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Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster

November 19, 2014
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Track:Roller Coaster
Artist: Blink-182
Album: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001)

Genre: Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Rock

I was so tired of getting dick and I wasn’t ever satisfied. I pretended to cum with most of them and when they went down and ate me, I closed my eyes and fantasized it was a woman. I always came so hard when I did that. One of my homegirls was coming to visit, only cuz I was always busy and couldn’t make the trip to her. I was so excited. We haven’t seen each other in years. I cleaned the house up, changed the sheets, picked out an outfit that I knew turned heads when I picked her up from the airport. I decided this weekend I was gonna go for it. I was gonna make her my first and I was bringing everything I could think of that would have her thinking about this weekend for the rest of her life. Plus then maybe I would be satisfied like I needed.

I always felt ugly next to her. I was very white and was always told I was pretty and I had a big ass and nice figure. But I couldn’t see it. She on the other hand was so fucking fine. An ass that just bounced when she walked, when she was standing straight she had a nice lil gap I knew she had a fat pussy. She didn’t have to wear a bra her tittie’s set up so nice. She was always stunning. I was a lil low key jealous.

I wanted to see her skin against mine. I knew it would look sexy as fuck. Dam I wanted to cum so bad. I layed on the bed slid my hands down my pants and fingered myself fantasizing about her riding my face and moaned her name as I came. I cleaned up knowing I didn’t have much time. I changed and went to the toy store.

I walked in feeling myself a lil swaying my hips, I looked at the girl behind the counter smiled and licked my lips. I tried to act like I wasn’t nervous or it was my first time. I looked around and saw the strap ons. Dam I was getting wet again. Thinking about her bent over waiting for me to fuck her. I walked up and just looked. Dam, I couldn’t decide. I bet they all would look good sliding in and out her wet pussy.

All of a sudden I felt someone behind me. The girl behind the counter was standing there. “Ur first time?” “Um yeah” “Yeah I thought so u look a lil confused, most newbies get something like this” she picked out one kind of small and I just laughed. “Girl, I wouldn’t even want to be fucked with that. No this girl got a fat ass and her pussy, well I know she likes big dicks like me” “Dam, I bet u could use something like this then, this might have her cumming so good” She took me to the double dildos. She handed me a thick and long one. “This should make her cream for you. U can cum with her fuck her good and rub ur pussies together at the same time.”

I got that and a vibrator and paid for my stuff. “Have fun come back and let me know” I smiled and just said ok. I went home cooked and put the wine in the fridge. Changed my panties cuz I was wet again. Dam I was excited. Tonight I was gonna taste my first pussy. I was gonna do everything I have been wanting to do. I left a lil early so she would be sure to see me.

She got off the plane and my mouth went dry. Fuck I mumbled under my breath. Dam she was fine. I felt my clit start to throb. She ran up and hugged me. She felt so good in my arms. I felt her breasts press up against mine and my nipples got hard. I could feel her nipples against me so I stepped back. “Let’s go I’m hungry” she put her arm in mine. We walked to my car talking and laughing and catching up.

When we got to my house I helped carry her things in and told her to go take a shower I’ll heat up the food. When she came down she was wearing a sheer tank top with no bra and sum yoga pants that fit her so perfect. My tongue felt swollen. I wanted to pull her and kiss her soft lips. Slide my hand up her shirt and feel her nipples get hard in my hand. But I knew I would tonight. We ate and talked and after we got done cleaned up and went in the living room. She picked a movie and to my surprise it was a love story. There was a lot of sex scenes and I was turned on so much.

She leaned against me and snuggled up. I snuggled up to her and she put her arm thru my mine and we just sat that way. It was late and I could see she was getting tired. So I told her to go upstairs and get in the bed. “I made the guest room up for you” “Ok, I’m tired lol” she yawned and I watched her walk up the stairs. Dam that ass. I just wanted to put my face in it till she came.

I went into my room and walked in on her taking her pants off and getting in my bed. “I don’t want to sleep in there ur bed is more comfortable” I changed into sum loose shorts and a tank top that showed off my breasts. She was just looking at me. “What?” “Nothing I just never noticed how fine u got. I mean u got a nice body for a white girl” “Well thanks I guess. I mean u got a nice body too” “Well I know I am fine. Lol just kidding I’m alright.” “I’m not fixing to argue with you” “Put the TV on and let’s go to sleep I’m getting sleepy”

I crawled in next to her and put my leg against hers. She didn’t move. I acted like I was falling asleep and turned my back on her and put my ass against her just a lil. I felt her turn on her side and felt her ass up under my ass cheeks. I felt my pussy jump, her skin was so soft. I layed perfectly still until I heard her breathing. I slowly turned over facing her back and moved the cover and just looked at her ass. My mouth became watery and I moved up against her. I felt her snuggle up against me her ass pressing up against my pussy and I got wet. I dam near moaned. Dam I was actually going to try this. I wanted to cum so bad but the desire to make her cum over and over took over.

