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Sakamaki brothers' bromance headcanons? They live together, so they must get along somehow and so they must have some brohood stuff with eachother (they won't probably admit it tho). Thanks :]

  • Sometimes Shuu lends Laito his music notes so he can play the pieces on the piano.
  • Reiji cooks dinner once a month and organizes a dinner party.
  • Once Kanato was short on sweets, and Laito gave him three of his macarons. He said he wouldn’t take anything from his sullied hands. but eventually accepted them because he was sugar deprived.
  • When Teddy is torn, usually Reiji’s the one to sew him up.
  • Ayato likes to prank the others together with Laito. They always get caught.
  • Subaru once admitted to liking Kanato’s singing voice when Ayato said he sounds like a dying cat, upsetting him.
  • When they were younger, Laito once accompanied Shuu when he played the violin on one of the big balls in the Demon Realm.
  • Reiji often brews aphrodisiacs for Laito.
  • Subaru and Shuu go through the garden for a walk together from time to time just so they can escape the loudness of their brothers.
  • The bow on Laito’s trilby - Kanato’s doing.
  • Reiji had forbid Ayato to give anything to Subaru for him to eat, knowing full well that Ayato may abuse the fact Subaru’s tastebuds don’t function normally, and make him eat something disgusting without even knowing.
  • Ayato takes down things from the highest shelfs that Kanato cannot reach himself for him on daily basis.
  • Reiji doesn’t throw Subaru in the dungeon nearly half the time you would’ve expected him to. 
  • Laito teaches Ayato French so he can pick up girls.
  • Kanato once had to buy a present for Subaru. He gave him a sheath for his knife.
  • Ayato and Subaru have secretly united, and discuss how they are against the usage of beds for sleeping purposes.

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Oscar nom predictions?

*friendly reminder of my overall opinions on award season* 

so anyway, here goes nothing… (all categories ranked by likelihood for nomination)


  1. la la land
  2. moonlight
  3. manchester by the sea
  4. hell or high water
  5. arrival
  6. hacksaw ridge
  7. hidden figures
  8. lion
  9. fences
  10. deadpool

potential noms: jackieloving, nocturnal animalssilence, and sully


  1. damien chazelle, la la land
  2. barry jenkins, moonlight
  3. kenneth lonergan, manchester by the sea
  4. denis villeneuve, arrival
  5. david mackenzie, hell or high water

potential noms: garth davis (lion)tom ford (nocturnal animals), m*l g*bson (hacksaw ridge), pablo larraín (jackie), martin scorsese (silence), and denzel washington (fences)


  1. casey affleck, manchester by the sea
  2. ryan gosling, la la land
  3. denzel washington, fences
  4. andrew garfield, hacksaw ridge
  5. viggo mortensen (captain fantastic)

potential noms: tom hanks (sully), joel edgerton (loving), and ryan reynolds (deadpool)


  1. emma stone, la la land
  2. natalie portman, jackie
  3. isabelle hubbert, elle
  4. amy adams, arrival
  5. meryl streep, florence foster jenkins

potential noms: annette bening (20th century women), emily blunt (the girl on the train), ruth negga (loving), and taraji p. henson (hidden figures)

supp actor

  1. mahershala ali, moonlight
  2. jeff bridges, hell or high water
  3. dev patel, lion
  4. aaron taylor-johnson, nocturnal animals
  5. lucas hedges, manchester by the sea

potential noms: hugh grant (florence foster jenkins), kevin costner (hidden figures), ben foster (hell or high water), and issei ogata (silence)

supp actress

  1. viola davis, fences
  2. michelle williams, manchester by the sea
  3. naomie harris, moonlight
  4. nicole kidman, lion
  5. octavia spencer, hidden figures

potential noms: greta gerwig (20th century women), janelle monae (hidden figures), and felicity jones (a monster calls)

original screenplay

  1. manchester by the sea
  2. la la land
  3. hell or high water
  4. 20th century women
  5. the lobster

potential noms: captain fantasticloving, jackie, and patriot’s day

adapted screenplay

  1. moonlight
  2. arrival
  3. hidden figures
  4. nocturnal animals
  5. deadpool

potential noms: fences, lion, hacksaw ridge, and silence

documentary feature

  1. o.j.: made in america
  2. i am not your negro
  3. cameraperson
  4. the eagle huntress
  5. weiner

potential noms: 13th, the ivory game, and fire at sea

animated feature

  1. zootopia
  2. kubo and the two strings
  3. moana
  4. the red turtle
  5. finding dory

potential noms: sing, my life as a zucchini, and the secret life of pets

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Honestly thank you for bringing up mentally ill Elena? The fact that they never showed it really bugged me as well. But her and Nate needing each other's support for the same reasons tho? They protect each other during the night. They make grounding boxes for each other (I used to use one for PTSD). 'Mango' is their normal safe word but 'pineapple' is their 'I need to get out of here asap' code. They can spend hours crying together. They've 2am called Sully to make sure he's okay at some point.

I’m SUPER interested in how she dealt with Nepal and recovering and just getting back to normal with her life after that. Nate’s got a lot of issues too, and although it’s never discussed in concrete terms in the games, they do make a point of exploring his own emotional stability (esp with his loved ones), and it’s a bummer they never did the same for Elena (and also yes to everything you said above).

I think they’d both have a rough go of recovering from all the shit that happened in Nepal - Elena watched her friend be executed, she’s threatened on multiple occasions by what is probably the scariest dude ever, feels responsible for the deaths of those people in Tenzin’s village, and then she was almost killed by a grenade (while trying to help someone, too boot). Nate gets betrayed by Harry, which I think hurts him a LOT because despite being a thief and interacting with shady characters all the time, he trusts them too easily and always believes the best in people, even when they don’t deserve it. He was also *shot* and left in the cold… yeah, they’d both be pretty messed up after Nepal, and I’m sure them healing together added another really big layer to their relationship.