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SoSu admitting to companions they're ready to move on from their wife/husband and companions getting sulky because they think they're in love with someone else but no surprise it's them!

Sure thing! FYI, X6’s reactin is short and to the point, ‘cause that’s how I imagine it would go down with him.


Cait: “I think I’m ready to move on from Nate/Nora,” Sole said as Cait stitched a wound on her arm. The pain of those words hurt more than the bullet that grazed her. Cait then finished stitching her wound and stormed off in a heap of anger. “Hey! Was it something I said?”

Hours passed and Cait downed another drink. Damnit! she hissed to herself. The one person she was closest to, the one person she really ever loved, didn’t love her back.


Cait turned around to see Sole standing at the entrance of the little bar. She then turned back around as Sole walked closer to her.

“Cait, please tell me what’s wrong.”

“I love you,” she blueted out. “When you told me you were ready to move on from Nate/Nora, I lost all hope. The person who’s gettng you is one lucky bastered.“

Sole the chuckled, then smiled. “So you’re a lucky bastered?”

“I, what?” Cait asked with with eyes. Before she could say anything else, Sole wrapped their arms around her waist and kissed her passionately.

Curie:  “What?” Curie asked after Sole explained everything.

“I said, I think I’m ready to move on from my old spouse,” Sole said with a grin. Curie stopped mixing different chems together and slowly put them down.

“That is… Wonderful,” Curie said with a convincing tone. She could feel a tight feeling form in her chest. “You must excuse me for a moment.” She was about to rush out of the room when she felt Sole grab onto her wrist.

“Well wait one minute silly,” Sole said with a crooked smile. “Aren’t you gonna stay and say the feelings mutual?”

“Sole, I do not understand.”

Their smile started to fade and was replaced with a cocked eyebrow in confusion. “What? I thought you knew I was talking to you?”

“I, um…”

“Why else would I tell you?”

Curie felt her cheeks heat up in embarrassment. “I am sorry. I have made a fool of myself.”

Sole smiled and cupped her cheeks. “Oh Curie, I love you.”

Danse: “Um, good for you soilder,” he said as he tried to sound convincing. He loved Sole, he really did, but they didn’t like him back. ‘I knew no one could love a machine like me,’ he thought.

“Danse? Danse!” Sole yelled as they got him out of his daze. He looked back at them with a sad smile. “Let me finish will ya?” they asked with a sly smile. They then grabbed one of Danse’s hands and looked him in they eyes. “Danse, I’m in love with you.”

Danse was shocked. “But, after everything the Brotherhood has taught you, everything I taught you. You would still love a synth?”

“Hey, you may be a synth, but you’re still human.” Sole then sat up and gently placed a kiss on hus cheek.

“Thank you. I think I needed to hear that,” he said with a genuine smile, and as he wrapped Sole into a hug.

Deacon: “Deacon, can I trust you with what I’m about to say?” Sole asked as Deacon placed his wig on his head.

“Sure thing, boss,” he said as finger combed the ‘frizz’ down.

“I’ve been thinking lately, and well…”

“'Well…’ what?”

“I think I’m ready to move on from Nate/Nora.”

Deacon felt his eyes widen as he looked at Sole through his sunglasses. ‘They love someone! Maybe I shouldn’t have lied so much. “That’s great,” he said with a fake smile. He then shot fonger guns at them, “the person who gets you is in for a treat.”

Sole smiled and let out a chuckle as they walked ckoser to him. “I know right?”

“Yeah,” Deacon mumbled as Sole stood infront of him. Sole then wrapped their arms around his neck and leaned in closer until their lips touched.

Deacon finally got the picture.

Hancock: “Mornin’, sunshine,” Hancock said as he walked past Sole, who was in the middle of making a mirelurk omelette.

“Morning, Hancock,” they replied as they folded the egg over. They then placed the omelette onto a plate and walked over to the table. They sat down across from Hancock and started to eat. “You know what?”

“What?” he asked as he flipped through a Grognak comic.

“I’ve been doin some thinking, and I think I’m ready to move on.”

“Move on?“

“You know. Move on, from my dead spouse.” Hancock then spat out some of his water and slammed a fist onto the table. “Jesus! You ok?”

“Um,” Hancock said as he tried to regain composure. “I think I need some air.”