I reached my hand over her and slid it up under her shirt. Rubbing her skin I came up to her breasts and let out a small moan. They were so soft. I started massaging her breasts and felt her nipples get hard. Dam I wanted one in my mouth. I started to kiss her neck and she moved. My mouth traveled up to hers and she opened her mouth our tongues entertwining together. I moaned. My hand slid down between her legs she opened them and I rubbed over her panties. I looked at her “dam ur so wet” “Touch me” I watched her as my fingers slipped inside and we both moaned. I didn’t stop. I fingered her till she came. Dam she was so fucking sexy when she came. I pulled my wet fingers out and tasted her. She pulled me on top of her and kissed me. I started grinding on her and I knew we were about to cum. I stopped. We both were breathless and I bent down and took one of her nipples in my mouth.

“Yes baby, suck them” I did as she said. I knew she was on the brink of ready to explode and I wanted her to cum in my mouth. I stopped and she looked at me with a pout. I smiled wickedly and kissed her so deep. “I want to taste you” I pulled her thong off and just looked at her. I licked my lips, “fuck u are so sexy” I kissed my way down and she started moaning. I knew she was more than ready. I spread her lips and slid my tongue deep in her. I heard her breath catch and I ate her pussy till her whole body was shaking. She was moaning my name over and over and I couldn’t stop. She was so juicy. She pushed my head in her pussy “fuck yes baby oh fuck I can’t stop cumming, u are the best” and I kept licking and sucking. Without letting go I flipped her over till she was sitting on my face. Her body was quivering so bad and she just kept cumming in my mouth. “Fuck baby eat my pussy just like that. Oh fuck I’m cumming” I just kept sucking and licking making her cum. My pussy was so wet and I was throbbing. I slid from under her pulled her ass in the air and ate her ass till her juices were flowing down her legs. I licked it up her legs shaking.

“Dam girl I’ve never been ate like tht. And when u ate my ass fuck u are amazing” “I’m not done. I want this pussy all night” I got up her cum all over my face. I went to the drawer and pulled put my vibrator and she smiled and licked her lips. When I pulled out the double dildo, she just looked. I propped a leg on the bed and handed it to her. She got up and went to lick my pussy. “Not yet I want to fuck u senseless” I was so wet and she slid it in. “Lay down I want to ride it, but first since u won’t let me taste that pretty fat pink pussy I’m gonna make u cum by sucking this dick” Omg she started sucking and she had it going in and out and she looked at me smiling. “Fuck girl I’m gonna cum” she started going faster and I came and she got up and squatted down and opened her pussy and looked at me. I grabbed the other end and she slid on top. She moaned “fuck u got a big dick” “show me how good it feels” she started riding me and she pulls my shirt up and starts sucking on my nipples. I reach over her ass as she’s bouncing and I find her hole and begin sliding my finger inside and she starts riding faster. She arched her back and my finger is in a lil deeper and I grab one of her breasts and begin sucking her nipple and I feel juices against my pussy. She starts going faster and faster and I’m matching her rhythm and we both cum.

I pull out of her and flip her over where she is on all fours. “Fuck this ass and pussy. I want to fuck both” “As u wish” she spreads her ass and pussy open and I can’t but lick her from her clit to her ass till she cums. I slowly put the tip in and tease her pussy with it. “Fuck me now fuck my pussy baby” I slam it in and she moans. I start fucking her pussy and she is so wet. She starts throwing it back to me “fuck this pussy I’m cumming” I fuck her harder and her cum is all over. She’s dripping and I open her lips and began tongue fucking her. She cums again and she spreads her ass open and my tongue travels up and I eat her ass again till she cums again. She tried to lay down “Get that ass up I want to fuck this fat ass” I slap it and she pokes it up and spreads her cheeks open. I slowly slide the tip in and let her work it in. She starts throwing it back “fuck this fat ass baby fuck me cum with me” when she said that I went with everything I had. She started squirting and feeling her juices hit me I came. My cum dripping down her pussy and I fell on top of her. I pulled out and layed down next to her. She grabbed the dick and pulled it out of me and kissed me. She began touching me and I got wetter and moaned. Her fingers slid inside and she started to finger me till I came. Whispering in my ear to cum. She pulled her fingers out and watching me sucked my cum off. Then she kissed me opened my legs and kissed her way down. I was about to cum. She knew. She grabbed my thighs and her lips wrapped around my clit grabbed the vibrator and slid it in my pussy and sucked my clit. Within seconds I was squirting over the vibrator and on her face. She didn’t stop she sucked and licked my pussy and each time she made me squirt.

