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Enneagram: Wings sum up

- 1w9 (Idealist): they want to express and bring their values and beliefs to a more universal level, and want things to be done according to their principles. They could teach or mentor to attempt to share and pass their beliefs, self-reliant thoughts and actions. They may hold social or political opinions that are supremely logical.

- 1w2 (Servant leader): they are concerned with improving the human condition: they are seen as compassionate, caring or “advocates for the underdog”. They work hard to improve the conditions of others, sacrificing time and energy to do good works. So, Wing2 could add, to the leadership role of type 1, a caring and generous trait.

- 2w1 (Altruist): they tend to show unconditional affection throught helping others: so they are usually seen warm, encouragement, and acceptance. Wing1 can manifest by helping others in a quite and personal way, that gives them even sense of duty and purpose, usually derected to community. They believe their actions are perfectly justified by their ethic of helping.

- 2w3 (Giver): they are friendly, charming, and adaptable. They wants to make people feel better, and have the warmth and social graces to make others feel comfortable. This makes them welcoming hosts, motivators, and entertainers. They thrive on group process and are generally good communicators, and enjoy keeping several threads or projects going at once.

- 3w4 (Achiever): they are driven and resourceful people who strive to create and control their own images and their own lives in order to be recognized as exceptional; they are typically both admirable and likable people. They could like challenge, but thoughtful, intuitive or humanistic concerns of first interest.

- 3w2 (Motivator): they are usually likeable and charming, naturally enthusiastic people who infect others with their optimism and drive. They genuinely like people and want to help and encourage them, have a sincere desire to do well by others. They have a strong social focus, because the need validation by others. They are very often engaged in self-improvement programs.

- 4w3 (Individualist): they prize being both creative and effective in the world. They win acclaim by being both original and outstanding. Self-knowledge combines well with social and organizational skills. When more entranced, often they have a public/private split: they could conceal feelings in public then go home to loneliness.

- 4w5 (Artist): they emphasizes being different from others and don’t feel compelled to fit in with the crowd. They are seldom compelled by convention, tradition, or a need to fulfill the desires of others. This shows up in bringing individuality and artistic sensibility to whatever they do: self expression is above all.

- 5w4 (Visionary): they are introverted, cerebral types who enjoy learning, theorizing, and innovating. They are often artistic, intellectual, or scientifically oriented. They are detached from their environment, which means they are looking on as if from the outside rather than immersing themselves in the scene. Wing4 brings a need to assert their individuality, so they try to be different.

5w6 (Observer): they investigate and try to improve their world, and have a tendency to question and doubt wisdom. They usually see how they could make something better; they possess perceptual and reasoning skills, which often fail them when it comes to understanding people. Although they are interested in people, they are sometimes overwhelmed by them and need to erect barriers. So, their principles and interests keep them engaged in the world.

6w5 (Guardian): they stand up for justice and security, and are observer of society. They are intensely loyal to those they have chosen to support. They have concerns about security, which they displace onto selected others, and then may even sacrifice their own needs to the safety and well-being of their favored groups and ideas.

6w7 (Loyalist): they value harmony and security and carry these values into both private and public life. Although they do not directly channel the other’s desire (like type 1 or 2) they are intensely loyal to those they have chosen to support.

7w6 (Enthusiast): they are responsible, faithful, lovable, and funny. They are generally more oriented to relationship and want to be accepted by other people. They may evade authority but still be aware of it. They grow dependent and addicted to other people, afraid to be alone, suspicious and skittish. Can feel guilt easily, may project their conscience onto others and then act irresponsibly.

7w8 (Excitement seeker): they are extroverted and want to experience the world. They search exciting activities to escape from a boring reality. Generally they have a strong self-confidence for worldly matters and getting what they want. Usually they want everyone to enjoy their sense of bounty and wide range of interests.

8w7 (Rebel): they seek autonomy and freedom, and tend to go for the opposite of what is, orthe opposite of what other people want, so that they are influenced by the other’s desire, only in a negative way. Nevertheless, they are often able to amass the power to succeed. They can be visionary, idealistic and willing the risk.

8w9 (Boss): known as self-confident and assertive, they are drawn to the leadership roles, whether in organizations or relationships personal. They regularly challenge others for authority and for dominant role, but they will be affable about it as long as the others don’t resist them. But they can also be kind, quite, generally introverted, even if they can explode suddenly.

9w8 (Mediator): they have strong egos, but also the tendency of winning with the cooperation of others. Their good-natured, agreeable manner inspires trust. They are natural leaders who have the ability to smooth over differences and organize groups toward a common goal.

- 9w1 (Peacemaker): they are seen as pleasent and easy-going, frequently underestimated; but they can be pretty industrious and effective. They meld insight to what make people and societies tick with visions, and what they may become. They might be well-liked, modest, gentle but firm.


Happy Birthday to my one and only

     To the person who showed me that hard work works, that you don’t have to be naturally good at something in order to succeed, that continuous  effort and resilience will not fail you and never giving up at something you want to do can lead to much greater things. I wish you all the love and happiness in this universe and all possible ones. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me and many. From A to Z is not enough to illustrate all your wonderful traits, but I hope this can show a small part of you. Happy Birthday!!