I said that I’d be doing voicing for some incorrect FEA quotes, and here they are!

All quotes from @incorrectfeaquotes. Special thanks for Mod Sully from the same blog for putting this into video form!

Theoretically by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

Tumblr 1/2/3/4

AO3 1/2/3/4

“What is it with you, anyway?” she demanded, whirling around to face him and feeling annoyance at her sudden exasperation. He looked confused and startled (and hot, Jesus, she forgot sometimes, and she really didn’t blame the girls for fighting over him, literally), so she clarified. “The women, Jones? I didn’t catch it all, but I’m pretty sure part of the fight was because you used your ‘signature move’ on the both of them? Like…. what is it with you?” He laughed, looking rueful as he shrugged his shoulders, but she knew he wasn’t sorry in the slightest.

“What can I say, Swan. I know how to treat a lady.”

Time for an episode of Katie Has Zero Chill About Fanfic.

So I’m sure you’ve all seen/read/flailed about Theoretically. This sexy little gift of wit and spunk. The modern AU I didn’t know I needed my life.

Including this in a round up post just didn’t feel fair to how much I love this, because not to play favourites, but this is totally my favourite.

It’s had me hooked from the very first cheeky little prequel drabble (and it’s follow up). It’s a beauty with spot on characterisation and hot hot h e a t and just go read it OK?

At this point I’m borderline stalking Kristen’s blog for updates. I’m like a small child hero worshipping their older sibling following them around and gazing adoringly at them. It’s not healthy.

I’m hoping this little aesthetic can be offered up to the Muse of Fanfic as some kind of tribute to help the words flow for part 4. I think we can all agree it’s needed in the world, like yesterday.

Roleplay (sam drake x reader)

A/N: This my the very first request i got. Thanks a lot to @missdictatorme  this beautifull idea. I hope it’s good. Aaand, English isn’t my first language.

Words: 815

@missdictatorme :Can you write one with Sam, where he, Nate and Sully are at the Rossi Estate, and the reader is with them to help them out. So Sam is approached by a woman and they start flirting (first Sam likes it, cuz he left out a lot in prison lol), but the woman suddenly says something that Sam doesn’t like, like makes a comment about something without realizing he hurt Sam, and he asks for help through his earpiece, and the reader comes over and pretends she’s his girlfriend, and they get very touchy and flirty in front of the woman, and she becomes emberassed and leaves :D

You’re sitting on a bar chair struggling with the skirt of your red velvet dress thinking the possibility of dying in this place. C’mon now, there’s a high possibility of dying here and with that thought you take another sip from your Johnny Walker and gaze around the hall, Extremely bored. Damn rich people and their stupid taste of music

You catch Sam standing among the crowd. He is close enough for you to see his little scars on his face. He has so many flaws that attracts you to him even more. Even though, it only has been twenty minutes since you met him.

He’s tapping his fingers on table nervously. You can’t help but think about what’s in his mind. You probably have been staring at him longer than you should therefore it startles you a little when Sully speaks next to you,

“You okay, kid?” he has his cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other.

“Yeah. Why…wouldn’t I be?” you ask trying to look away from Sam.

“I don’t know. You’ve been acting like you’ve never been in this bussiness since we got here.”

“Well, I’m alright, Sully. Where is Nate, anyway?” you have no clue where he’s at.

“He’s on his way to electrical panel like we planned. You sure you okay?” of course you’d it all planned. How could you forget? but you only roll your eyes at him, with that you turn your gaze to Sam once again and instead of seeing him alone you see a woman standing next to him.

She is tall and has long light brown hair swept to one side. She is talking with Sam and her narrow green eyes are never leaving his. Damn, she is beautifull. They seem to be in a very interesting conversation however, Sam looks like he’s more interested in her body than the conversation. Who could blame him? He had been in jail for over decade. 

“So, what are you seekin’ tonight?” Sam asks apperently he’s more than happy to have a woman between his claws.

“Nothing specific, maybe a couple of necklace.” she says. Her accent is thick, probably Italian, you think. You hear them through the earpeice.

“I bet there will be good ones but it seems like you’re gonna have a lot of opponents.” Sam says gesturing all the people around them. I wish I didn’t have to be a criminal tonight, he thinks eying her body head to toe. 

