Finally making connections in Obsolete dream

So in obsolete dream, a side story by Mogeko, you follow the every day, violent slapstick comedy of Kurostuno and Hanten (with others).

But I just recently noticed something in the most recent chapter.

The “dream” Hanten is having isn’t hers.

Note here:

Above all of the people smiling resembles halo’s. Meaning that their Angels.

They were most likely torturing Anten ago, because in the comic’s time frame, Hanten is around 16-17. She’s too young to have had this done to her.

Also note, this:

The angel with, presumably Anten’s head, looks suspiciously like Sullivan and the little angel girl with him look’s very similar to what Kurotsuno “Olivia” looks like in some of her pictures (at least the younger ones). Since it has been mentioned that angels can be corrupted and turn into something else, aka: Chlomaki (it was recently revealed that she was an angel at one point), or even others. Giving a small thought that the angel is either Sullivan, or his angelic counterpart. If that angel was Sullivan, then it gives this page:

a whole new meaning. At least the last few panels of the page, when their talking about the very whimpish Sullivan.

Also, note that Anten is probably not a weak demon.

Seeing as how he shapeshifts (presumably, unconfirmed on their full relationship) to protect Hanten. Or that he also serves under Lil, which could be counted as the “special forces” of Satanick’s world.

Pictured here is Lil (cloaked in darkness), Daimonji (in glasses), Anten, and (presumably) Maekami (who is also the bartender in Obsolete Dream).

Possibly giving way that hey are a special squad.

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm everything I have theorized, because I mostly have only connected stuff from his website (mostly in his art folders and the manga’s). But I can only presume that this stuff will either be revealed in things to come or in the games, since everything is basically connected to each other in some way.

If I find more evidence of this, I’ll put another theory out.

© Mogeko, all artwork can be found here

EDIT: Found Hanten’s father’s name: Gyakuten.

I want to thank @mogeko-violette for that

But the dude is Anten I found out.

Also, this theory might be false, but this sounded way better in my head.

Są różne rodzaje tęsknot. Czy mówił ci ktoś o tym? Inaczej tęskni się za kimś, gdy wiesz, że jeszcze zobaczysz tę osobę i inaczej, kiedy ona już nigdy do ciebie nie wróci. Są tęsknoty dobre i złe. Dobre to takie, przy których pomimo wszystko jesteś szczęśliwy. Wtedy oczekiwanie działa na ciebie kojąco, jak opatrunek na udręczone serce. Natomiast złe tęsknoty łamią ci ten właśnie mięsień, rozrywają duszę i wyciskają łzy spod powiek. Te pierwsze wskrzeszają, drugie zaś odbierają chęci do dalszego życia.
—  Diana Sullivan