Not So Gross Looking Suminia getmanovi

Most of the time, people depict Suminia as a bug-eyed, buck toothed and sparsely haired. I see that as meaningless, because even without these features it’s super weird.

“Suminia Getmanovi is an extinct species of anomodonts, that lived 260 million years ago in the late Permian.”

Only spent about 2 hours collectively on this. Requested by an anon!


Darkness was surrounding him as he kicked a pebble. The small lantern with a candle within didn’t give the light he desired but it was enough for now. Minwoo walked over to a tree that stood on the academy grounds, kneeling down in front of it he cleaned away some old cigarette buds and plastic wrappers and placed a single red rose instead on the ground. He was unaware of anyone near him- perhaps it was the lack of blood that didn’t give the other away.