sum shit goin on

38. Highs And Lows

August’s POV

“Shit.” I groaned loudly, sitting upright in bed. With both of my hands, I wiped my weary and tired eyes. The drinking I did last night sure was punishing me. That has to be what I think is the worst part; the consequences I have to pay the morning after.

When the throbbing started to settle some, I noticed that I was wedged between two naked women. While both hoes were sexy as fuck, I don’t recall meeting them. I don’t have a clue what I did last night either but I know it was a movie.

“Aye, wake up.” I grumbled, shaking them both. I saw that I had somewhere to be in less than thirty minutes. I made an extremely serious commitment to Steve that I wouldn’t put personal before business in situations that don’t call for it. I can’t let him down. Let alone, myself.

“Hey.” one smiled seductively, getting the wrong idea.

“Hey, I need ya’ll to get up n’ get dressed. I’m in a rush.” I informed her, getting out of bed myself. She nodded and leaned over to wake up her friend. I slid into my boxers, a condom wrapper catching my attention. Thank God. I get fucked up too much but, not enough to not strap up.

Quickly, the girls and I started getting dressed. I had them out in ten with twenty minutes to spare. That’s ideal timing, for real. I called Tiffany and told her that we should be out. I wanted to get there early, to prove that I’m about my shit and I’m eager to work. No more slacking.

“Someone’s early.” Tiff sang, nudging my shoulder. She did what she always does as a stylist; she straightened my shirt up and fixed the collar. I’m only wearing a Polo and jeans. It wasn’t special but, that’s Tiff for you.

“I might needa bundle up ‘cause it’s cold outchea. It’s only September.” I muttered, pulling out the Crooks & Castles hoodie that I had. I put it on, zipping my suitcase back up. While waiting for the rest of the team, we sat down in the lobby chairs and relaxed.

“How’s the single life?” she asked sarcastically.

“Great, don’t ask me shit else.” I grumbled, stuffing in my earphones. She yanked them out, grimacing at me.

“Have you called?” she inquired, making me roll my eyes. I got love for Tiff but she gon’ make me pop off on her one of these days, man.

“No n’ neither did she.” I answered.

“You don’t have to be so hostile. I’m just checking on you. I can tell you’re not happy. You miss her.” she stated.

“I’m sure she misses me too. You see what I’m tryin’a do? I need you to see that Maya goin’ through the same shit n’ if she isn’t makin’ effort — not that I want her to — why should I do it, you get me?” I asked, getting a head nod from her.

“Touché.” she shrugged, plugging in her own earphones. I did likewise and we both waited for Steve and the crew to come down to the lobby so that I can WORK. Why nobody understands what I need to focus on most kills me. People, mainly Tiffany and my mom, need to leave me be. When it feels ready, I’ll check on her. Right now, nah.

Maya’s POV

“You gon’ miss me?” D grunted, slowing down his pace. I moaned out something incoherent but, he got the gist of what I was trying to say because he smiled. I scratched a whole bunch of lines on this table and his back. I honestly can say that I’ve never been fucked like this. Ever.

He skillfully worked what he was blessed with, bringing me to yet another climax. Laughing, we kissed each other kind of sloppily. He pulled out of me, helping me off the table. I stood up, pulling his shirt down over my body.

“I’m surprised we didn’t break this table.” I smirked, lightly tapping it. He chuckled, adjusting his basketball shorts. He really makes me want to stay in Atlanta with him. Being in this ‘relationship’ with him is great, there’s no drama and I can do what I want. No commitments, although I spent all the free time that I had with him.

“It’s pretty sturdy. Next time, I want you in the pool. I need you to come back n’ see a nigga when you get the chance. Don’t be dodgin’ me, ma.” he chuckled, putting a hand into the front of his shorts. I looked away, getting turned on so much from everything that he does and everything that he says.

“You have to come see me too.” I whispered, wrapping my arms around him. He leaned down, kissing me deeply. Last night, D and I had a talk about us. He knows that I’m not so sure about my relationship status at the moment. I’m not in search of anything serious and he gets that. But, if I do feel like settling down, we’ll work shit out. I’m glad he gets it.

“That I will, baby. C’mon, let’s shower n’ shit. I gotta get ya’ pretty ass to the airport.” he smirked, throwing me over his broad shoulder.

