Girlfriend Sulli

imo, she’s the type of girl to put her all into a relationship. so much so that she may loose herself :/ she wants nothing more than to make her s/o happy so if that person is toxic and a bad influence, she will stay with them out of love and make up excuses for all their bad actions. I hope you genuinely love and care for Sulli. she deserves someone who can appreciate her warm heart and the effort she will put into the relationship

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If you’re smaller than her, she’ll love hugging you and resting her chin on your head. With you wrapped in her arms, it makes her feel like she can protect you from the evils of the world. From the closeness, you get to smell her floral perfume and sweet shampoo. She always smells good so those hugs are so relaxing. You find it hard to fall asleep unless you’re in her arms.

Although if you’re taller than her, she’ll be impressed. Taller girls don’t usually get to feel smol and fluffy standing next to someone. So having a tall s/o be able to rest their chin on her head makes her heart flutter.

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Loves to cook for you. Would gladly spend hours in the kitchen after a difficult schedule, making you your favourite things to eat. She loves watching you eat happily and feel nourished.

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As someone so friendly and warm, she makes friends wherever she goes. And her beauty, coupled with her personality, could make you jealous as she unwittingly has people falling for her left, right and centre. There’s nothing to worry about though. Sulli is fully committed and nothing will ever change that. Regardless of what rumours the media spreads or what that person wanting her attention offers her, she would still pick you in a heartbeat.

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Often prefers to wear your clothes, particularly anything baggy. Your scent relaxes her and she feels so loved in your comfy, baggy clothes. She’d much rather those than tight, restrictive dresses and heels. Oh and if you bring her ice cream then even better. She’ll know it’s true love ;D

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You like rewatching the dramas she’s appeared in to tease her. Or taking pics of her advertisements on billboards or shop windows to send to her like ‘Wow, this woman looks so familiar. Wonder if she’s single? ;)’

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Her smile honestly saves lives. Whenever you’re down or have had a bad day, her bright personality and beautiful smile always pick you back up. Sulli can’t stand to see you frown so she tries to always keep you happy. Which isn’t possible, there will be days when you’re down and she stupidly blames herself :/ She feels like a bad gf those days so you need to reassure her that’s she wonderful. That even her pure smile can’t make all the bad things in the world go away.

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Sulli is such a warm, caring gf. She always puts you first, even times when she shouldn’t (like if she’s sick). She does this because you mean the whole world to her. She may seem like a clingy gf but that’s only out of concern, as she’s always checking up on you. She remembers everything you tell her, even something silly like running out of lip balm. And she would damn well trek through rain and snow to get one for you. That’s the type of woman she is.

You come first, always. This is why she can sometimes loose herself in a relationship. You need to remind her to think of herself sometimes. This mutual love and care is what makes the love last. Nothing in the world could break this love apart.

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also did everyone else notice that wishverse henry was wearing the charming fur lined cape so like let’s have henry and gramps in matching fabulous fur-lined velvet capes

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Bring back the Charming S3 floofy hair while we’re at it.

We can just make this Ann’s Wishverse.

if sm fucks up f(x) more than he already has, i will never forgive him. he will be known as the most unappreciative company there is. these girls have given you nearly 8 years of their lives as a group, much more was given pre-debut, and you can’t even have the decency to treat them with respect. they’re only younger than snsd by two years, and you can’t even treat them remotely the same? we wait years to get what other groups get within their first year of debut. we support our girls through thick and thin and during their solo activities, meus bleed with f(x) and cry with f(x) because we love them, and if you fuck this up sm, if you disband f(x) or hurt them in anyway, nobody will ever forgive you for fucking up one of the best things this world has been given. nobody.