Just a warning for allergy sufferers.   THIS brand of cookies has SULPHITES. 

You won’t think to check the label, cause most cookies don’t use that right? 

It’s in the label, its warned - but nobody thinks to check.  Aruly’s biscuits are awesome, we eat them A LOT. 

I end up in hives.  I get eczema blisters.

It’s my own fault. xD  I AM AN ADDICT OF THESE COOKIES.  I will now cry in my corner. 

Anyways, the reason i can tell it’s causing me hives is that my lemnis fatty cream ONLY works on my eczema.  I’ll go two or three days without an issue asl ong as i don’t over -shower or soap up.  Hives?  Even my hydro cortizone doesn’t love me with those.  I’m on promethazine for ten days in total and it does help. 

Don’t let these fool you into thinking you’ve got ANOTHER allergy, and if you got leftovers - give them to someone who DOESNT have the allergy.

Please NOTE: This isn’t a jab at Aruly or NZ’s Warehouse who stock the cookies.  It’s that i didn’t think to check the label, and i wasn’t aware cookies had sulphites in them.  I’m not dealthy allergic, nothing is their fault.  Just that they make yummy cookies, giant size and they’re so tasty.

Allergy warnings: Sulphite, Milk , Gluten 

(I personally am only lactose intolerant, and sulphite allergic)

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