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Come Away With Me (1/1)

Summary: Emma feels trapped in her role as princess and yearns for a life of freedom and adventure. A certain pirate offers her everything she’s ever wanted and more. On AO3.
Rating: M (mentions of sex but no actual smut, could probably be rated T but this is just in case)
Word Count: ~5100

Emma managed to escape the chaos of the ball while Grumpy and Sneezy caused a scene, loudly arguing over something petty, no doubt, and putting a damper on the otherwise festive atmosphere. She’d never been more grateful for her honorary uncles’ ill-tempered manners.

Her formal attire was beyond uncomfortable. No matter how many times she’d told her dressmaker to use soft, delicate materials like silk or velvet, the woman seemed to have her heart set on whatever new and exotic and stylish fabrics she could find. (Oftentimes, this backfired, leaving Emma with red rashes from chafing. But luckily, trends tended to be set by royalty so Emma had the benefit of seeing the rest of the court in gowns just as uncomfortable.) The lacy edges itched her skin, the corset was laced a bit on the tight side, and the beaded necklace she wore kept catching on the baby fine hairs on the back of her neck. It was dreadful.

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Making Connections - Part One

Character(s): Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sully

Warning: Mention of parent death

Word Count: 1,074


   Though she’s too young to truly understand death, the eight-year-old knows that Mama isn’t coming back. A week after she, her father, and her uncle gave the woman a hunter’s funeral, the girl still isn’t communicating much beyond single word answers and shoulder shrugs.

   Despite Sam’s best efforts, his daughter refuses to brighten even the slightest bit. She hasn’t smiled for a week, and when she isn’t holed up in her room, she’s arranging her dolls and dressing them in the outfits her mother made for them. She won’t say anything to anyone, and that’s what worries Sam. Before, she used to be bubbly and playful and excited for everything, and now Sam hopes that part of her didn’t die with her mother.

   “Your uncle made dinner.” He comes into her room and sits next to her on the bed. “Are you gonna come eat with us?”

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The Stork (Sam x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Just some simple & short fluff! Based on an anon request for a fic of Sam and Reader explaining to Cassie that they don’t want children. s/o to @uncharted-hoe​ bc I reference Great British Bake Off in this and she has me obsessed with that show (Candice n Selasi yaass). Enjoy! xx

Word Count: 2,240


It’s Cassie’s fourth birthday, and you and Sam are running late.

“Step on it!” you tell him, hitting his shoulder playfully as he only just makes it through that yellow light. The two of you had been bantering back and forth the entire car ride. There’s a strict no banter rule when it comes to you and Sam in the Drake household that had been in place ever since Cassie was born due to the fact that more often than not it devolved into lewd humour laced with explicit language. Typical.

That being the case, you’d decided to get as much of it out in the car as possible.

“Me skull and crossbones aren’t the only things I plan on raisin’ tonight!” Sam exclaims, drumming his hands on the wheel half to the beat of some 80s rock song on the radio and half in delight at the copious amounts of pirate pick-up lines he had stashed away.

“Oh, god,” you groan, leaning your head back against the headrest dramatically.

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Daddy’s Girl. Part 1 - Sam Drake x Reader

Hello, there!!
 First of all, Nony…thank you very much. Messages like yours make my day because being so hard on myself as I am,  it makes me happy when people like something I create.
 So I really liked your idea but I can’t write it all at once so I’ve decided to split it into chapters :) This is the first one and I hope you enjoy it :)
The title is so cliche but I love the double meaning in it :DDD

Title: Daddy’s Girl. Part 1
Words: 996
Warning: None for now but I might write some smut for the first time later on but I’ll let you know. It won’t be anything hardcore hahaha :) Again, English isn’t my first language.

The week had been really difficult for you, you had had so many manuscript to translate and so much research to do that if you saw another ancient thing in front of you, you’d probably go crazy.

You drove to your house slowly as you listened to music, you loved the way back home because you knew the day was over and you could finally relax.

Your cellphone was ringing inside your bag and you reached for it trying not to take your eyes off the road for too long, you took the device and you saw a missed call. It was your father.

After months of complete silence, the old man was now calling you and it was beyond you why he would be calling so late. You would call him once you got home.

You two had a very good relationship even though you had found him only a few years earlier after years looking for your father and at the time he had no idea of how to deal with the fact that he had a daughter, but now things were good between you two.

A few minutes later you were home, the lights were on and you didn’t remember leaving them like that but it was really common for you to forget about stuff, being such a distracted person as you were.

You opened the door slowly and you entered your house, leaving the keys on the entrance table and your shoes and bag on the floor next to the door.

When you turned you were face to face with a stranger, you grabbed the first thing you could find, an umbrella, and you pointed it at him.

