[MISC] [VID] [150702] Mnet is doing a throwback on INFINITE’s old live performances to start the countdown for their comeback ^^

INFINITE’s ‘Debut Song’, fresh and lively 'She’s Back 

[TRANS] 'Comeback preview’ INFINITE, 5 years ago, debut time!
Watching 'She’s Back’ stage once again, so fresh and lively~
(from Mnet M COUNTDOWN, 2010)  

Paradise + Be Mine remix

[TRANS] ′Comeback preview′ INFINITE, the grown men who matches summer! The mix of sexiness and gentleness! Watching ′Paradise+Be Mine!′ stage once again. Looking forward to an even cooler comeback!

(from Mnet M COUNTDOWN, 2011)


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으캬턍 하루에 30분이상의 운동은 생활의 활력을 가져다 준데야~.~

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BAD (Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by RPHABET)

Title song of ‘Reality’. A song with sounds that have been newly experimented-sounds one cannot grasp; Gives the listener no time to rest. You will fall into the ‘Bad’ trap within one time.

translated by ifnt0827
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