“Well can I say that I love you first?”

MacCready: MacCready was ready to move on from Lucy, and today was the day he would tell Sole he loved them. He was about to look for them, but Sole found him first. “Mac? Can I talk to you?“


As Sole to him what was on their mind, he felt his smile slowly start to fade. He loved Sole, and he wanted them to return the feeling, but they didn’t. He wasn’t going to force them to, but it hurt just thinking about Sole with someone else.

Sole looked over and saw MacCready’s sad face. They then stopped and furrowed their brows in concern. “MacCready? Are you okay?”

MacCready quickly came back to reality and showed off a fake, yet convincing smile. “I’m good.”

“Great, so, do you like me too?”

That was the happiest he had been in a long time.

Nick: “Congratulations, kid,” Nick said with a convincing smile as he patted their back. “It took me a long time to move on from Jenny. You’re lucky.”

“Yeah, well-”

Just then Ellie walked into the office and Nick got up from his desk. “Ellie! Back with the new case files?”

“New ca-”

“Here, I’ll take them.”

“Nick, these are just some old folders,” Ellie said with a confused look on her face. Sole finally undersood what was going on.

“Hold up. Nick!” Nick turned around and looked at them. “I wasn’t telling you that I was ready to move on just to run my mouth. I told you because I love you.”

Nick put the old folder onto his desk, walked up to Sole, and hugged them.

Piper: Piper was trying to fix the printing press when Sole walked by. “Hey, Blue,” she said as she examined the press.

“Hey, Piper,” they replied. They then sucked in a deep breath. “Can I tell you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“I think I’m ready to move on from my spouse.” Piper then quickly sat up, but hit her head on the press first. “You ok?” Sole asked as the rushed to her side.

Piper rubbed her head and mentally cursed at the machine. “Yeah. Fine,“ she mumbled in pain. “So, who’s the lucky wastelander?” she asked as she grabbed her hat and stood up, the jealously in her voice piercing the air.

“You know, I think she’s Wright next to me.”

She then rolled her eyes and playfully punched them. “With puns ike thatn you’re gonna make me change my mind.”

Preston: “Really?” he asked as he tried to keep the hurt from seeping into his voice.

“Yeah, and you-”

Preston the looked in the other direction and quickly glanced back at them to say sorry. “Sorry, General. The castle needs my help for once,” he said with a fake chuckle. He then went on his way and didn’t look back.

A few days latern as Preston sat around in the castle, Sole walked in and looked for him.

“Jeez, Preston. Tell a vault dweller when you’re onna leave for longer than a day,” they said as they walked toward him. When Preston didn’t reply, Sole gave him a concerned look. “Preston, you ok?”

“Well,” Preston mumbled, “when you told me you were ready to move on, I got… upset.”

Sole then smiled. “Well you should’ve let me finish, ‘cause I’m in love with you.”

X6: “I’m ready to move on from my dead spouse.”

X6 could feel the anger raising inside as he kept a cool composure on the outside.

“Is that so?” he asked with a straight face. “Would they be a threat to the Institute?”

“Well, one would think a courser wouldn’t be a threat to the Institute,” Sole said with a smile. X6 felt his cheek grow warm.

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Harry doesn’t know why he always seems to be grouchy when he’s around her, he doesn’t understand why this beautiful, spritely woman pulls such a reaction from him but he can’t stand it and he also can’t stand that thoughts of her have his heart thumping in his chest.

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Okay, so what if, in order to sneak around Syngorn to steal things, Scanlan decides they all have to be disguised as Vex and Vax.  And then some elf comes across a “Vax” and tries to  sneer at him, but instead of sulky anger and a quick “fuck you,” they get the crushing haughtiness of Percy, the vicious mockery of Scanlan, or just plain shot-putted across the city by Grog.

Can I just take a moment to thank every writer of stucky fic ever for making sure to include a bit where Steve just marvels at how hot Bucky is like I know we all know how he looks already but I need that unnecessary detail of Steve thinking about his ridiculous sulky blowjob lips and matinee-idol jaw; please give me every possible description of those sad-kitten/haunted/hollow/baby-blue eyes; you can have no idea how inexplicably vital it is to me to know precisely what way he is wearing his hair in a scene in which the arrangement of his hair cannot possibly have any impact on the plot