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Could you make a list of all the arcs so far and a quick summary?

Battle for Trost arc: 5 years after the fall of wall Maria, the colossal titan reappears, smashing the outer gate of Trost district. With the help of Eren Jaegers newfound titan powers, the breach is sealed by the military and humanity’s extinction was prevented. 

Female Titan arc: Eren Jaeger is given in the custody of the Survey Corps, which departs on a mission beyond the wall; with the hidden intention of using Eren as bait to lure out an enemy traitor. An intelligent female titan appears, is captured but manages to free herself, leaving the corps defeated and damaged. The people in charge are ordered towards Stohess district, where an operation to identify and capture the female titan is successfully executed.ä

Clash of the titans arc: While the main forces of the Survey Corps discover a conspiracy concerning the walls, a group of titans suddenly appears inside wall Rose, leaving a subsidiary Survey Corps to deal with identification of the threat and evacuation processes. As the main forces of the Survey Corps meet up with the survivors of the other team; the colossal and armored reappear and capture Eren Jaeger. The troops chase after their enemies and successfully rescue Eren at the cost of many lives; and in the midst of battle, Eren demonstrated a new power of unprecedented impact.

Uprising arc: In order to uncover secrets withheld from them, and ensure a stable future for humanity, the Survey Corps plans to overthrow the corrupt monarchy and seize control over the human world; whereas the government is not afraid to use any means necessary to get a hold of Eren for their own, selfish purposes; leaving the Survey Corps to face off against a group of murderous elite military police. Though Eren is captured and almost sacrificed for the plan of the king, the Survey Corps manages to save his life, stop the king who had become a titan, and overthrow the monarchy while staying on the good side of the people, even learning vital secrets about the origins of their world.

Return to Shiganshina arc: The plan to recapture wall Maria, five years in the making, is at last set in motion, with the goal to seal the walls in Shiganshina district, defeating the titan shifting enemies and unlock the secrets hidden in the basement of Grisha Jaeger. The outcome of their confrontation leaves 95% of the Survey Corps dead (including its commander Erwin), yet victory is achieved: the walls are sealed, the armored and beast titans driven off , the colossal titan dead and given to Armin Arlert, and the basement still intact. It reveals the true nature of the titans, how humanity was driven to its corner, and what truly lies beyond the walls, leaving the walled world in an even bleaker and more desperate situation than ever before. 

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That would be like, down the line, an Arrow reunion and Flash getting a cover. Did Flash appear in Arrow? Yes. Did he get a successful spin off? Yes. But he’s still not the lead of Arrow. David being the lead of Angel means nothing. Angel didn’t go seven seasons. Angel didn’t impact tv and pop culture. It was a fun show, but, honestly, in the long run, won’t have affect in pop culture like Buffy. And more importantly… ANGEL IS NOT THE LEAD OF BUFFY!

Buffy is a feminist show about love, yes, but more importantly, coming of age, found families, friendship, FEMALE FRIENDSHIP, lgtb, heart break, depression. Angel was in three seasons. And of course those will be the most popular seasons. 99% of tv is most popular in early seasons, that’s just how tv works.

And the end of the day, this should have been about BUFFY SUMMERS, a kick a** woman who overcame so much and is arguably the most popular fictional television female character. The cover should have been about HER. Not either love interest, and especially not a male love interest ALONE. Rant over.

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Do not trust theplutoadministration. They will lie to you.

I honestly don’t know what to think about @theplutoadministration. Can we trust them? Are they being honest? I don’t really know if everything they’ve said is a lie or if it is the absolute truth, so we should wait until we can decide if they’re good or bad.

What do you guys think?

Characters i’m compared to

Pidge Gunderson/ Katie holt from VLD usually is the first one i’m compared to given my url and once you get to know me you see how much my personality i like their’s.

