school BECAUSE ENGLISH UNIVERSITIES AREN’T FREE gets outed.

There was never any complaints, his employers didn’t know and now they’ve ruined that man’s career by plastering his face all over the article.

Don’t buy that shitey rag.

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Hannah, my suggestion is that at the end of every day you make a post summarising everything that happened that day for people who don't have the time to read it all. The next day, reblog that post and talk about what happened that day. That's help everyone keep track of all the drama.

I could try that, if people would like?


28/12/2015 | 12:02pm || notes from today (right) and a couple of weeks ago (left) to show a bit of an evolution in this presentation style! (there’s more info on the back of these but i figured the front is the best way to show them!). i’ve found this a really useful way of summarising everything because it forces me to look at all of my notes and basically gives me a study guide!! tools: rhodia dotpad, papermate flairs, zebra mildliners, muji 0.38 gel pen + staedtler fineliners.

so i saw this comment on a site which is doing a ‘favourite scene’ poll, and dean and cas’s crypt scene is up against the sam and dean scene in 8.23

and it just.. struck me. because yes. this is why i find dean and cas so fascinating. this is why i’m interested to see where it goes.

it explains why yes, i’m interested in the brotherly bond that sam and dean have, but i’ve seen it before. i’ve seen it in full metal alchemist; i’ve seen it in heroes; i’ve seen it in korean dramas; i’ve seen it in other animes. 

dean and cas.. okay, the whole 'human and not-human’ thing isn't new (see: buffy and spike) but there’s a certain dynamic to it that’s new to me. and i want to see what’s gonna come of it. 

Ok I'm not just saying this for a cheap laugh or to stir the pot even more, but honestly, I don't think I've seen a single positive comment about PLL since the finale! EVERYONE is over it!

Of course we will still tune in for the final 1.5 seasons but that’s only because we’ve come so far and why stop now, even though it is a mess.

Pretty much, to summarise everything I’ve been seeing since the finale: -

Too many plot holes, our theories were better than what Marlene actually created. In a show where Marlene has said nothing is a coincidence and everything matters, it’s disappointing to see her say “don’t look too much into it” when we notice that in 2007 Charles was 9/10 years old but in 2009 in Cape May CeCe was a decade older and fully transitioned into Charlotte. Our theories actually incorporated all the clues from over the years to minimise plot holes; something Marlene did not do. There are NO clues (aside from the 2 yellow dresses midway through the 5th season…) to A being transgendered. Too many plot holes in a show where the writers have said everything matters.

Too many ABANDONED or IRRELEVANT storylines that had potential to be something great (or were boring to begin with so lucky they dropped it). Why did Peter wanna shut down Radley; I always thought he was Charles’ father trying to erase records of Charles’ existence. Why the hell did they need to say Andrew is adopted? Lorenzo, Clark?

It’s dragging on - there’s some episodes I literally was on my phone texting people the whole hour (something I usually never do during a new PLL episode).

The finale lacked intensity. Not once was I on the edge of my seat or not once did I say OMG, yet I said OMG so many times during earlier season finales such as 4x24, 3x12, 2x25, etc… yet I didn’t say OMG or feel intense at all during the penultimate episode which is supposed to top every other finale. Mainly because I had no idea why the hell CeCe revealed herself. I always pictured the liars working it out for themselves and putting the clues together.

Answers are ONLY given in finales. What the hell is that!? Answers should also be given in the weekly episodes, or if they’re not full answers, at least clues. In the summer of answers they didn’t cast any suspicion even in the slightest way on CeCe. I feel like someone who ONLY watches the premieres and finales of every season will understand PLL perfectly fine because those are the only episodes that matter.

If the writers knew that CeCe is A this whole time, well it was written so poorly because she’s barely in any episodes and there’s very little clues. I wanted them to reveal who A is in a super intense episode and then I can go back and say OHHHHH there’s all the clues, it makes sense! Nope. Because CeCe is only in 13 out of the 130 episodes. And in those 13 episodes, she doesn’t look too guilty aside from the one time they showed her in the black hoodie. Other than that, there’s no clues!

And finally - answers should not be given in interviews Marlene. Reveal them in the show please and thank you. It’s not that hard. She’s known for years that Wilden killed Garret so why did she wait until A was revealed to announce that? It’s not like revealing Wilden killed Garret that it gives away that CeCe is actually Charlotte DiLaurentis and is A!

Why have I made this post? No it’s not to make more negativity! It’s because my inbox has 112 messages right now and almost all of them are negative saying how bad the show is now. And I agree. Marlene has ruined it with her plot holes and everything else I’ve said above. But so that I don’t need to spread 112 messages of negativity, I summed it all up here.