“To be honest, I don’t understand why people have such an obsession about these stuff. I’m only here because my father wanted me to. I knew a guy who was obsessed with dead people’s junk like a child crying for candy and it dragged him to his death. Isn’t it stupid?” she said. Oh, she did not say that, you think to yourself. That was  the story of your life. And Sam’s and Nate’s and Sully’s… “Did she really say that?” Nate speaks through the earpiece. 

“I think so.” Sully says near you, ordering a new glass of whiskey.

“Right.” Sam says with a disappointed laugh. It’s obvious that he’s annoyed by her remark. All of her charm disappeared suddenly. 

“I pity them.” she says. Jesus, she needs to stop right now! 

Only this time, Sam doesn’t reply to her, instead, “A little help here.” he whispers through the earpiece. 

   “I got this.” you say before Sully could react. 

You walk pass people and finally reach Sam and woman who have been quiet for a couple of minutes. You stand by Sam and put your one hand on his shoulder. “Hey, babe.” you give him a warm smile  “You seemed bored here so I came.” you say leaning closer to him. He surprises by your action but rolls with it. “Well… I was till you got here.” he says and slowly puts his hand down on your waist. When you think it’s the time you look at the woman standing in front of you two, you say,

“Do I know you?” 

“I don’t think so. Beatrice.” she says slightly irritated. “(Y/N)” you say shaking her hand hard enough to annoy her even more.

 After the meeting session you look up to see Sam’s impression, he looks impressed. 

“Maybe I’ll get you a nice necklace, ha?” he says refering to what the woman said earlier. “That would be nice.” you say and wink at him. 

“I need to go now.” Beatrice says before sprints from you, her face is red as she ashamed badly. 

You both laugh hard once you make sure that she’s far enough not to hear you. 

“Woman, you are the vixen.” Sam says. He’s still keeping his hand on your waist.

“But it helped, right?”

“Yeah, thanks.” he says pulling you closer to him.That was nice to play his girlfriend. You could only wish it was real.  


Another Grim Repo short! This time Sonny and Bently sully a witch’s Dim Sum. Will they make it out alright?? Yeah, more or less… Sporting some fancy awesome puppets made my pal @travale!

This short is also part of my entry into Startoon,  an open pitch competition for Canadian animators. If you liked this short, come clap for it at this address,

Thanks as always for tuning in! Happy Monday!

For the 14th season premiere of her daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres is going big; across the first five episodes of the season, which begins Tuesday, Sept. 6, DeGeneres welcomes #ChanningTatum, #BritneySpears, #SimoneBiles, #LeBronJames, First Lady #MichelleObama, and many more.

On the season 14 premiere, Tatum is set to reveal an exclusive performance from his Las Vegas show, Magic Mike Live, while Biles, an Olympic gold medalist, joins DeGeneres for her first solo interview since the conclusion of the 2016 Summer Games in #Rio. Later in the week, Biles’ gymnastics teammate, #AlyRaisman, and her parents (whose Olympic reaction shots became a viral sensation) will sit down for an interview with DeGeneres, as will James, an #NBA superstar and part-time actor (Trainwreck).

Subsequent episodes will feature DeGeneres taking Britney Spears to the mall to do a little shopping as well as interviews with #EddieMurphy (Mr. Church), #Tom Hanks (Sully), and #DJKhaled.

One week after the #Ellen season premiere, DeGeneres will be joined by Michelle Obama, who will co-host an entire episode for the first time. According to a press release, this episode will be packed with guest appearances and cameos, including an interview with Golden State Warriors basketball sensation #StephenCurry and a performance by #Usher

(#EW 📝)
#ellenpremiere #ellendegeneres

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          colours. there are colours everywhere, filling his eyes and making his heart beat faster. the skate park is one of his regular haunts, something comforting about it, especially at night when sleep avoids his company. it’s, “beautiful,” and he doesn’t realise he says it out loud, his rasp of a voice dropping bluntly into the air around him. his skateboard is gently held in place beneath his foot and his gaze tears away to fall on one of the baskets they’re handing out chalk in. he swallows thickly. he wants to. he really does, and art is his thing, and yet he still feels incapable somehow, just as he does in all social situations. like somehow even doing the thing he loves in a place he feels safe in, he’s going to stand out starkly, ruin the atmosphere somehow. he feels like in a sea of colours and people who shine brightly, nova sullies the harmony of hues, a lone grey causing discord. out of place and out of depth. 

