•• Sausage Party ((2016))

•• Sully ((2016))

•• Bridget Jones’s Baby ((2016))

•• Me Before You ((2016))

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 My thoughts on The Last of Us Part II Trailer
So I’ve been seeing the Joel is dead/hallucination theory popping up a lot and I felt like sharing my 2 cents (I do see where those theorists are coming from).
Personally I don’t think Joel is dead. In fact I’m pretty convinced the scene shown in the trailer isn’t an actual scene in the game!
Why do I think this?
Because Naughty Dog have a history of deceptive trailers and also straight up lying to press to keep their stories secret (like when they said that Ellie was never going to be playable).
Remember the very first trailer ever shown of The Last of Us? That scene was never in the game.

It was a simple teaser establishing the characters, the world and the story tone.
The did the exact same thing with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Again this scene is not in the game nor is the conversation between Nathan and Sully that is heard during it. But it established the tone the game was going for.
And then there was this trailer.

While yes there is a scene in the game in this location, what is actually shown here doesn’t happen. But it did strongly suggest the possibility that Nathan was going to die. Hell even the last two Uncharted games had deceptive titles, “Drake’s Deception” made us think Nathan was up to something that hurt his friends when it actually referred Sir Francis Drake. “A Thief’s End” inferred that Nathan was going to die when it actually referred to Henry Avery’s demise.

Which brings me back to this trailer. I do agree, there is a dreamlike quality to it, with dead bodies throughout the house, Ellie playing guitar with blood running down her face, Joel walking in from a white light.
But listen to the lyrics she’s singing. They’re expressing and teasing the themes that this game is going to explore and how much this Ellie is different from the one in the first game “I can’t walk along the path of the right, because I’m wrong”.
If this scene isn’t actually in the game, like I strongly suspect it isn’t, that’s what lends to that dreamlike quality that it has. Like the original games debut trailer it’s hinting at the themes and tone of this game, which is hatred.
Also Neil Druckmann said that The Last of Us is about Ellie and Joel, not the world, the infected, other characters, it’s about the two of them. It’s possible he’s lying but I do sense sincerity in that statement.

Cyrano de Bergerac: Cyrano [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING BY: mysterylover123

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Cyrano is driven by his passion, his inner feelings, the things and people he cares for the most. He acts on his principles and fights for what he believes to be true, regardless of social acceptance. He’s introduced ruining a stage performance because the lead actor has sullied his beloved’s honor, and for him, honor comes before reason or social decorum. He’s sensitive to the drop of a hat, willing to fly into a violent range over perceived insults, particularly to his nose. However, despite his passionate feelings, the ones that affect him the most are the hardest for him to articulate - ie, he will never tell Roxanne that he loves her to her face, because if she were to laugh it would crush him.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): He’s quick to leap on an opportunity, seize the moment, or take advantage of any new situation. Cyrano is an active soldier as well as a poet, who lives for thrills and excitement in battle. He’s very dextrous and quick on his feet, actively composing a poem while fighting a duel to match his surroundings. He can be impulsive and often gets into fights just as much for his love of dueling as for his emotional or honorable needs. He’s quick to come up with reasons for what he does that better suit his image. He’s very sensitive to appearances, and fears that his appearance will only disgust Roxanne.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): He’s wildly imaginative and creative with his poetry and wordplay, often finding beautiful and original metaphors to describe his passion that elude others. He has very fixed images in his mind for how things are going to play out, and often acts on those ideas. He’s so convinced of what the outcome will be between him and Roxane that he refuses to take the risk by trying. He usually responds to gut feelings about how things will play out, rather than clear facts.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): He’s the commander of a military garrison and uses tactic, strategy and order to keep them in line and win battles. His tongue is often sharp and acidic, as many of his funniest witticisms come from harsh criticisms of the people around him. He is painfully conscious of the objective facts of his situation, but doesn’t spend much time analyzing them, or dealing with logical information, instead preferring to act on his heart.

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Can u make a list of movies who have leaked so far?

not sure how recent you want these movies to be + some of these are not even leaks due to digital release but oh well + i bolded my favorites

- the accountant
- after the storm (no subtiles)
- always shine
- aquarius (no subtitles)
- creepy
- dog eat dog
- elle
- the eyes of my mother
- girl asleep
- inferno
- little men
- loving
- the lure
- magnificent seven
- morgan
- the red turtle
- shangri la suite
- shin godzilla
- slack bay (no subtitles)
- spa night
- southside with you
- storks
- sully
- things to come
- white girl
- yourself and yours (no subtitles)

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Last movie you watched: Sully
Last song you listened to:  ZICO’s  I am you, You are me
Last show you watched: Cesur ve Güzel
Last book you read: A thousand splendid suns
Last thing you ate: Dried meat
If you could be anywhere right now where would you be: Morocco
When would you time travel to: A time where nuclear weapons doesn’t exist 
First thing you’d do with lottery money: Buy a house 
Character you would hang out with for the day: Hmmm not sure
Time right now: 5:13 AM

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ah that's completely fine, we can totally talk about anything else!! just because i'm curious (and a huge reader myself) what are your favourite books or what are you currently reading? also i've got an idea for your gift, which im very excited by so i hope you'll like it <33 -- csss xx

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yeay gifts!

as for books, I have to be honest, since I got active in this fandom I haven’t done anything more than reading fics.. and Blackmoore, which @this-too-too-sullied-flesh convinced me to read and she was SO right because HENRY DELAFIELD is just the best thing ever. 

That being said, I’m a sucker for a good ol’ policial. Which I think it translates to crime novels? I simply love the genre so much, the whole lead protagonist series solving crimes and misteries is just my jam. From that, my favorites are

Salvo Montalbano series, by Andrea Camilleri. Just omg, there southern Italy, he’s a police captain in his 40s, 50s and it’s just perfect. The secondary characters are the most delightful thing ever. From the manwhore second in command to the wonderful Catare, and the loyal Fazio. Just perfect

Kurt Wallander series, by Henning Mankell. Yeah, Wallander is like Montalbano without the Italian edge. These are great, incredible tales and Mankell is just so god damn good.

Millenium series, by Stieg Larsson. ok, first, I am not ok that Larsson died before he could give us a gazillion more books. Second, Lisbeth Salander. Lisbeth fucking Salander has got to be one of the best literary characters ever written in history and she’s the actual queen of badassTM. She is.

I’m a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes too and also a few argentinean authors that kick ass in his genre. 

Pablo de Santis: his best work imho is Filosofia y Letras, but that is probably not translated to English. I wholeheartedly recommend The Paris Enigma. That is a great book.

Guillermo Martinez: The Oxford Murders (Crimenes Imperceptibles) was made into a movie, but the book is worth the read. 

Federico Andahazi: He’s more knows for The Anatomist (a tale on the discovery of certain female center of pleasure/anatomy piece that is very present in CS smut fanfiction and that Killian Jones seems very fond of) and his novels are very heavy in erotica, but my favorite of his is El secreto de los flamencos, which is a crime novel set up in the XVI century and revolving aroun the search for the pure color. so he mixes art with crime novel and I can’t even. 

My fav book thought is, and forever will be, The Three Musketeers by my favorite plot master, Alexandre Dumas.