Anyone else watch the DAC final? Woah man. Just a quick sketch session, I want to do more dynamic poses and stuff like that. I know the perspective is a little wonky, but I feel it was a good way to burst through my comfort zone and start exploring the unknown.


Esports spectating in the U-Bahn

So it turns out that 3G over Blau in Berlin is good enough to watch a Twitch stream of the DAC finals between Evil Geniuses and Vici Gaming and allowed me to watch the amazing Storm Spirit performance by SumaiL in the last match.

The finals started at around 8AM (China Standard Time) and unfortunately were a clean sweep for EG so they were over pretty quickly. Most impressive was the fact that SumaiL, a fifteen year old kid from Pakistan, stole the show. Watch a summary below.

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NEL game features RTZ, PPD, Zai, Universe, SumaiL, Yawar, Tralf