Uesaka Sumire Lineblog Updates 2016/10/22

Talking about Headphones 



Analog Record Launch Event and Record Audition meeting Headphone Festival, has ended Successfully ! 
Thank you for everyone who came (*´∀`*)

Despite the high condition for entering Record launch event, there’s a lot there’s a lot Comrades who came here :(;゙゚'ω゚’):
It was elegant handling board while listening to the records !

Then i went to Nakano Sun Plaza, to the Headphone Festival !
I am allowed to playing the great record equipment of Denon-san, i like to hear the talk about dream audio life (*´∀`*)
Hear the record of Craftwork, i’ve spot it !

I discover Astro Girl panel at venue (`°ω°´)
Next i’d like to shopping around for Headphone..!

До встречи!


Toradora! Episode 16: Taiga vs. Sumire

You’re a fucking coward!

You’re just afraid you’ll hurt others or you’ll get hurt!

You’re just cowardly and foul!

You’re just a weakling who can’t face her own feelings!

You’re just a violent bitch!

I also want to be an idiot who only knows how to dash forward

One of my all time favorite scenes ♥. Seriously, the art, the emotion…~