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                                        A Salsa Success

Paulette Bleam , a former San Francisco State student, now works for a startup called Sumazi. Sumazi is social networking site that helps “intelligently connect you to the people you don’t know, but should.” It is a website that is building off of the Facebook platform by working off of your currently existing networks. It differs from all the other social networks out there such as Twitter and so on by making connections that could potentially change your life. Instead of just creating connections with people you already know, you are making connections with people who could assist you in getting jobs or internships for example. Paulette tells her story of how she sort of danced her way into Sumazi and onto a successful life. 

Sumazi Links Together Socially Isolated Doers

I have written a couple of times about Sumazi, an intelligent connective tissue for the social web. It’s still in beta. 

Sumazi is a social influencer locator, which  makes it a little bit different than Klout or Kred, two up and coming startups that are trying to find the right product for a market of consumers who need to find people – and interact with people – who influence them in their online communities. 

Socially Organized Platforms

We’re at that stage in social platform use where early adopters have been joined by a mainstream consumer set. 

People are now used to how platforms work, and they are now seeking to get jobs done in social. People are starting companies through Airbnb. People are launching businesses within Facebook groups. People are finding consulting gigs through Twitter and other platforms. 

But there ’s still not enough “connective tissue” in the web to make it easy to jump from 1. Engaging with people and media that sparks ideas, 2. Idea brewing and brainstorming, to 3. finding partners.

Sumazi helps people do that step 3. You can put out a call for something or someone that you need to meet. A call goes out through three big networks – LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. And usually within 24 hours (mostly fewer than 12 hours), someone arrives in your email inbox ready to work with you.