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misssunnysweden  asked:

Excuse me, but the link to "Justice is not a demon unless you make him so" on the Anders defence masterpost leads to a password locked blog. Can you perhaps sum up the arguments?

Ah, balls, that happens sometimes. I’ll see if I can’t find the post on my blog and fix the broken link, although giving a summary might work too haha

(EDIT: I did find the original post on my blog, but this one is far more in-depth, so I’ll keep this one as the link in the masterpost. The original post can be read over here)

If that’s the post I think it is, it was the one that first tied in something Solas said with DA2 and friendship vs rivalry with Anders

Basically, Solas claims that spirits are demons that have been denied their purpose. Personally, I’m inclined to believe him on that, given that he is one of the very few characters with the ability and experience to know such things. So if spirits turn into demons when they are denied their purpose, what does this mean for Justice and Anders?

It’s also important to note the differences between the friendmance and rivalmance for Anders. In the rivalmance (or just the rivalry without romance), Justice takes control more often (one example being that Hawke can nearly convince him to undo whatever he did in the Chantry, but Justice takes over and refuses), and Anders mentions having blackouts that give him blanks in his memory. These events are not shown or even mentioned in the friendlier relationship

Now, some people have argued these things are still happening, he’s just not telling Hawke about it, but a) he’s not a very secretive character (one lie in 6 years, and it’s a pretty shitty and obvious one at that), he has no reason to lie about this, particularly when he feels like Hawke is supportive towards him, and b) what Solas said may be in play here. It stands to reason that these things are not happening because Justice’s nature has changed less, or at least not in the same way

Why? Because of how the rivalry plays out (I admit I’ve never seen the whole thing, and part of me knows I probably should for meta reasons, but the rest of me knows I probably can’t handle it. Look it up on youtube for the scenes, because I am not comfortable going down that road right now). Hawke basically emotionally abuses Anders the whole way through, and constantly tries to convince him that the cause of mages is stupid, and not worth fighting for. That’s he’s wrong about everything, that the Circles are okay, that he’s an abomination and needs to be caged. And because Anders has such a fragile sense of self, he does start to believe it. Hawke keeps insisting he abandon the cause, and part of him starts to want to as a result

This is what causes the conflict with Justice. Justice took on the cause of mage rights when they merged, so when Anders starts to pull away from that, he’s pulling Justice away from it against his will. He’s denying Justice his purpose right then and there. So Justice starts manifesting more often, because he’s now on the path to becoming a demon. He’s frustrated because he can no longer pursue what he set out to fix, and it ends up corrupting him to the point that he begins to forcibly take over against Anders’ will

Meanwhile, in the friendship, Hawke actively encourages Anders, is nice to him, supportive of him and his cause. Anders doesn’t feel torn between the two, and he doesn’t believe he should abandon what he set out to do. Justice is never pulled away from it, and can fulfill his purpose through Anders’ actions without having to interfere (except when Anders is in danger/emotionally compromised)

It’s the difference between Anders and Justice moving towards a healthier, more true merger and Justice heading down the path of becoming a demon and forcibly controlling Anders in order to achieve his goals (goals that used to be theirs). But the important thing here is that which outcome happens depends on how Hawke treats Anders. Hawke’s relationship to and treatment of Anders literally decides whether Justice is still Justice, or if he actually is on his way to becoming Vengeance

So yeah, it’s the player character’s fault if Justice ends up becoming a demon, or at least well on his way there. Because he only does if Hawke tries to force Anders to abandon their cause, denying Justice his purpose, which is perfectly in line with what Solas says about spirits vs demons

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reasons u should all play transistor:

- rlly pretty

- great soundtrack

- storyline will make u cry and want to gnaw ur own arm off

- multiple canon gays and at least one canon nb person