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Der Kurpark in Bad Nenndorf, Niedersachsen, Northern Germany. Bad Nenndorf is a small town near Stadthagen and Hannover at the edge of the North German Plain and the Deister mountain region. The village was first recorded in the year 936. It’s a spa town today - the healing powers of its sulphur springs was first recognized in the 1700s. On the initiative of Landgrave Wilhelm IX of Hesse-Kassel, the ‘estate district’ of Nenndorf with bathing installations and spa park, was initiated in 1787. The sulphur springs, which until then had been despised as devil’s excrement on account of their pungent odor, were reckoned among the most powerful in Europe, and could now finally be applied with great success for arthritis, rheumatism, and skin complaints. Soon, Nenndorf was one of the leading German spas. By 1866, it became the Royal Prussian state spa, and financial support from Berlin enabled it to expand further.

It happened...

Reloader grew on me… still no fan of falsetto voice but… I still seem to like the song! damnit… not again!

…and my art has once again made it on their social media, and not in a bulk post on facebook, but this time, it’s on twitter… Shit. Umm, thanks? It seems Puppet Master’s highly advanced digital mind knows everything I’m up to, on every single social media!