Legit food for Transformers:

  • Beryllium baloney
  • Cesium salami
  • Chase chips
  • Chocolate covered oil drums (Galvatron has a weakness for these)
  • Chocolate covered wheel drums
  • Chrome-alloy Cake
  • Chrome-alloy Pie
  • Chromia’s Pizza
  • Cyber-grapefruit
  • Cyber-tomatoes
  • Energon chankonabe (stew)
  • Energon goodies
  • Eneron goodie cake
  • Garbage O’s (Wreck-Gar brand cereal)
  • Lead sulphite crystals
  • Mendu (soup)
  • Oil cake
  • Plutonium pepperoni
  • Servo Salad (Warning: made from real servos. Blitzwing has his with iron filings)
  • Space Carrots
  • Zygotic fermented slime slurpee 


  • Grated Gears
  • Iron filings
  • mercury sauce
It’s also said that dwarfs have two hundred words for rock.
They don’t. They have no words for rock, in the same way that fish have no words for water. They do have words for igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, rock underfoot, rock dropping on your helmet from above, and rock which looked interesting and which they could have sworn they left here yesterday. But what they don’t have is a word meaning “rock.” Show a dwarf a rock and he sees, for example, an inferior piece of crystalline sulphite of barytes.
—  Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett

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221: That feel when your “just messing around” drawing comes out better than most of the stuff you actually try on…

No penciled outline beforehand this time–I just freehanded Hyousuke’s mom, Kazue, with a dip pen. I’m feeling kind of proud of myself over here?

Gosh, they look so alike. Kazue is a free-spirited lady who loves working in her medicinal garden, and listens to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac obsessively.

  • Zebra G titanium-coated dip nib
  • Tachikawa nib holder
  • my inky dilution of Stuart Semple Black 2.0 acrylic
  • Dick Blick White Sulphite drawing paper
Drinking gin could help to ease your hay fever symptoms, study reveals

It’s the time of year where a nice cool beer or an ice cold glass of Chardonnay is exactly what the Doctor ordered on a sweltering evening after work: but not for hay fever sufferers.

Studies have proved that fermented forms of alcohol like wine and beer can actually make symptoms worse, as they contain histamines and sulphites.

But a recent Asthma UK study means that all may not be lost for hay fever sufferers who fancy a boozy post-work tipple.

Research from the national charity has revealed that drinking gin could actually relieve the runny eyes and itchy nose symptoms that many sufferers experience.

Clear alcohol like vodka were found to be particularly helpful because they have low levels of the histamines that can make pollen and grass allergies worse.

Due to its distillation process, gin is even better, because it also has absolutely no sulphites. This means it can be consumed worry-free, as it won’t aggravate the symptoms.

The study found that hay fever sufferers should avoid ordering cured and smoked meats like bacon, salami and tuna when the pollen count is high, as these are usually high in histamine.

As are cheeses like stilton, cheddar, camembert and parmesan.

So next time you head to the pub when your hay fever is driving you to distraction, just make sure you order a G&T.

Although it won’t cure your ailment - it could cause you to forget about it for a while.

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218: Day 12 of the drawing challenge’s prompt was to draw your couple genderbent… ohhh myyyy.

So here’s a lady version of Hajime for you. *cracking up* I imagine she’d be a real ball-breaker. Since Hajime is meticulous in appearance, his female self would probably be more so. Designer underwear, Louboutin heels, thigh high stockings, skirt suits, regular trips to the salon, and tougher than nails–she’d have to be, being a former detective and a veteran.

  • Palomino Forest Choice pencil
  • Dick Blick White Sulphite drawing paper

Today’s prompt is something I can’t do, since I don’t do digital art (it’s supposed to be “draw a screencap,” as if pausing an anime episode..), so I’ll draw genderbent Hyousuke today instead. Energetic tomboy, incoming!

Clostridium perfringens

So the bacteria that I am currently working with is called C.perfringens and is a common soil bacteria that is also found in association with mammals as a commensal and sometimes as a pathogen. There are five serotypes (A-E), each associated with a set of different diseases and target organism which is either a mammal or poultry. C.perfringens is capable of producing up to 16 different toxins, although these are rarely expressed all at once. It is a saprophyte, so decays dead matter - hence most of its toxins are hydrolytic enzymes. The most common diseases caused by C.perfringens is food poisoning and necrotic enteritis (chickens). 

It is also the fastest growing bacteria, with a doubling time of 10 minutes (E.coli’s doubling time is 20 minutes). It is an obligate anaerobe which makes it tricky to grow. I have to essentially streak it out onto TSC agar and then add a second layer of agar on top of that to create a highly anaerobic microenvironment. I also need to leave these microbes in an anaerobic chamber over night to completely remove any possible source of oxygen from their surroundings. 

The final thing I want to mention is the TSC media I use to grow them. This media contains a source of sulphite which C.perfringens is able to reduce which is what causes the bacteria to show up black on these plates. They are one of the few Clostridia that can reduce sulphite, so this media acts as a differential media for C.perfringens. 


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220: Prompt was “draw your couple just hanging out.” I took it as an opportunity to draw more extreme emotions. :P

Lookit these goofy acorns, lol. I imagine Hajime just announced a promotion/career shift for the better.. (story stuff, no spoilers, nyaah). Of course Hyousuke’s excited!

  • Palomino Forest Choice pencil
  • Dick Blick White Sulphite drawing paper