Playing around with Dorian, I almost missed my flight. Just in the nick of time, I made it. I already said goodbye to my family the day before so that was good. Grandma told me that she spoke with my father and he’s not allowed around anymore. Being that he went M.I.A. before, he didn’t really seem to care. However, he showed remorse for it. I didn’t care though, I still wouldn’t sit down and talk to him.

These past three, four days have been eventful. Honestly, I feel like I’m in a good place. Yes, I’m still hurting but, I think I’m taking it better than I thought I would. I find myself only having one problem and that’s going back home. I had to. I do feel silly for returning after I said I would be traveling to stay with August. But, you live and you learn. I’ll be alright.

Finally, I pulled into my driveway. I was already agitated as fuck from the flight and I found out that August, without a bit of consent to me, took Maxie to New Orleans. I’m livid but, I won’t give him the benefit of seeing me like that. So, I killed with kindness. I called Ms. Sheila and told her all the necessary concerning Maxie, even checked up on the girls over FaceTime. I’m not letting him get under my skin.

“Who the…” I muttered, walking deeper into the house. In a robe, I spotted Niko sitting on my couch. I wanted to be an asshole to him but, we needed to talk. I had to apologize.

“Wassup, where you been?” he grumbled, patting the seat beside him. I sat down, pulling my UGGS off my feet.

“Better question; why are you here? I thought Chanel was supposed to been had moved out.” I muttered, picking up his lit blunt. He snapped into reality, snatching it from me. Really thought I was about to get away with that too.

“The fuck? You ain’t ‘sposed to be smokin’ weed. But uh, I move in tomorrow. She took longer than expected. I need to know where you were, Maya. Don’t stall either.” he said seriously. Sighing, I looked him dead in his eyes.

“I went to Atlanta, Niko. I patched things up with the family. Well, grandma and a few cousins. Uncle Tyson asked about you too. You should go back home.” I stressed.

“You serious? You went back home? By yourself too? Shit, I must say I didn’t think you was gon’ do that.” he chuckled, avoiding the last thing that I said.

“Go back and see them.” I ordered.

“Did you see ya’ father?” he asked, making me mug him. It doesn’t make sense why he won’t just go back home. I can honestly say that it won’t make a difference in Niko’s life. It will make a difference to grandma though.

“Yeah, I ran out though. I told grandma… what he did. I had to, Niko.” I mumbled, looking up at him. His jaw was tightly clenched and he looked agitated with me.

“You didn’t have to do that, damn. I wanna know, did doin’ that solve anything? Nah, right?” he grumbled. I placed my hand on his, grabbing it a little.

“It felt good to get that out. No, he’s not in prison. No, he’s not dead. But, I had to tell her. What difference is it? Like, I don’t get why you don’t want me around them.” I sighed. A groan escaped his mouth as he dragged his hand down his face.

“It’s not that, Maya. I don’t know what the fuck it is. I think I did the best that I could wit’ you. Providin’ for you n’ shit. If you went home, I thought they woulda made you regret all this shit. You know, me movin’ you away from the family. It didn’t have to be done, we coulda turned to them but, I like the idea of bein’ the only family you got. I’m ya brotha’ n’ it bothers me that they weren’t there when this shit was goin’ on. They knew sum’ was happenin’ in that house. No one in that family looked into it either.” he stated.

“First, I love you to death. Yeah, we fight but, you’re all the family I have. Right now. I rely solely on you, not them. Me being a big girl these days, I’m trying to do shit on my own from now on. But, when I need it, I know you’re there. Why do you think the family knew though?” I asked curiously.

“One, when mom died, we stopped comin’ around. Family events, holidays. Two, I heard Tyson n’ Pops arguin’ n’ the conversation had to be about Pops hittin’ on us. What else could it have been that Tyson was threatenin’ to turn Pops in? Whatever the case, Pops blackmailed him or promised him sum’ that obviously outweighed us. Since he kept shut on what was goin’ on in that damn house.” he grumbled. It bothers me that he probably knew and didn’t say anything. That’s fucked up. He smiled in my face too.

“Well, let’s not worry about it anymore. We’re good, that’s all that matters. And, I’m sorry for not backing you up. The decision that you made bothered me but, I needed to give you support. Not belittle you for it. You’re always there for me and from now, I’ll be there for you.” I grinned, hugging him tightly. He hated mushy moments but, I didn’t.

“Nah, I was wrong for bringin’ August into the mix. Even if all the shit I said was true, I shouldn’t have done that. I—”

“What do you mean it was true?” I asked, pulling away. Did he just hint that August was cheating on me?

