“I’m not asking you to forgive me.”

“Good.” Allison speaks too quickly, and she knows. Derek actually flinches across from her, his jaw twitching and his hands curled around the sleeves of his jacket. “You don’t want me to forgive you, Derek. You’d be trying a lot harder than this if you wanted that.”

His head dips in a nod before his eyes meet hers. They’re clear and fierce – not gold or blue or alpha red, but a color that’s green and almost gray. The fact that they’ve never had a quiet moment like this together explains why she’s never noticed. “Maybe,” he says, “but I need you to put it away for right now. Do you understand? We have to work together if we want to stop this.”

He’s right. She knows.

“Then you have me.” Allison wonders if he can hear the nervous rush of her heart. What are you getting into, Allison? Can you even trust him? Or will he just get you killed? “For now.”


watchtower × teen wolf.
dedicated to gabi!

1. paul wesley

2. dylan bruce

3. jordan gavaris (and tatiana maslany tbh the whole orphan black cast A+ butts) 

those are the only butts coming to mind but here are some people that probably have really nice butts

4. gabriel macht

5. tyler posey (jesse posey has a very nice butt so i’m guessing posey does as well)

6. dylan o'brien (i haven’t paid much attention to his butt tbh but it probably is a good one!!!)


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