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“If I were king,’’ said Henry, “I should see that I was rich, and that men thought me richer even than I was. I should trust few - but them with all my heart - and suspect many. I should not waste my land with war but keep a thrifty peace, and behind that peace I should watch secretly and patiently. I should have eyes and ears in every corner of my kingdom so that no man could over reach me. And I should rule as I play chess, smiling and betraying nothing and keeping ever three or four moves ahead.”       - An Unknown Welshman
With One Down, Here Are Donald Trump’s Other Six Horcruxes
Earlier this week, the first of Trump's horcruxes were destroyed. So now, we go through and figure out what his other six horcruxes could be. This week, on...

So I’ve been asked a lot about how I feel about Donald Trump and this pretty much sums up everything I’m feeling. Basically I think he’s Voldemort and I’ll take him down as I am Harry Potter.

Kindness through a Blessing

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Summing up: Be agreeable, be sympathetic, be loving, be compassionate, be humble. That goes for all of you, no exceptions. No retaliation. No sharp-tongued sarcasm. Instead, bless—that’s your job, to bless. You’ll be a blessing and also get a blessing. - 1 Peter 3:9

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why do i think he tian is going to go into the room with mo's mother and be like ''i did it, i was the one that molested that girl'' so mo is gonna be like ''wtf?? why are you doing this?'' and idk fuhsuhd

you know, i thought about this too, but i really REALLY don’t want it to happen (and im praying to all the saints that i know that it won’t), not only because i don’t want either of our boys to get accused of something that awful, but also because even if he tian took guan shan’s place she li would still win, and i really don’t want him to fucking win, nor for the real abuser to be able to walk free only because his family has money

i also think that he tian accusing himself wouldn’t really help or change the situation much, because she li constructed the entire story to have guan shan being framed for it (one of the girls talking about it mentions that there are eye witnesses, and if it’s true you can bet that they are she li’s people or that they were paid by him), so without having any proof to back up what he is saying, he tian’s confession wouldn’t even be taken into consideration

tbh it would probably be more useful if he tian barged in there like “why the hell are you accusing my boyfriend of harassing a girl, he’s gay, we’re lovers, i shoved my tongue down his throat just the other day in the middle of the yard”. i mean, he still couldn’t prove that, because apparently even if there were at least two whole classrooms out there no one saw anything (all these kids gossiping about guan shan now, but when he tian kisses him in public suddenly everyone had something better to do, like, what kind of bull–), but that could at least buy guan shan some time, help him create an alibi for that specific hour

im digressing here, sorry, but yeah, i don’t think he tian accusing himself will happen, because ultimately it wouldn’t solve the problem, but we’ll see!! old xian is unpredictable and likes to surprise us, so anything is possible!! 

I called the maryland state representative Hoyer and his assistant picked up. When I started talking she interrupted me a few times because she was confused. First of all that I was calling about North Dakota, “Where are you from, what county are you calling from? ok.” 
I started telling her how considering Hoyer is of the democratic party he should be concerned that Kelcy Warren, head executive of Dakota Access pipeline donated $1,00000 to the Trump campaign.
I explained how the Dakota Access had been brutalizing Native women, elders and children. She then stopped me and suggested “maybe this is more of a matter for the white house” I made sure to tell her, i have already called the white house before I called you and the line was busy because so many people are calling about this. And before that I called the Army Corps of engineers and left a message.” Then i pretty much summed up, This is an issue that is relevant to everyone, because its a violation of the first amendment. The state of ND has burned through the $6 mil of funds they requested for this (unnecessary) use of excessive force through militarization…when these protestors are peaceful. Now theyre calling states all over for backup. They already have police from five different states (minnesota, texas and Indiana being a few i know of)  And this is a slippery slope for ALL US citizens. Its a violation of all our rights to clean water and civil rights. 
I still do not think she understood how this was relevant to her. My whole point being, that everyone needs to call and explain whats happening to others around them until its understood that this is a human issue that impacts everyone. When I say we need your help, we need your voice, I mean it, because we need people from all over the Nation to wake up to whats going on and to see that Native Americans are people and whats happening is beyond wrong and a repeat of US history, wounded knee beyond various other colonial massacres and acts of genocide.
Understanding that this is not just an “indian problem” but a human issue, is just the surface level of understanding of whats going on here. That doesnt even touch on the ways the state of North Dakota is leveraging state and institutional powers to uphold corporate corruption. This is something that can happen anywhere, as long as society deems your resources as theirs for the taking. Its setting the precedent that corporations have more rights than people. 

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This is probably a really stupid question but do we know why Stevie and Lindsey broke up?

