Spotlight Series: 5 Times George Takei Inspired Us

1. When he took on his legendary role as Sulu and gave the Asian community a hero. “So many people have told me that for the first time they had someone they could relate to and be proud of when they turned on Star Trek… because they saw an Asian character who was not a stereotype, who was in many ways a hero, who was part of the leadership team…and that made them feel proud.” (YouTube)

2.  When he opened up about growing up on a Japanese internment camp. “Life in prison became routine. We lined up three times a day to eat lousy food, I went with my father to a mass shower, and then I started school. The irony that I still remember is that they taught us the Pledge of Allegiance, and I could see the barbed wire fence and the sentry tower right outside my schoolhouse window as I recited, “…with liberty and justice for all.” (The Daily Beast)

3. When he marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a teenage activist. “I was in a civil rights musical at that time, Fly Blackbird, and I met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and shook his hand. I was involved in activism from my teenage days, then the peace movement during the Vietnam War, then the redress movement for Japanese-Americans.” (The Daily Beast)

4. When he broke his silence on LGBT rights and came out.  “I decided to come out to the press after then-Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation granting marriage equality in California. I was outraged that he would cave to political pressures, but also inspired by the young people I saw demonstrating against his actions.” (The Huffington Post)

5. When he reminded us that inclusiveness is not only better, but healthy too. 

For all the awesome that you are, George Takei we <3 you! 


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