“Not like that, Maya. The whole if he did what I did to you, you would beg people to love him again. Nothin’ serious. I heard the bad news though. Care to tell me how that went down?” he asked, grabbing something to drink. It’s not like I’ll be telling this story forever. Sarcasm.

“That has to be disappointing.” Avery grumbled, dipping a french fry into some ketchup. Of course, I called Avery to tell him about what went down. He was the one that really supported me when I decided to go on the road with him.

“You don’t even know the half, man. It’s okay though. I am moving on from him, well, I have.” I smirked, the image of Dorian popping in my head. Avery caught my smirk, a low frown covering his own face.

“Don’t sleep with other men to get over him. It makes shit worse, Maya. Seriously.” he said, drinking his soda. I wiped that smug look away, realizing that what he said was truth.

“Okay, I understand.” I whined, mixing around my melted ice cream. He smiled, wiping his hands on a napkin.

“I would ask you to come back to work but, someone else was called in to do it. From what I know it’s a man. I get to meet him on Monday. Yippee.” he said dryly. I chuckled at him, biting into my chocolate chip cookie. Between drinks and weed, I’ve been relying on junk food too. I’m going to be a huge mess when all of this subsides.

“I’m done with pathology anyway. I’m thinking of getting a degree in something else. Culinary school, maybe. I guess it would be new for me. I like to cook.” I shrugged. I think I should go back to school to busy myself. Culinary is hands on, which is great. I have to be doing something, not sitting behind a desk answering phones all day. That’s why I hated my job at the salon sometimes. It could get boring.

“I know you. You’ll figure it out. Well, let me get going. Jan wants me to meet her for lunch. What is she going to think when I’m not hungry?” he chuckled, standing up to hug me tightly. I laughed, shrugging in his arms.

“Just don’t mention me. I don’t want to get involved but, I am happy for you. Really, I am. And, you thought you had no hope.” I smirked, poking his chest.

“No, I said that I was rusty.“ he corrected.

“Same difference. If you call me later and I don’t answer, I was piecing my shambled life back together.” I growled as I walked out of the restaurant. Truth is, I don’t know where to start.

| One Month Later |

“Oh, please.” I giggled, playing with my nails. Dorian and I were on Skype, getting in our weekly session. I love that it wasn’t hard for him to keep up on his promise. That being, we talk whenever he gets the chance. Although, I miss the feeling of actually being around him.

“True shit. You gon’ come down here soon?” he asked. He wants me to come back to Atlanta but, I don’t know how it will work. I mean I could but, I’d have to stay low. I’m going to be terrified if I bump into my father. Animosity has to be there now and he’s a drunk. That’s a bad mix.

“I don’t know, love. I told you I would and I hold up on my word so, it’ll definitely happen. I just don’t know when. To be honest, I want you down here.” I smirked. He chuckled, licking his lips quickly.

“I’ma see what I can do.” he grumbled, fixing his du-rag. If he comes down here, he said that it has to be in schedule. He can’t just abandon what he does because that’s risky. I don’t understand the whole drugs things but, I never ever question it. It’s not my concern.

“Thank you. Hey, can I text you later? I’m about to go out in a minute.” I said, glancing down at my phone. Jesse, an old friend of mine from Miami, wanted to chill later. She’s always looking to have a good time and lately, that’s what I’ve been looking to do too. We actually bumped into one another at a club and decided to catch up.

“Aight, behave.” he said seriously, getting me to chuckle.

“I always do. Bye, babe.” I smiled, blowing him a kiss. He laughed, refusing to do it back. We go through this every single week, I swear. We shared parting words before he said that he had important shit to handle. I shut my laptop and slid out of bed.

Jesse wanted to hit up a hookah lounge so, I needed to get ready. I turned on the TV, switching to MTV Jams. Again, it was playing August’s video. Kissing my teeth, I threw down the remote and wandered into my closet. Being that my ex is apparently the best thing since sliced bread, I can’t avoid him if I tried. TV, radio, Internet; he’s everywhere.

August and I had one discussion in the past month. It was supposed to be concerning Maxie but, drifted into talking about us. We spoke about where this relationship was and where it’s heading. That was a week after I got back from Atlanta. That being said, we haven’t spoke in weeks. I can’t ever get a word in whenever we do talk so, why bother? I always have to be wrong and he always has to be right. It irritates the hell out of me and I’m just over it.

