summa 14

when i was waiting for my plane in PR yesterday morning, there was this Black lady and her (maybe) 7-8yr old son & he was so adorable. his front teeth were missing, and he kept stealing glances at me and smiling. he looked so cute and calm just playing his little fancy leapfrog ipad game thingy. and then at a certain point, i guess he got maa cold so he curled up on his mama’s lap & she made like a little blanket nest thing out of a sweater so he looked like he was in a little pod. then he glanced at me again and giggled & i was cheesin’ at him and his momma, and it was so adorable! he was cuddlin’ so hard into his mama’s chest and just seemed so sweet, it warmed my heart….

and the last thing i thought before we all boarded, was how i hoped the world wouldn’t make him hard and less sweet and less willing to be affectionate with his momma esp. in public…and i always find myself thinking that when i meet/see young boys of color: hoping that the world doesn’t break them or make him too hard…

que te dijieron
tus padres
sobres mujeres
como yo

mitos y leyendas
de las negritas
con pelo malo

las que no son bonitas
porque nuncan
se quedan ‘calladitas’

si creíste
que las culonas
en verdad son ‘avióncitas’
‘que se lo metieron desmasiado’

y tu
cuantos cuentos
han transformado a barajitas
metida en tu equipaje
que traiste ?
cuando exploraba
mi mundo
mi cuerpo

si lo creíste