Prompt: Designated Driver

AU prompt. The minute he’s legally allowed to drink alcohol, Alois Trancy goes out to the hottest bars in town with his friends to celebrate his birthday. His long-time crush and best friend Claude offers to drive them all home at the end of the night in his minivan.

On the ride home:

-Sebastian mortifies Ciel by singing a flawless and heartfelt rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” while Alois nearly dies laughing.

-Sieglinde recites her favourite bomb recipe before making out with a surprised (but receptive) Lizzie.

-Finny vomits out of a window. He turns back into the car to reassure everyone that he’s “not as think as they drunk he is.”

-Mey-Rin, usually shy about showing affection, gets wholeheartedly handsy with Bard, who has never been so terrified and turned on at the same time as when he discovers the .38 strapped to her outer thigh and the cop badge tucked behind it.

Bonus points if you work in this interaction:
‘You’re drunk.’ ‘You’re sexy.’


Sanity, the light is peeking through the darkness
Purity, cant feel anymore of the stress
Sanity, Its already fading away

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