She came up with my cum on her face and chest smiling she spread my legs wide and I realized she had the double dildo in her. She teased me rubbing the vibrator over my clit and she slowly went in and out with the head. “Oh fuck yes baby I’m cumming” I squirted all over and she began fucking me harder and faster. “How long?” “What are talking about?” “How long have you been wanting to give me this pussy?” “I just looked at her. She kissed me the dildo going in and out and I can feel her pussy rub against mine. I grabbed her ass. "Fuck don’t stop” “how long?” “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a couple years oh fuck baby I’m gonna cum oh fuck yes yes I’m cumming” she pulled out and drank me up.

“Turn over” I got doggy style waiting my pussy swollen but can’t stop. “Fuck me baby fuck this pussy and ass” “Fuck baby you are so fucking sexy. As you wish” she ate my pussy and ass making me cum over and over. Then she fucked my pussy till I was squirting so much. When she put the tip in she grabbed my hair and slapped my ass. “Give me this fucking ass” I worked it in and began throwing it back. She began pumping it in my ass and I was screaming her name. I began feeling her juices against my ass and she was slapping my ass screaming my name. I knew she was fixing to cum. “Fuck baby you’re so wet” “I’ve been craving this pussy. You are so sexy when u cum I don’t want to stop. Give me this ass fixing to cum cum with me” I felt her pussy against my ass and she was fucking my ass and I started screaming her name. I heard her yell my name telling me she was cumming and I exploded with her. We both collapsed and she rolled off, the bed was soaking wet and I curled up next to her. She kissed me so softly. “I’m so glad we did this, I’ve been needing this and I’ve been wanting you” “I am to. I feel the same way” I fell asleep in her arms. I woke up feeling like I was going to explode. I pulled the cover off and watched as she worked her tongue on my swollen pussy. “Breakfast?” She nodded and I lay back spread my legs and moved to the rhythm of her tongue. She slid the vibrator in and began fucking my pussy. “Cum for me baby, cum for ME” I grabbed her head and began fucking her face and came. My whole body shaking. “My turn” she slid up turned around and put her ass and pussy in my face. She fucked my face giving me it all. After she came she tried to get up I grabbed her pulled her down “fuck my face again. Then I want to fuck this pretty pussy” she sat down and fucked my face. Moaning my name. Then I felt her wrap my legs around her neck and she sucked my pussy.

Both of us cumming together she got up grabbed the dildo bent over and smiled. I slid inside and fucked her. I couldn’t stop. I grabbed her hips and fucked her till I felt like my heart was gonna explode. I came my pussy squirting with her. Both of us collapsed with total exhaustion. I rolled off her and layed in her arms. She pulled the dildo out of me layed it next to her. “Get sum rest cuz we have a long weekend of making up” I smiled satisfied. I knew this pussy belonged to her. I was gonna convince her to stay. But for now I was gonna make sure she was mine. I fell asleep with her rubbing my back.

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JANSNSNANC fine…… This is ugly long
so it’s crazy i always get my period on mondays idk why that jus shows how much I hate mondays anyway i got it Monday n it wasn’t that strong so I was like ok nice! and on Tuesday morning I just put a light pad n that was it.. which was strike 1 and I light blue jeans.. that was strike 2 and then on the way to school I look down n I see FUCCING red .. like it was all in my crotch I started to panic n my father drives me 2 school so I was like hurry the F UP viejo so I can change m'pad and so i ran to the bathroom and changed it and then I was like hmm let me put water on it and try to rub it off :) STRIKE 3 M'KID I SPREAD IT N I WAS LIKE O MY GO @ ME WYD .. Not only it look like I spilled tomato juice on my lap it look like I pissed myself now 10 min later I went to class and I told my 2 friends and they were like bich call ur dad! I was like LMAO u KNO DAM well.. my father would yell at me for 15 min n cut the phone than bringing a pair of jeans.. so later I was like what am I gonna do.. n ps while I was brainstorming this girl yelled “u got something on ur pants!” And I was like god destroy meme…… anyway I called my mom like mama what do I do jsjsjd and she like ok go to the lost and found and find a jacket, cover the stain with it and go 2 the gym and try finding loaner pants and I was like ok so I did that n I went to the gym and asked for sweats and the lady said they were all in the wash .. so I was like f…uc and my friend was like fatima go back in I’ll keep watch.. ur gonna steal some pants I was like BICH but I looked down at my pants and I was like ok work lets SCAM! and I went thru a pile of pants and found the only one that could work and it was A SMALL and I was like the scammer has been scammed.. but they fit ok I put them on n while I was putting them on these 2 girls came in like WYD I was like G2G!! 🏃🏽🏃🏽 anyway I told my mama I stole sum pants and she was like go on ahead Fatima proud of u! ajdnjsjs anyway next time I have a period 2 pants coming with me my kid! Fucc nature my kid!