Niko is my only ally, aside from Jesse and Avery. He and I hang out when we can but, not so often. He dates this girl named Janet, the one he met at Dave & Busters. I’d really hate to come between that because he’s so in love. Anais and I cut off our friendship due to the Maxie thing. I don’t see why it was that serious but, she blamed my attitude. It boiled down to her telling me that she always hated how I acted. But, no one was forcing her to be around me. That friendship could have died long ago if that was the case.

Kim and I stopped being friends when she trapped Niko. I can’t get over that for shit. It was disgusting and while the both of them take full blame, this could have been nothing if she hadn’t purposely got pregnant. Niko urges me to be nice to her because she will be around when the baby gets here. Chanel and I speak seldom, passing glance and stuff like that. We’re not as close as before but, that’s okay. We lose friends and gain friends everyday. It’s nothing to me.

Snapping out of my senseless daze, I searched through my clothes to find something to wear. What do you even wear to a hookah lounge? I settled on a rusty orange dress that I had for awhile now. It stopped below my knees, the rest of the space turning into dangling beads. Plus, it was skin tight and I loved that. Grabbing gold sandals to go with it, I went into the bathroom to get ready for tonight.

“Hurry up!” Jesse shouted, slapping her hands down on my dresser. I chuckled, running the comb through my hair. She sighed, falling back onto my bed.

“Wait, Jess. This cut is so different. But, it won’t grow back anytime soon.” I mumbled, flat-ironing my hair. Being that I was coming into my own, I wanted to change my look. The hair style that I have now is different, shoulder length. I had even changed my clothing style. More revealing. Enough in my opinion to keep my dignity. The old Maya is still there. I find myself resorting to her sometimes but, this is me now. Who I feel comfortable being.

“Mrs. Cleavage, you look fine. Let’s go.” Jesse grinned. She was referring to the low-cut of my dress. I spritzed a lot of the Sensual Amber spray on my body, finally ready to go. I grabbed my clutch, waving for Jesse to come along.

“You want me to drive?” I asked once we got downstairs.

“Yup, I’m not doing it.” she shrugged. I snatched the keys out of the bowl and set the alarm. With that, we went out the house, on our way to the hookah lounge.

August’s POV

“Yeah, that was dope as fuck.” I chuckled, nodding. I was in the studio with Yo Gotti and he just laid down his verse. It’s been all about work lately and that’s what I’ve doing. I went through my little phase but, it’s over now. I’ve been doing a lot of shows, collaborating with so many different people. I love my life, man.

“You wanted to lay down ya’ verse right now?” Mike asked. He was the engineer that we hired awhile back. I shook my head, standing up from my seat.

“Nah, I’m chillin’ tonight.” I grumbled, stretching. Trey and I were about to hit up some club in Miami. Ever since we did the collab, we been kicking it. That’s the homie.

“Aight, hit me up when you ready.” he muttered, giving me a quick dap. I did the same with Gotti and headed out. That beauty sitting in the parking lot made me smile big.

Sliding inside my Bentley GT, I started it up. I needed to go to the hotel and get myself together for tonight. Being in a club every night ironically enough, isn’t all that bad. Yeah, I see the same bitches doing the same shit but, I love it. That stable shit that I always talk about is something that I loathe now. The fast paced lifestyle was meant for me.

Sometimes, I miss Maya. I think about her almost everyday. Word around the way is, she changing up. I didn’t think she would become this brand new person ‘cause we split up. It seems like she don’t care anymore. We had a talk and I felt like I was talking to someone else. She didn’t give a fuck. A single fuck, whatsoever. The only reason we called this off for good was on account of her. She said it herself; I don’t want you anymore. I never thought she’d say that to me.

I ain’t too proud to beg so, I didn’t. On the low, that shit hit me hard but, this is what I asked for. I basically molded her into what she is right now. Niko told me that she’s wild and she’s always drinking, smoking, and partying. He insinuated that she’s been sleeping around freely but, he isn’t sure. Be real, you would be worried if that was your ex. We weren’t even done with each other, she’s just bitter. That, and she’s been hanging around people who fuel that wild side. I want to talk to her but, she tripping. Changed her number, wants to move out of Houston. I been keeping tabs. Don’t judge.

I pulled up to the hotel, getting out the car. I walked to the lobby, trying to dodge faces. I was already running late for the event and I couldn’t waste no more time. Getting on an elevator, I took it up to the penthouse suite. I do it big now, especially when I come to Miami.

