sulking loki

Imagine it’s your birthday, but you don’t really have any friends to celebrate with, and you have to spend it away from your family. While sulking around, Loki spots you and asks you what’s wrong. You proceed to tell him that you’re bummed because it’s your birthday and you don’t have anything to do/anyone to hang out with. Loki then proceeds to spoil you rotten, buying you flowers, every one of your favorite desserts, and he takes you to your favorite restaurant. They’re small, usual birthday gestures, but having him go out of his way to make you happy makes your entire day and you determine that it has been the best birthday ever!

Deleted lines from the Thor: The Dark World script #89
  • Loki: *(to Frigga)* Is that how I am to while away eternity... Reading?
  • Frigga: No! I also bought you this bouncy castle.
  • Loki:
  • Loki: *(sulking)* Yes, but it's not bouncy *enough*.
  • Frigga: *(waves magic hands)* Not even with this bouncy throne...?
  • Frigga: ...And a bouncy crown...?
  • Loki:
  • Loki: *(expression softens)*
  • Loki: *(sighs)*
  • Loki: *(hugs her)* Thank you, Mother.