It’s also said that dwarfs have two hundred words for rock.
They don’t. They have no words for rock, in the same way that fish have no words for water. They do have words for igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, rock underfoot, rock dropping on your helmet from above, and rock which looked interesting and which they could have sworn they left here yesterday. But what they don’t have is a word meaning “rock.” Show a dwarf a rock and he sees, for example, an inferior piece of crystalline sulphite of barytes.
—  Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett

Legit food for Transformers:

  • Beryllium baloney
  • Cesium salami
  • Chase chips
  • Chocolate covered oil drums (Galvatron has a weakness for these)
  • Chocolate covered wheel drums
  • Chrome-alloy Cake
  • Chrome-alloy Pie
  • Chromia’s Pizza
  • Cyber-grapefruit
  • Cyber-tomatoes
  • Energon chankonabe (stew)
  • Energon goodies
  • Eneron goodie cake
  • Garbage O’s (Wreck-Gar brand cereal)
  • Lead sulphite crystals
  • Mendu (soup)
  • Oil cake
  • Plutonium pepperoni
  • Servo Salad (Warning: made from real servos. Blitzwing has his with iron filings)
  • Space Carrots
  • Zygotic fermented slime slurpee 


  • Grated Gears
  • Iron filings
  • mercury sauce