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Mae Burrowski from Night in the woods for many reasons, the main person who compares me to Mae is @tory-b

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Hey I have no idea what people mean by the "447 resolution" ive watched all of bones maybe i need refresshing but i've felt like I'm missed something. Can you explain plz :)

There was an article by EW that I read after the episode aired that summed it up perfectly so I’m gonna quote that to you:

[The last thing in Brennan’s bag is one analog clock, lightly singed, frozen at 4:47. It stopped when the bombs went off, and Brennan wants to hang it in her new office. “Why would you want to be reminded of the moment when everything almost ended, Bones?” Booth asks. Brennan smiles: “Because it didn’t.”

I don’t know about you all, but this is the only resolution I needed to the “mystery” of 4:47, which has been popping up in Booth and Brennan’s lives for years. The meaning that matters is the meaning they take from it, which is also a good lesson to take from this finale: Everything ends, but endings are rarely absolute. Brennan said it to Angela in season 1: “Nothing in this universe happens just once.” For Booth and Brennan, 4:47 is what keeps happening, usually when they’re on the precipice: of losing each other (season 4 finale), leaving each other (season 5 finale), or getting together (after Vincent’s death). They could have ended, but they never did.] (x)

I thought it was a beautiful explanation so I hope that explains it a bit for you :)


ok so there is A LOT you can do for this event, so i thought i’d just sum up a few of the plot ideas i have here and make them public! i’m open to writing about any of these (and i’ll take more than two threads to make sure everyone gets points!) and of course you can steal these ideas and do them yourself or with another member too! i promise i won’t mind!

(putting this under a cut because i accidentally got carried away. rip)

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where’s that one post with the panel where scotts like ‘i dont want to hurt birds !” then the one where its like ‘unwilling for now to use his optic blasts, cyclops resorts to less graceful methods’ and hes punching a bird. i feel like that post sums him up better than anything else 


After seeing Rogue One twice and reading the novelization once, I truly believe that the single most important line Jyn utters, in regards to revealing her own character, is when she tells Cassian, “I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.” This. This right here sums Jyn up. 

Jyn suffers from abandonment issues, and understandably so. Jyn has been abandoned by all the most important people in her life up to that point. The first to do so was her mother. Lyra Erso was originally supposed to go with Jyn when Krennic arrived at their home. That was the plan that she and Galen had come up with, but once Krennic actually came, Lyra couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Galen to his mercy, so she left Jyn and went back to find her husband. An act that resulted in her death. If she hadn’t gone back, if she had stayed with Jyn, she would no doubt have lived.

Then there is Galen. While he didn’t have much of a choice other than to go with Krennic, for years Jyn must have hated him for not at least trying. And of course there is the matter of him working for the Empire. This must have added insult to injury. As Jyn herself said, it was easier to think of him as dead.

And then finally Saw. Saw, who had taken Jyn in and raised her like his own, Saw that Jyn had thought of like a father. He just leaves. No explanation. This abandonment had to be the most painful of the three. Unlike her mother, Saw didn’t leave her to protect another. Unlike her father, he had a choice. One moment he was there, the next he was leaving her behind.

It is these acts of abandonment that shape who Jyn is from them on. She is a loner who relies only on herself because she has learned not to trust anyone else. She doesn’t fight for the rebellion because she has learned not trust it because of Saw. Jyn Erso only trusts and relies only on herself.

Then comes along this man named Cassian Andor, a man who doesn’t leave her when things get tough. No, he comes back. Not once, not twice, but three times. The first is on Jedha. He didn’t have to come back for her. He had found the pilot. As far as he knew, when that happened, he no longer needed her. The mission no longer depended on her. She had become expendable. Yet, he went back for her anyway, risking both his life and the mission to do so.

The same on Eadu. Going to get Jyn could have cost him his life. Then Yavin 4. The council doesn’t believe her. Cassian does. He doesn’t let the council’s disbelief stop him. He doesn’t walk away. He stays. 

“I’m not used to people sticking around when things to go bad.” 

“Welcome home.” Those are the best words Cassian could have chosen. Because by sticking around, by not walking away, he has turned Jyn’s world upside down. He becomes Jyn’s home.

