RWBY Original Character 21

Name: Ventus Gaia

Origin and Influence: Ventus is Latin for “wind” which is normally colored green in several forms of media; Gaia means “Earth”

Age: 5 years younger than his older brother, Terracotta Gaia

Symbol: A tornado with a wing emerging from the side

Species: Peregrine Falcon Faunus

Appearance: 5′11″ with lightly tanned skin, a lean build, sky blue eyes, and windswept spiky blonde hair; his Faunus trait is that he has falcon talons instead of regular human feet, which tend to have him walk around barefoot most of the time; Ven’s normal attire consists of a pair of aviator goggles (normally resting on his forehead or around his neck whenever he isn’t using his Semblance), brown cargo pants, black and silver fingerless gloves, a black t-shirt, and a bomber jacket with his emblem on armored shoulders

Personality: A cheerful and energetic person, Ventus tends to act like a child from time to time and loves to have fun; he enjoys traveling around Remnant as a Huntsman and helping others when he encounters them; similar to Yang, Ven is a thrill seeker who enjoys the rush of combat and adventure, but he also loves the feeling of helping those in need; Ven is a social person and gets along with almost anyone he meets, which gives him a good system of information when he needs help on a job; he is a loyal and brave fighter who never leaves his allies behind, even volunteering to act as a decoy while others perform rescues; one of his downsides is that he tends to rush in without a plan and makes up a strategy on the fly, which tends to backfire on him as much as it helps him out; Ven is also extremely helpless around pretty girls such as the Celeste Sisters and Ivy Dahlia Holstein, freezing up whenever he’s alone with them and acts like a stuttering fool that some girls find endearing about him

Backstory: Growing up as a street urchin, Ven always had to scrounge what he could get to survive or even get his next meal. This all changed when Terracotta found him digging through the trash one day when they were younger and the Bull Faunus took Ven to his family. When the Gaia’s learned of Ven’s situation, they went ahead and took care of him with fresh meals, clean clothes, and a warm bed to sleep in. As Ven and his new foster family continued to live peacefully, Terra and Ven dreamed of becoming Huntsmen to help Remnant. That dream eventually became a reality when Terracotta graduated from Beacon Academy in Vale while Ventus ended up attending Shade Academy in Vacuo. After Terracotta got married to Ivy and started a family, Ven supported them whenever Terra couldn’t go on missions and helped look after Azalea.

Weapon: Ventus uses a falcon-styled combat knife with Wind Dust in a reverse grip for a quick and effective weapon for short to mid-range combat; he also wears greaves that are similar to Mercury Black’s boots for longer range attacks using bullets when he kicks

Aura and Semblance: Ven’s Semblance allows him to fly up to supersonic speeds without any ill effects on himself or anything/anyone he’s carrying during flight; because of the risk of his Semblance, Ventus has trained himself and his Aura to endure crashes at high speeds; Ven’s Aura is also a light green in color

Fighting Style: Ven uses his skills with a knife and his Semblance to attack most foes with a hit and run strategy that is highly effective on several types of Grimm; when going against tougher opponents who can shake off his knife slashes, Ventus goes with a close combat style similar to Mercury Black by using a variety of kicks and redirecting melee attacks; with this kick-based fighting style, Ven uses his talons to great effect by slashing and grabbing at foes with his feet; one of the main weaknesses with Ven’s combat style is his defenses are weak against direct strikes to him, which makes Ventus a Glass Cannon

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Here’s my newest RWBY Original Character, Ventus Gaia! Hope you like him and what I’ve got for him. I started brainstorming more details about him when I saw that they had winged Faunus in RWBY Volume 5. I wanted to give him wings at first, but talons seemed like a cool natural weapon for a bird Faunus to have. So, I added onto that and got Ventus Gaia in detail like this.

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