No question is stupid, anon. There are several quotes about their break up as it seems journalists find it ok to revisit it over and over again, but here are a few quotes that sum it up:

I don’t even remember what the issues were; I just got to the point where I wanted to be by myself. It just wasn’t good anymore, wasn’t fun anymore, wasn’t good for either of us anymore. I’m just the one who stopped it…. In Sausalito, up at the little condominium. Lindsey & I were still enough together that he would come up there and sleep every once in a while. And we had a terrible fight ~ I don’t remember what about, but I remember him walking out and me saying, ‘You take the car with all the stuff, and I’m flying back.’ “ 


Rich and famous or starving and poor, we went through the same problems. He always wanted me to himself, but somebody had to go out and earn some money. All he wanted to do was play his music. When I came home I’d always get a slight cold shoulder. He wouldn’t quite trust me about where I’d been or what I’d been doing. When we broke up, two years after joining Fleetwood Mac, it was like a living nightmare….Everything about me seemed to bug him.”


“Stevie and I were breaking up, although in a more drawn-out ambiguous way than Christine and John. With Christine and John it was over really quick. Whereas Stevie and I were more like, “Well I don’t know…” There were times when we were sleeping together and times when we were officially something else. But there was definitely a moving apart.” (During the making of Rumours.)

“It’s so out of character for Henry to mistrust Killy’s wuv for him!”


Summed up history of Henry and Killy:

1. Henry knows that Killy spent all of S2 doing terrible things, trying to kill his grandpa, shooting Belle, etc.

2. Henry shares MAYBE a sentence with Killy during/after Neverland.

3. When Henry is amnesiac, he meets Killy again and Killy behaves like another child–”Why are YOU dressed like that?”, teaching him to cheat at gambling, etc. They have a bit of a bonding moment over Neal, but Henry seems aware throughout the season that Killy wants in to his mom’s panties.

4. Killy abets Henry’s wish to run away back to NYC (where Killy knows he will be a sitting duck, btw, so he protects him with SMEE of all people)–because Killy is too selfish to tell Regina about his cursed lips–resulting in Zelena almost murdering Henry.

5. When Henry gets his memories back, he fanboys over Regina dating THE Robin Hood but is in no way impressed by Captain Hook.

6. Emma asks Henry if he’s okay with her dating Killy, and he says NO but he will deal because he wants her to be happy.

7. During the spell, Henry tells Killy that he NEVER liked him and likes him even less now that he is dating his mom.

8. In Camelot AND SB, Henry explicitly rejects Killy’s disgusting offer to teach him “the way around a woman” and courts Violet the way that Charming, Neal, and Daniel did their ladies.

9. Killy manipulates Henry and almost gets everyone killed by Zelena.

10. Killy tries to murder Henry’s whole family and send Henry himself to hell.

11. In the Underworld, Killy snaps at and berates the 13-year-old for not rescuing his ungrateful ass fast enough.

12. When Killy IS resurrected (by a literal deus ex machina–I’m NEVER going to get over how hilariously bad that is), Henry looks…let’s say, unenthused.

Number of positive interactions Henry has had with Killy until this season when the Stu-propping goes into overdrive?

1. Aforementioned bonding over Neal (note that Killy is manipulating Henry, as he does everyone, by lying about his relationship with Neal and pretending that he actually helped him when in fact he betrayed and sold him). 

2.They apparently go sailing sometimes–something that Henry enjoys independently of Killy (he loved sailing when Neal taught him in S3). Him liking sailing doesn’t mean he adores his sailing partner.

3. They work together in Isaac’s AU–where Killy has a completely different personality.

4. They collaborate on finding a house for Killy and Emma to live in (or, Henry gives advice–not clear how much Henry participated since this was all offscreen). Henry has already expressed that he will support CY’s relationship if it’s what Emma wants, and at this point everyone is trying to find ways to hold on to Emma’s humanity.

I’m not even going to get into whether KILLY has expressed any liking or care for Henry, thought a certain comic bonnacon likes to say that it’s onscreen canon, shown repeatedly, that Killy adores Henry like his own son (let’s hope he doesn’t adore him as he did his own little brother or his last stepson…). To the best of my knowledge we have seen Killy being happy that Henry was saved from Neverland (as much happy that the mission was a success than for Henry as a person, since at this point they have never so much as exchanged a sentence), and a few times when Killy has been excited to teach Henry pirate skills–sailing, cheating, and wenching. 

The narrative until 6.3 of this season has CLEARLY been that Henry and Killy tolerate each other for Emma’s sake (and Killy sees Henry as a tool to get in good with Emma), NOT that they have a loving father/son relationship. That relationship exists only in Killers’ fevered imaginations (until Stu Sunday, when it goes canon).