Then they go to Scarif and for a few painful minutes, Jyn thinks Cassian has died. That she has lost her home. But then he appears, shooting Krennic and again saving her life. Cassian had fallen. He was injured. It must have taken a lot of strength to climb that tower and get to Jyn. He must have been in constant pain. He comes back to Jyn. Again. For the fourth time.

And Jyn in her turns stays with him. If she had left Cassian behind, she might have gotten far enough away from the blast zone to save herself. But she doesn’t. She stays with him. The thought of leaving him behind never even occurs to her. Because in the final moments, when they hold each tight, she is well and truly home.

heart attack summed up
  • magnus: oh hey there im magnus. im 420 friendly. must love dogs. if you're looking for a dual-classer for you i could be the one
  • merle: oh hey im merle im kind of a...bad boy im 6 foot 8, 170 pounds
  • magnus: wrong and wrong
  • merle: and i love the three b's -- books, bongs, and......billabongs. if ur looking for a cleric call my stone frequency at the bottom of the screen
  • magnus: SHIT i forgot my frequency here it is...............................alright
  • taako: oh hey whats up? sorry i didnt see ya. listen i could waste ur time w a lot of BULLSHIT about my different interests but thats not what u come here for *pretends to deepthroat the umbra staff* there u have it. whatever u want swallowed im ur man
  • merle: I THOUGHT OF A THIRD B. boogieboards. books, bongs, and boogieboards
  • magnus: I THOUGHT OF A NEW NAME im not magnus anymore now im...jizzblaster dan
  • merle: i wanna change mine too, mine now is baxter bulldong

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How much do we know about the facets of the Earth in SU? Are the facets pieces of earth, such as the squares you find between latitudes and longitudes, or long ''slices'' such as the segments of an orange. If that makes any sense. We know that the Prime Kindergarten, and possibly the Crystal Temple, is located in Facet 5. Eyeball mentioned being in Facet 6 halfway through the rebellion. Beta Kindergarten is in Facet 9. But do we know how many facets there are?

Anon, I think you’ve pretty effectively summed up everything we know about facets. If we knew how large a facet is, we could estimate very easily how many are on Earth- but we don’t even know what defines them. I would assume, roughly, that facets are fairly large since we haven’t heard someone say “facet 100″ or “facet 342″.

my mom has like… laser eyes I swear to fucking god I can feel her vision burning my fucking skin when she looks at me she’ll just fucking STARE at me when she thinks I’m not looking it makes me want to die I wish I had gone with someone else bc it hurts so bad that that was such a good experience while also very bad at the same time. Cough cough my whole entire childhood summed up in one paragraph ugh

canadian-riddler ha respondido a tupublicación:                   that one writtin post sums up what I had to do…                

   ah the eight drafts thing?  y'know I’ve never done that, I don’t do drafts at all   

well not everybody knows how to write that well Indy

Still not sure what you mean by 8 drafts? I dont think we saw the same post, or maybe we did, IDK

Comic scripts come easy by in general broad terms. Individual words always get me and so I have to rewrite a lot of the 1-2-1 dialogue so it’s as witty as fast paced as people are used to.

Good news, Space Cadets! We’ve got a little hiatus surprise for you…

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Hey Storm! I'm excited, that you're answering today, because you're one of my favorites. So, the most important question first. Do you have a girlfriend? And what are your hobbies? How did you get your name? And at last, why are you only a private?

Ah well thanks…. To answer your first question; no. No I do not. Maybe after the war if I get lucky….But I doubt it. Sniper says I’m not “charming”. My hobbies? I’m fighting in a kriffing war. I don’t get to have hobbies. But, I do like to learn how to fight with vibro-swords in my downtime, I guess that counts. I don’t really like to talk about how I got my name, but, to sum it up, I got it from my batch-mates as a cadet cause I was scared of storms.. And I’m a private cause that’s what I do best, I’m too “temperamental” to be an officer.