Serial killer John George Haigh, also known as the Acid Bath murderer, is pictured above handcuffed to a police officer while being escorted to his murder trial. Haigh was responsible for the deaths of at least 6 people, and gained notoriety by the method of disposal he used for the bodies. He would store his victims remains in a 45 gallon drum. He would then pour sulphuric acid onto the body, dissolving and melting the victim, bones included, into a sludge that was easily disposed of.


Electric Blue Lava Flows From Indonesia’s Deadly Kawah Ijen Volcano

There is a group of volcanoes in Indonesia that spew lava that burns with  brilliant blue flames. Located in East Java, the Ijen volcano complex is a group of stratovolcanoes that are highly composed of sulfur, which when ignited produces a distinct blue-colored flame. At night when one of the active volcanoes of Ijen erupts, red lava flows run down the sulfuric slopes clothed in bright blue flames, resulting to an eerie, otherworldly spectacle. (via When On Earth)


Today the Department of Awesome Natural Wonders takes us to an incredibly hazardous location on the Indonesian island of Java: the Kawah Ijen volcano. Thanks to its sulphur content, this spectacular volcano produces ghostly blue lava and blue flames.

“Kawah Ijen is a part of the Ijen volcano complex – a group of stratovolcanoes in East Java, Indonesia – with an active crater that’s 200 meters deep. The complex is also home to the world’s largest turquoise-colored acidic lake, full of sulfuric acid. The lake is a sulfur mining site; miners carry sulfur-laden baskets by hand from the crater floor.”

Visit Oddity Central to learn more about this noxiously amazing volcano and the people who risk their lives to making a living by working inside it.

Photos by Olivier Grunewald (who had to don a gas mask while shooting, lost two camera lenses during the process, and had to throw away his clothing after the toxic photo shoot).

[via Design Taxi and Oddity Central]

Look at this. I’m at a restaurant and I can’t stop thinking about it. This 6ft4” tall, precious cutie strutting down the street like a young child. Singing to himself. Alone. Like a freaking cutie.

His bag is at such an angle that it clearly shows his jolly walk. The track suit bottoms that don’t reach his cool dude shoes because he’s so freaking tall. Just look at him and admire his adorableness.

I hate him.

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This is the hand of the philosophers with their seven secret signs to which the ancient sages were bound.

  • The Thumb: Just as the thumb powerfully closes the hand, so does saltpetre do in art (alchemy).
  • The Index Finger: Next to saltpetre, vitriol is the strongest salt, it penetrates all metals.
  • The Middle Finger: Sal ammoniac shines through all metals.
  • The Ring or Gold finger: Alum gleams through the metals. It has a wonderful nature and the most subtle Spiritus.
  • The Ear Finger: Common salt is the key to art.
  • The Palm: The fish is Mercury, the fire Sulphur.