“Yeah, just meet me there.” I grumbled, talking to Tank on the phone. He was the head of my bodyguard team. As of lately, I have to walk around with them. At first, I thought it was unnecessary but, girls be wilding. Telling them where I am at all times is tedious but, it’s for my protection. I won’t take that for granted either.

I picked out an all black outfit, some leather and jean. That was enough for me since we were going to the club. Right then, I went into the bathroom, getting ready for tonight.

Maya’s POV

“Pass me that.” I mumbled, pointing to the bottle of Peach Ciroc. Jesse handed it over, picking her own glass up. The bottle was half-full so I drank out of it. I could finish it so, I wasn’t using a glass.

“Ay, let’s go on vacation.” Jesse blurted after blowing out a cloud of smoke. I sent her a side-eye, taking another swig.

“Where to?” I asked.

“LA. I know people out there so, we’ll have all the hook-ups and shit. VIP in the hottest clubs, events, everything. We go and it’ll be the best vacation you ever took.” she smirked. It didn’t take much to convince me though.

“Let’s drink to that.” I smiled, clinking my bottle against her glass. Being that I work with Jesse, I can travel when I want to. She used to be a stylist for Bow Wow but, parted awhile ago. She’s been working on her own line and we partnered up on it. I never considered myself a fashionista but, I have some great ideas and us together is perfect. It pays well, it gives me enough to live. I was thinking of moving so I pray that I have enough for that. I need a new scenery and LA is the number one contender. Niko doesn’t agree but, it’s my life to live. Not his.

“We’ll be handling business out there too. I scored us a big meeting with my nigga Lloyd, the one I told you about. He works with Pink Dolphin so, let’s see where this goes.” she smiled, picking up her hookah. I did likewise, sucking in the smoke. I blew out O’s, laughing at what Dorian taught me.

“Yo, I was thinking about moving to LA. It’s a great place to expand our business and live in general. You want to? All of the money we saved up can buy us a condo or apartment.” I explained, crossing my legs. Again, this man that has been looking at me caught my eye. He winked, getting a blush in return. It’s been hard turning down men. But, I have to. The body count is only two and I’m not pushing that, sadly.

“That sounds great to me. I was thinking that awhile back and it beats living out of a hotel.” she giggled.

“Deal then. We’ll do some hunting while we’re there. How long is this trip again?” I asked.

“A week but, we can extend if necessary.” she replied. The man that I was talking about sauntered over to us, grinning when I made eye contact with him. He was suave and very clean, an athletic type. Handsome, to sum it up.

“Hi, I’m Jared. Couldn’t help but to notice you from across the room. What’s your name?” he asked, smiling brightly. I chuckled, smoothing out my dress. I stood up, placing my hand in his delicately.

“I’m Maya. This is my friend, Jesse.” I smiled, side stepping so that he could share pleasantries with her as well. I didn’t want her third-wheeling if Jared and I decided that this talk will be prolonged.

“Nice to meet you, Jesse. Actually, my friend Robin, had an eye on you. He’s nervous. Should I?” he smirked, pointing a finger by the bar area. From beside him, I nodded. She said yes, deciding to take the initiative.

“You owe me.” she whispered, walking over to Robin. Owe her what? That man was handsome as hell. I turned to face Jared, taking a seat. Let’s see what this man is all about.

August’s POV

Instead of hitting up this other club we were talking about, we went to KOD. I ain’t mind though. I needed to find that one bad bitch to bring back to the hotel. Lately, I been too picky when it come to that shit. And, busy with work. I had literally no time to fuck and I was making it happen tonight.

Looking around the club, I couldn’t find not one woman to meet my standards. None of them are like her. No, I’m not going to find another woman like her in a club. The thing is, I need the real deal. These women just won’t do.

“Whatchu’ ova’ there thinkin’ ‘bout, nigga?” Trey chuckled. I laughed lightly, shrugging some. At the weirdest time, I got an epiphany that Maya is the one for me. I need to fix it.

Maya’s POV

“Maybe when you get back, we can have dinner. How does that sound?” he asked, sending me a charming smile.

“I’d love that, Jared. It was so nice to meet you.” I admitted before leaning over to hug him. His cologne was so strong but, I guess I could look over that. It’s the less of two evils; in our talk, he revealed a lot of shit that I can’t look past.

