Alright, now this is my opinion on what’s been going on lately with The Creatures and the fandom.

  1. First off, I want to start off with this Dex bullshit. So yesterday, Dex was announced as the “New Creature”. Lately, I didn’t want to go on the creatures tag since I knew people were going to bitch about, which people are still bitching about him right now. And honestly, I think Dex is cool. I can get why people can see him annoying and shit, but like sending him death threats and stuff isn’t needed. Like literally, I don’t care if people hate him or not, you still have to respect him. A TRUE fan would, whether they did like Dex or not, respect the desicion they made. Honestly, to all those people who were bitching about Dex being the New Creature, were not fans at all from the start. Go ahead, and come at me, unfollow me, but I just want you to know this, You’re pretty much a disgrace to this fandom, sending death threats to Dex, like that pretty much shows you have such a disgusting personality, and I lost all respect to you.That’s all I have to say to you, here’s your chance to unfollow I dont really care honestly. And to those people/fans, who even though don’t like Dex or not, stay with The Creatures, I respect you a whole ton. Thank you, for not leaving or unsubbing because of Dex like literally, I have a ton of respect loaded to you.
  2. Next, to James’s post. Honestly, I hate the fact that people are literally bringing this problem to the rest of the guys. like you guys are just a complete mess right now. This fandom is getting torn, shattered because of this situation. For James, to speak up and post that, which was pretty damn brave of James to do, is just fucking disgusting. This shows that us, the fans, are just horrible people at this point. Other people from fandoms will be like, “Wow, I wouldn’t want to be in that fandom”, like just stupid. It’s embarrasing for this fandom, honestly. I don’t even know what to describe after all this controversy. I completely agree, with James a hundred percent, too. And behalf of James’s post, it goes from all of the guys there in the Creatures. Just, please stop the hate about Dex.

(P.S. Forgot to say and when PAX comes and Kevin will be the new Creature, people will be ike : “CONGRATS KEVIN FOR BEING A CREATURE" and not do the same with Dex is complete shit. When Aleks was a Creature, people gave him some hate but it wasn’t as major as this. I’m honestly so disappointed in this fandom right now.)

Sorry, if this was sooo damn long, which it was, but this is just my opinion on what has been going on with the creatures tag and shit. So, people are pretty much going to hate me for this but I just wanted to let this out because this is just bullshit for everyone’s behalf.