Just another beautiful day of speaking Chamorro to my kids.

Gi este na huego, para kada finaisen ni’ ma danche’, sina ma kanno’ didide’ na “ice cream.”


i’m just going to leave this video of my babbu freaking out
someone help he’s too cute aghhh

Rough Translation (since my chamorro is crap and I forgot words WELP): 
Akli'e’: Oppupus (octopus)
Miget: Where’s the octopus?
Akli'e’: Um… Oppuppu!
Akli'e’: Noo No no no this!
Miget: Fish?
Akli'e’: Nuuhhohh!
Miget: Fish? Che'lu?
Akli'e’: *babbu ramble*
Miget: Woody and Buzz? Sumahi?
Miget: Come here che'lu, here Toy Story 3?
Sumahi (grabs the disc): I think he wants Woody and Buzz!
Akli'e’: Nooo nooo!!
Miget: Why?
Sumahi: Woody and buzz?
Akli'e’: Noooo!!
Miget: Where’s the bear? 
Miget: Where’s Rex?
Miget: Oc-to-pus~
Akli'e’: No noo no no