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So what is countdowns personality out of curiosity?

He’s VERY adaptable and decisive, efficient and actually pretty forgiving (, if you’re not messing with the process of him building his body ). Gentle with people that he trusts and is friends with–and of course treats them properly as good as he can ( if he ever had friends, both for the purpose of wanting them to help w his vessel and because he genuinely thinks of em as a friend. Which reason is what he’s leaning more to depends on the other person )

-Though he is snappy and loses his shit all the time but apologizes right after. Even though he doesn’t..exactly want to hurt people, he might have in anger. Countdown has trouble controlling his anger and to top it all he can be a little bit too honest w his words?

To sum it up, huge nerd with anger issues that just wants to have a good time lmao


#OperationCosy is a go! So one of my favourite Shoot posts is this one from perkypsycho and for the sake of the fandom love-in I’ve finally got around to putting together the response that it inspired.

I love the idea that a slight phase shift on either of their parts leads to them being totally in sync, but for that to be true it must be assumed that both waves are of the same frequency and amplitude. Let’s assume that they’re not. Let’s assume that Root’s emotional frequency and amplitude oscillate at a magnitude greater than Shaw’s. So instead of taking ω as the same for R(t) and S(t) let: S(t) = sin(ωt) and R(t) = 2sin(4ωt).

Observed separately these are two completely different functions, nothing in common bar occasional points of intersection over each cycle. But if you look a little closer, you see that R(t) is the fourth harmonic of S(t)’s fundamental frequency. Using the superposition principle to add S(t) and R(t) gives us an entirely new wave, and it’s kind of damn pretty (scientifically speaking)

Alternatively you could argue that Shaw’s self-diagnosis holds true - she’s a sociopath who has zero emotional variance. In that case you could consider her as a DC offset for Root’s base waveform. In other words Root still operates at the same frequency she did before, and within the same emotional range, but everything is now amplified by a factor of Shaw.

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Well dean sex is still hotter than sam sex! And its great that dean is not rough like sam is. Dean looks like he knows how to make women feel good. And the fact that dean had sex with a black girl speaks for itself:) dean sex is better than sam sex thats fact! Btw we disagree with you!! Dean winchester is still a sex god !!!

so, mostly im just trying to figure out what i posted to begin this? because i never stated that sam is better at sex than dean? not recently or in those words, anyway.

but fine you wanna talk sex, lets talk sex

ive already discussed at length what each of the boys are like in bed. (sam here and dean here). in short, i pretty muched summed up sam as a really rough, aggressive lover, ie this gif

whereas dean is a way more gentle, passionate kinda guy in bed, ie this gif

but i dont think i’ve ever directly stated that one is better than the the other. sex is a matter of personal preference. 

if you want the kind of guy who’s gonna go slow and gentle with you, treat you delicately, maybe even let you take charge, then you want dean winchester. 

Dean Winchester doesn’t have sex, Dean Winchester makes love.

and damn, hes fucking good at it.

but if you want something a little more fun, a little more wild, then you want sam winchester. Sam’s gonna handle you like he knows you aren’t gonna break.

 Sam Winchester doesn’t have sex, Sam Winchester fucks. 

and damn, hes fucking good at it

Like I said, sex is a matter of preference. your choice in winchester might also be based on what role you like to play. if wanna dominate, if you wanna be in charge, then Deanie is down for that

in fact, he likes it when someone else takes charge

Deans a big ol bottom if you ask me (but dont tell him)

but anyway, if on the other hand you’re more into being a sub, then go for sam

Sam is a top. he enjoys the position of power, and he knows how to use it

i guess there also arises the whole discussion of relationships as well - Sam is always more in it for the long run where Dean enjoys more onetime affairs. Sam is more likely to be there when you wake up in the morning. Dean will be gone before the sun rises.

I’m not saying that one winchester is better than the other - i’m saying they are DIFFERENT. they have very few similarities in that regard. choice is important. 

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how do you feel about Bruce Jenner identifying as "asexual for now"?

My feelings can be summed up in three basic points:

  • It’s generally nice to hear the word (respectfully) brought up in public discussion
  • It’s Bruce’s identity and not really my business
  • I’ve seen people criticizing the statement for the “for now” part, but I didn’t have a problem with it.

It seemed to me like the term ‘asexual’ was used in good faith, though I don’t know exactly what Bruce was thinking (I will give a HECK of a lot more benefit of the doubt to a person genuinely trying to describe their own experiences then to a writer talking about a character or a news site making assumptions). And, for some people, their asexuality really is ‘for now,’ and that’s fine! Sexuality can be fluid, and words don’t always work for us forever. If Bruce identifies as asexual for the time being, no matter how long it feels applicable, then, great! I’m happy there are terms available for what Bruce is experiencing.