sumatra earthquake

Yesterday I fell asleep in the midday heat and dreamt about a tsunami. After walking home from dinner I was warned by the hotel owner, Conrad, that there was an earthquake off Sumatra that might send some unwelcome water this way. So I did what any irrational, daydreaming, natural events-obsessed nerd would - stayed up all night listening to podcasts about aliens and deep sea squid and wrote in my journal. I Peeped outside every now and again, half expecting to see a towering wall of water on the horizon. Just before midnight the ocean receded, baring the reef in its entirety, but no tsunami came. I spoke with Conrad early this morning, he had stood his ground out front his hotel the entire night watching the ocean. He recounted the events from the last tsunami that wiped the coast clear several years ago (leaving only Buddhist monuments standing) he told me the birds and the reptiles knew, that the elephants ran inland and that all the nearby dogs including his own were howling prior to its arrival. And there we were 15 feet from the water waiting to get a glimpse of something that could kill us, because according to those who dedicate their lives to searching out the possibility of extra terrestrial life in the universe, “there is nothing worse than not knowing”. We are funny creatures. I bet aliens would have a good laugh at us.