“Who are you? What are you doing at my house?” You asked, your heart beating so fast you could feel it in your chest

“Hey Sully, I think your daughter is home” The man shouted as he watched you, he looked amused

You saw your father coming towards you and you felt less nervous but you still had the umbrella in your hand just in case.

“Lower that thing, kid…you’ll poke someone’s eye with it” Your father said

“What’s going on?” You asked as you threw the umbrella aside and hugged your dad “I thought I was being robbed or something”

“If you had answered my call, you’d know” Sully said

“How did you get in anyways?” You asked

“A locked door never stopped us” the other man answered

You looked at him properly now, he was very tall and intimidating, his V neck was a bit tight on his arms and chest and you could see his muscles but you tried not to stare at his body as he was watching you as well. He had a tattoo on his neck and when your eyes met he gave you a smile. He was really good looking but you tried not to think about that right now, there were more important things.

“I’m Sam, by the way” He said

“I’m (Y/N)” You answered as you shook his hand

You hold his gaze and you couldn’t look away until Sully hit Sam on the back of his head.

“What was this about?” Sam looked at Sully

“She’s my daughter, don’t even think about it” Sully said

Sam didn’t say anything, he just smiled and looked at you again with a smirk on his face.

“So, what brings you here?” You asked your dad “I haven’t heard anything from you in months”

“I had this job to do with Nathan” Sully answered as he walked towards the dinning table

“I thought he wasn’t in the business anymore” You said

“Well, he wasn’t…it’s a long story, kid”

You approached the dinning table where you could see papers and maps covering it.

“Something tells me this isn’t just a regular visit” You got some of the papers and examined them

“I need your help with something” Sully started “We found some manuscripts and we need your help to understand them. Since you’re a historian I thought you might know something about these”

You looked at the papers and there was a lot to read, it was written in Spanish and some of the papers contained notes in Portuguese. It was full of symbols you remembered seeing before but you could understand only parts of everything that was written and drawn.

“This is Mayan” You finally said “I’ve seen these symbols a couple of times at the university when one of the professors brought some artifacts from Guatemala. Where did you get these?”

“It’s another long story but do you think you can help me with them?” Sully asked

“Yeah, of course. But I need some time though, it’s not easy and I also have stuff at work” you continued “But you can stay here for as long as you need to, I have an extra bedroom and one of you can sleep on the couch, it’s really comfortable”

“We can stay at a hotel, I don’t want to be in your way, kid” Sully said

“Dad, you won’t bother me and besides, I guess we need this time together”

You looked at Sam again and he was leaning against the table with his arms folded, he was still watching you and you wanted to know what was so interesting about you.

“Alright” Sully finally said “We are staying, but the bedroom is mine”

“Fine by me, nothing can be worse than a Panamanian cell anyways” Sam answered

Once they were settled, you went back to your bedroom and finally lay on your bed.
You were happy to have your father close to you, you two really needed some quality time together and there was no better way to do that than working with him.
 And there was also that Sam guy, there was something about him and as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you were looking forward to getting to know him.

chubbyweebqueen  asked:

So, Kellam for that ask thing? And please none of the shitty "Oh where did he go?" or "who's Kellam?" memes

Aww nah don’t worry, I don’t do any of that. It actually made me kinda sad that he was always so ignored and forgotten by everyone even though that was the point of his character, apparently (it’s supposed to be funny but idk, it always kinda made me sad) I always tried to pair him with someone cause he deserves love!! Kellam is very, very sweet, and a character who’s incredibly underrated and overlooked by the fandom (the irony, sigh).

As a unit, he whoops some ass!! Isn’t he like.. kind of the only knight in the game?? I think there’s Sully’s daughter but like he’s the only one in the game you get early on who starts in that class (idk it’s been awhile since I’ve played). Knights/Generals are so good too!! I usually used Kellam pretty far up in the game, though sometimes I would bench him to try out other characters but overall if you’re playing through for the first time, highly recommend him cause you’re gonna need a knight in your army. Anyways Kellam needs more love. Aaaaa imagine a Kellam in Heroes!!!! That would be so great!


Sulli smiles and rolls onto Daisy’s side. I watch Dais wrap her arms around our older daughter, Sulli lifts her head up and brushed her nose to Daisy’s in a hello.

All my girls.

This is my family. And I swear to you- there’s no shortage of love in this room. Greater and stronger than anything I experienced growing up, and I just think, this is my life. This is my fucking life- and I’m not alone.

I’ve loved every moment. Especially all the ones with them.


Sully: Oh, this is bad.
Ms. Berman: Maybe we let her get too carried away. I don’t know. I mean…
Ms. Berman: An imaginary friend named Sparkle. What’s cuter than that?
Sully: Ugh!
Ms. Berman: I’m sorry. I’m being as dramatic as my daughter now.
Sully: Um, it’s on her face. Sam, it’s on her face!
Ms. Berman: Just tell me…

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