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Sullivan “Liv” Ryder | Lineart

You can tell by the sores on my feet
That I’ve traveled far, still nothing is mine to keep
You said you were lonely first time around and I lost my mind
‘Cause I know both you and me were born under a bad sign

You’re so pretty like the rising sun
And I can’t quit you, baby
'Cause you got the devil in your eyes, in your eyes
I need a devil

     – “Devil” by Ida Maria


Oregon is so beautiful. I cannot believe I have never been here. Only a few hours driving from home, and I feel like I’m in Paradise.

Photos once again are by wonderful @czechthecount, who is a god with a camera. Check hom out, seriously.

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“For a few minutes nothing happened and I had time to notice all the little things around us. The ants walking over a branch beside me, a snail nibbling on a leaf. Different birds who sang different songs, mosquitoes dancing up and down near the water surface. The mist in the air from the waterfall. How the bridge made the fall look like something straight out of one of Tolkien’s elven villages. The wind in the treetops, making them whisper, filling the air with the smell of pine needles and something I could only describe as green.”

The gif is by wonderful czechthecount, who was so kind and allowed me to use it for my traveling blog. The original can be found here and you should all go and check out his blog; he is a truly gifted photographer and an awesome guy in general :)

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