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1. paul wesley

2. dylan bruce

3. jordan gavaris (and tatiana maslany tbh the whole orphan black cast A+ butts) 

those are the only butts coming to mind but here are some people that probably have really nice butts

4. gabriel macht

5. tyler posey (jesse posey has a very nice butt so i’m guessing posey does as well)

6. dylan o'brien (i haven’t paid much attention to his butt tbh but it probably is a good one!!!)

why would u 
season one:

  • my favorite female character - violet harmon because she’s just another misfits and everything goes wrong for her and she’s so precious and i’m
  • my favorite male character - tate langdon don’t question me
  • my favorite book/season/etc - season 1 (season 2 was abit too extreme for me? i’m looking forward to season 3 with taissa farmiga in it though omfg)
  • my favorite episode (if its a tv show) - 1x06 “Piggy Piggy" I MEAN VIOLET’S DEATH AND TATE’S DEATH AND PAIN
  • my favorite cast member - eVAN PETERS HOT DAMN
  • my favorite ship - violate (violet/tate) ouch
  • a character I’d die defending - tate langdon, viven harmon
  • a character I just can’t sympathize with -  larry harvey???? 
  • a character I grew to love - moira and tate 
  • my anti otp - larry/constance??? 

send me a show/movie/book/fandom and i’ll reply with the the above!

sullystapleton-deactivated20140 asked:

6 favorite Martinski moments

i started listing more in the previous ask so i’m just gonna keep going

7. 3x01 when the birds crash into the class and stiles crawls over to lydia to shield her (and also lydia in that scene willingly sat next to him there were other seats)

8. 3x02 when she calls him (she could’ve called other people but she called him i’m jsut)

9. 2X09 WITH THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT THAT APPARENTLY IS BETTER THAN A FLAT SCREEN TV?????? what is it??? i need to know for science??? 

10. 2x12 when she comes to his door and they just say hi kind of staring at each other and stiles is like wanna come in ok and they are both kinda surprised that lydia is there btu it just seems so right i’m embellishing on that last part but it’s ok we’re ok

11. OMG i forgot 2x01 where stiles was literally at the hospital all weekend and that scene with scott he’s like “just find her alright"

12. 2x12 when lydia is crying over jackson and stiles moves to comfort her btu then jackson comes back to life or whatever and stiles cries and  blames it on his jeep being scratched but man that’s what heart break looks like

(13. the plan is definitely still in motion)