“Don’t be a stranger, beautiful. Call me.” he winked, going back over to Robin. Jesse sent me that look and I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“What, was he that bad?” I chuckled, grabbing my clutch. It seemed like she didn’t enjoy Robin that much.

“Ol’ vanilla cupcake over there talks about nothing, okay? I was probably intimidating him and if I was, he isn’t for me.” she shrugged, walking beside me out the door.

“Jess, he was nervous.” I smiled, opening my car door. We slid in, ready to head back to my house.

“Not my cup of tea. I need confidence. How was Jared? Is there a date in that future?” she smirked. I smiled, laughing underneath my breath.

“Jared’s been divorced three times and claims his ex-wives were trying to use him. Asked the man what he does, Mr. J works with telemarketing. Yeah, what woman is using that? I respect his honesty but, I would probably be the divorcee number four. I can’t go on a date with him.” I explained. My standards are higher than that but, he was a nice guy. Not a man for me though.

Sometimes, I get this feeling that I’m never going to move on from August. Like, I have but, I haven’t found Mr. Right. August was that and more until we hit bumps in the road. I meet men but, none of them are good for me. And, not in a way like they’re not like August. They genuinely have too many faults and it seems like it won’t work out.

“Damn, you wouldn’t think that by looking at him. Yeah, my buddy Robin has never been married, used to co-own a big casino down in Vegas, and loves astrological signs. He said we were a perfect match.” she said sarcastically. I laughed, parking in my driveway.

“That’s not so bad. We’re leaving tomorrow, right?” I asked while getting out of my car. She did likewise, walking up to my house.

“Tomorrow, yes. Can I spend the night?” she asked. I smiled, nodding my head at her. Better get our rest in now because when we hit LA, I don’t see sleep happening.

“LA!” Jesse shouted, walking onto the balcony of our huge hotel room. Just by the size and price, I knew we were pushing a week’s visit. Not that I mind, that gives me more time to do some exploring.

“What now?” I asked, taking my shades off. Leaning on the banister, I looked over the city of Los Angeles. Every thing was beyond gorgeous. Yeah, I can see myself living here.

“We get ready for our meeting. Lloyd has a car coming to pick us up in an hour. I think I should probably get a rental.” she mumbled, trailing back inside beside me. I sat down at the bar, marveling at the selections. I’m not a drunk but I’m always drinking. I can honestly say four times out the week I have a glass in my hand. And, a blunt.

“I’m thinking Bloody Mary but for the sake of this meeting, we need to be sober.” I coached aloud, getting her to nod.

“Plus, we have plenty time to get wasted tonight. Lloyd got us in a party at Greystone. Yeah, only the hottest club in all of LA.” she smirked, dapping me up. I laughed, hopping off of the barstool. As eager as I am to party, we have shit that has to be done. Work now, play later.

“Leather, huh? LA already got to you.” Jesse smirked while I fixed my hair. Once our successful meeting with L was in pocket, we went shopping. I got hooked into the leather as soon as we walked into this boutique near Sunset. I needed some leather shit.

“You know.” I teased, grinning. The straps were so thin and I was voluptuous up top. I feared it snapping. It came down under my ass, short but, so what? I had on a pair of Loubs I was given, courtesy of Dorian. I looked sexy as fuck, if I do say so myself.

“Nothing like the bitter taste of déjà vu. Hurry the hell up. I do not want to hear the fashionably late excuse either. The car is outside, woman.” she said, getting her things. I lightly combed through my short hair, deciding that I’d just have a side bang tonight. Didn’t really want to.

“Aight, let’s go.” I muttered, grabbing my gold clutch. Jess went out the door, me following after her.

August’s POV

“Greystone live as fuck tonight, ya’ heard?!” I shouted. We made it to the club like, ten minutes ago. When word came around that Trey and I were gon’ be here, ladies flocked to us. That’s the usual though.

“Always live, ma’ nigga. Let’s head ova’ there.” Trey smiled, pointing to where we were about to perform real quick. Of course, the DJ wanted us to shut it down one time. Me and Trey ain’t really come here for that but, I couldn’t refuse.


Maya’s POV

“Ladies, tonight we have August Alsina n’ Trey Songz in the muthafuckin’ house! Just for ya’ll, they gon’ shut it down! Is that aight?” the DJ shouted, loud screams sounding back. It got even louder as the beat dropped. I peeled the bottle of Grey Goose from my lips, sucking my teeth. Standing up, I looked dead in the center of the club to see August singing along to his own song with a gang of hoes around him. Oh hell no.