sulphur and oxygen

anonymous asked:

hey can you please say something nice/smart/poetic/whatever about sherlock and chemistry i'll be grateful forever bc you're a chemist right

Hm this is more general than sherlock or johnlock but okay here:

It’s just an organ
Built of long muscle fibres
Composed of one protein
Embraced with the other
How is it possible
That my heart
Seems to sink in my chest every time
I see you with her?

Your teeth are just a bone
Mere calcium
How does it happen
That when I see your smile
Something inside me explodes
Striking me with dumb pain?

What kind of miracle this is
That all neurotransmitters in my brain happen to work
Only for you
When once more you’re my every dream
And every sleepless night

You’re just chemical elements
Carbon oxygen sulphur nitrogen
How is it possible
I seem to exist only for you