sullivan bluth


Don Bluth’s Rock-A-Doodle was first released on April 3, 1991.

The Disney Studios originally developed a version of this story in its early years, combining it with the French tales of Reynard the fox. Though Marc Davis’s character designs survive, Walt Disney personally rejected the pitch because of the difficulty of translating the folk tales to the big screen. (x)

You can see Marc Davis’ sketches here.


The Secret of NIMH (1982) | pencil test

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If there’s a movie or tv show that really impacts me, I like to try find a piece of production art to add to my wall. Some have been gifts and some have been bought, but I appreciate them all. I have a bit of a pile growing of prod art for most of the shows featured here that I don’t know what to do with…so I might try to sell them off in the future so they arent just going to waste. (would you be interested? you can messege me i guess!).

The sad thing about living in the future is that production art is rarer and rarer. For instance i’ll probably never really be able to have any production art from the ninja show, which is a shame.

HEY HEY HEY heyyyyyy hey now. So i’m sitting here watching the directors commentary for the lorax cause im cool, and I started watching the trailers for other stuff on the dvd. They’ve a trailer for the original (I guess a re release) of the traumatising dinosaur classic The Land Before time. But heres a thing…. Has anyone bought this on dvd lately? Specifically the AMERICAN dvd? Because theres are voices and animation in that trailer I have never ever heard before and ive seen that movie at least a trillion times. Have they redubbed it? Was cut footage found? Tell me a story.

It’s definately the original, dont worry ive not had a stroke and mistaken the land before time 15 for something worth looking at.