Sadie: Okay, guys, listen up. We didn’t tell you sooner because we weren’t sure if it’d go ahead and we didn’t want to confuse you, but… we’re adopting a little girl. She’s only just been born, and she’s arriving tomorrow.

Selma: Will she get here whilst we’re at school?

Scot: Yes. When you come home, she’ll be here.

Silas: What’s her name?

Sadie: She doesn’t have one yet - her birth mum wanted her to choose it.

Scot: And we are open to suggestions, but your mother and I will have final say on names - I haven’t forgotten your name suggestions for the little twins, big twins.

Sal: I still think Salvatorah was a perfectly sensible suggestion!

Selma: But you’re Salvatore! We couldn’t be Salvatore and Salvatorah!

Sully: And I stand by Shadoe!

Sadie: Yeah, on second thoughs, boys, I don’t think we want to ask you for name suggestions…

Silas: So are her parents dead, or something?

Scot: All we know is her birth mum loves her very much, but doesn’t feel she can look after her.

Selma: So she doesn’t want her? Who wouldn’t want a baby?!

Sadie: She does want her. She wants her so much it feels like her heart will break, but she also knows she can’t give her the life she deserves, so she’s made the very hard decision to give her up for adoption so she can come to other people who will love her - us - but who can also look after her and give her a great life. This baby’s birth mum has done a very hard but very brave thing, and I won’t hear a bad word said against her, understood?

Scot: Any more questions? No? Okay. Sal - can you feed the dog, please?

Scot: So, how’re you feeling about this new baby?

Sully: *shrugs* It’s cool, whatever. Sal and I are doing alright in school, so we’ll have time to help out some. Provided I’ve still got time to snog my girlfriend, I’m cool.

Sadie: Evangeline, have you got any questions to ask about the new baby?

Evangeline: What’s ‘adopting’ mean?

Sadie: It means we’re going to become this baby’s mummy and daddy, even though she didn’t come out of my tummy.

Evangeline: Did you adopting me?

Sadie: Yes, we adopted you.

Evangeline: What about Sal and Sully and Selma and Si?

Sadie: No, they came out of my tummy.

Evangeline: How did they get in your tummy?

Sadie: … I think perhaps that’s a conversation we need to leave until you’re a little bigger…

Evangeline: Okay, so who’s tummy did the new baby come out of?

Sadie: Well, we don’t know her name-

Evangeline: But you called her something.

Sadie: Yes, we said she’s her birth mum - she’s the mum who’s tummy she came out of.

Evangeline: So do I have a birth mum?

Sadie: Yes, that’s Mummy Jo - you’ve seen her pictures in your book.

Evangeline: And what about Mummy Rachel? Is she my birth mummy too…? But I can’t come out of two tummies!

Sadie: No, she was your foster mummy. You lived at her house before you came here.

Evangeline: And now you’re my mummy!

Sadie: Yes, and I’m going to be your mummy forever and always.

Evangline: And when it snows and is winter.

Sadie: And when it snows and is winter. I’ll be your mummy when it snows and is winter, and forever and always.

Evangeline: How long will you be the baby’s mummy for? Until it snows? Until she’s a big girl and goes to school like me?

Sadie: Yes, until it snows and longer. Until she goes to school, and longer. I will be your mummy and her mummy forever and always.

Evangline: Does she have a book like my book?

Sadie: I don’t know - maybe we’ll have to make her one. Do you have any ideas what name we should give her?

Evangeline: It should be a ‘E’ name - like mine. Because you’re all Scot and Sadie and Sal and Sully and Selma and Silas and you’re all ‘S’ names, so she should be a ‘E’ name like me.

Sadie: I think that’s a very good idea. And will you be her special big sister and help look after her and love her lots and lots-

Evangeline: And teach her to be big? Yes! Because everyone else is twins and me and her are not twins.

Sadie: I’m sure you’ll be a great big sister. Are you ready for bed yet? Shall I come and read you a bedtime story?

Evangeline: Yes please, Mummy!