A horrid way the series could go

Tigerheart becomes Tigerstar. He makes Dovewing deputy. She convinces him to merge ThunderClan and ShadowClan. It’s now let by the Tigerstar #1 clones in a joint clan. The kits have relationships with cats in SkyClan, RiverClan, and WindClan. Tawnypelt dies. Pouncekit gets discarded, and Lightkit has a rivalry with Shadowkit. Names for the kits: Pouncefoot, Lightheart, and Shadowpelt. And to make it worse Shadowpelt’s love is Willowshine of RC, and despite the age gap, they become completely in love, while despite the affair Lightheart is having in WindClan, she gets in a fit about Shadowpelt’s affair. And then, they fight, and Willowshine gets pregnant with the kits of Shadowpelt’s. She dies giving birth to a Tigerstar clone male of course. He stays with RiverClan eventually becoming leader.

I’m super late, sorry, but I’ve been meaning to share this pic with you since last year. (/。\) Last october @alearose24x, our friend Nina (Op-2 photography) and I did a GF photoshoot in the woods and we took this photo inspired by your awesome art! ❤️



What if… Steve’s house is horribly damaged (termites, flooded from that close beach) and moves to Danny’s while rebuilding. At first he overloads in control issues, micromanaging, getting pissed at every little thing not going his way and driving everybody crazy until Danny sits him down, Steve expects the biggest fight of their lives, maybe another fist to the jaw. What he gets is a stern “Let us help you,” a hug, and an exasperated “Stop being a jerk, alright babe?” when he melts right in.


“Here’s a sumbmission for you! Two originals and a repost because I didn’t want to get nude at the time of sending this lol!”

Guys check out this beautiful person!!!!