Wolfram’s hilarious language mistakes

I think the YenPress translations of Wolfram’s “language mistakes” are too refined and don’t do justice to what he actually said in the original version.


What he meant to say: Un, niau (Yes, you look good.)

What he said: Un, niou (Yes, you stink.)

*Note: niau = look good, niou = smell bad, stink


What he meant to say: Ojou kincho shiteru. (My Lady is nervous.)

What he said: Ojou kancho shiteru. (My Lady is doing an enema.)

*Note: kincho = nervousness, kancho = enema (or a prank)


What he meant to say: Ojou, genki dashite. (My Lady, please cheer up.)

What he said: Ojou, benki dashite. (My Lady, please get the toilet seat.)

*Note: genki = cheerfulness, benki = toilet seat


To me as a non-native English speaker, Wolfram is actually one of the most relatable characters in Kuro.

I feel you, Wolfram…!!! (´-ω-`)

Some kuroshitsuji bits
  • <p> <b>Claudia Phantomhive:</b> born year 1830, current age if alive would be 59<p/><b>Vincent Phantomhive:</b> born year 1851, current age if alive would be 38<p/><b>Frances Phantomhive-Midford:</b> born year 1853, current age is 36<p/><b>Alexis Leon Midford:</b> born year 1852, current age is 37<p/><b>Ciel Phantomhive:</b> born year 1875, current age is 13<p/><b>Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford:</b> born year 1874, current age is 14<p/><b>Edward Midford:</b> born year 1872, current age is 17<p/><b>Prince Soma Asman Kadar:</b> born year 1872, current age is 17<p/><b>Sieglinde Sullivan:</b> born latter 1878, current age is 11<p/><b>Sebastian Michaelis:</b> error 404, age not found<p/><b>Bonus bit:</b> the current arc is at the year 1889, around November. So in a few months Ciel will turn 14!!<p/></p>
I just noticed...

Whenever Ciel met with Queen Victoria for a private audience…

she was always with just the Double Charles…

John Brown was nowhere to be seen…

even though he might generally show up after the audience was over with…

But you know, it makes sense since he’s described as her aide, maybe he supposedly doesn’t have his place whenever the Queen meets with her watchdog, which is why only her butlers stay.


…in ch108, because it went the other way around when the Queen met with Sieglinde and they discussed possibilities for war weapons. This time the Double Charles didn’t stay but John Brown did and assisted to the meeting with Sieglinde. 

It’s also at the same time that he said this…

…after Ciel tried to double cross them and to hide from the Queen the true nature of Sieglinde’s latest invention. 

Conclusion? Nothing new, but just to add on the theory that Brown is probably not just a simple “aide” to Victoria, but rather one of the main reasons…

…she’s so powerful and shady herself.

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