T7S - Onegai☆MY BOY (Translations)

Artist: She Is So High (SiSH) - 777 Sisters - Tokyo 7th Sisters
Composer: mu-ray

For akamine-yui. Sorry that it took so long. Yeah, it was all because of that corrupted file (and also real life but that wasn’t as much of a reason I guess). This is the song I like least from the album even if Sumire is the one I LOVE the most. I like her voice raw, but somehow SiSH made it a characteristic to kind of autotune the voices. I wonder why. Anyway, Romaji and Kanji under the cut.


You’re kind of daring today
Tensing, you made my heart skipped a beat
My weak points was pushed a little
It turns to obstinacy, looks like it won’t be good

All the time, this heart
always looked straight at you
you don’t notice it, do you?

Please☆My boy
don’t come back
The usual sense of distance won’t hold on
It’s possible that the balance will disappear
or those kind of things people often said

Please☆My Boy
Convey it
I want to hear a definite answer
After this, it depends on you
it’s not even five minutes until we arrive at the train station

I kind of felt it all the time
please say things like “nice to meet you” or anything
at the instance I met you I knew
Don’t laugh at it as some kind of exaggeration, okay

at all times, this heart
you can devour it completely but
you haven’t heard about it, do you?

Please☆My boy
don’t talk
not even cheap talk can come out
Is it only me who want to see it?
the story of the two of us

Please☆My Boy
It’s not scary
I believe in that kind back
After this, it depends on you
please take me along
to the malicious New World

See…? See…?
Don’t miss the sign, okay

one by one
it continued to lengthen
sign of courage

Please☆My boy
Don’t come back
You will stop the footsteps
If the balance were to disappear it’s right here right?
It seems like my heart will burst

Please☆My Boy
it’s not scary
I want to hear the definite answer
After that, it depends on me
It’s not even fiften steps from the train station

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Toradora! Episode 16: Taiga vs. Sumire

You’re a fucking coward!

You’re just afraid you’ll hurt others or you’ll get hurt!

You’re just cowardly and foul!

You’re just a weakling who can’t face her own feelings!

You’re just a violent bitch!

I also want to be an idiot who only knows how to dash forward

One of my all time favorite scenes ♥. Seriously, the art, the emotion…~