Consolidate #10 - FRNDS AND FMLY mixtape

This one’s a consolidate showcase of sorts featuring a lot of new material from the consolidate family - basically a sneak peek into what 2015 holds for us.

You will get to hear a new Machli song taken from their debut EP, which should be out in a couple of weeks. The mix also features a couple of really cool tunes from Sandhya’s (Machli) solo project Pardafash. Like everything else from the Machli camp… her music is difficult to categorise, intriguing at times, highly original and brilliant. 

Another release that i am really looking forward to this year is Ocentied’s (Ketan Bahirat’s solo project) footwork leaning debut EP. I have heard a bunch of his tunes during his live sets and i think he might just be India’s answer to the global 160 BPM movement. 

Also in the mix are a bunch of really cool tunes from Blent, Worm’s Cottage, Disco Puppet, Aniruddh and Iyer. i have thrown in some new material from Sulk and _RHL also.

i missed out on a bunch of artists this time around - but there will be a friends and fams mixtape part 2 soon. 

Listen off.


Machli - lavender marriage

Worm’s cottage - fog

Pardafash - here

Blent x Daisho - scowl

Sulk station - suppressed

Anirudhh s menon - swollen tongue

Worm’s cottage - chicken

Aniruddh s menon - celestial mahout(disco puppet mix)

Pardafash - hold me close

Sridhar/thayil - bring me rain(_RHL remix)

Mark kloud & Iyer - constant conflict

Oceantied - high

artwork by aniruddh 

Preference #3: He Gets Jealous


You sat at a barstool next to Dean, sharing a funny story about a salt and burn that you had been on once when the bartender set a drink down in front of you, gesturing to a table in the corner. You looked over at the corner, and the guy there waved to you. He was kind of cute and seemed nothing at all like the usual creeps who tried to pick you up in bars. Dean was totally forgotten as the guy walked over and boy was he jealous.

Sure he had no real reason to be jealous, but that didn’t mean anything. He wanted you to notice him, not the potential mass murder that you knew nothing about. It wasn’t fair. Plus Dean may have had a crush on you, but he kept telling himself that that wasn’t why he was so jealous. Of course he could say it wasn’t the reason all he wanted and that didn’t mean it was true.

In fact when the guy took a seat next to you and introduced himself, Dean reached his hand out from behind you and shook the guy hand. “Hi, I’m Dean, we’re here together,”he gestured between you and himself. He didn’t say it was obviously trying to make the guy think you were a couple without you finding out he was doing it. You weren’t stupid though, and you plainly saw that he was jealous of the guy. You decided that you would much rather talk with Dean than the stranger anyway, so you nodded right along with Dean. It wasn’t long before the guy left with a melancholy expression. 

Once he was gone you turned to Dean with a smirk. “So, jealous of the random stranger?” you asked. Dean’s face turned a red colour that you found actually kind of cute. It probably because you had thought of him a blusher before, and had never seen him blush, but you found it cute. You rolled your eyes at Dean’s sputtering and dragged him out of the bar by his arm.

“I wasn’t jealous,” he mumbled once you were in the Impala. You gave him a look, raising an eyebrow pulling your lips back in a disbelieving line. “I wasn’t!” He defended, but your look didn’t falter, and Dean sighed under your look. “Alright, I was jealous, sue me!” The car purred to a start and you smiled, a small laugh escaping your lips as Dean pulled out of the parking space.


You were interviewing a police officer about the case you were on, and you were having a hard time getting any information out of him, so you had to turn in your charm. You smiled at the officer and bat your eyelashes. “We’re just curious, nobody would know if you just happened to let some information slip,” you have him your best Scarlett O'Hara smile and he was putty in your hands.

While the officer started dishing out information Sam stood with a slight pout that he wasn’t doing a good job at hiding. Once you had gotten the information you needed, you made your way out of the station, a sulking Sam behind you. “What’s up with you?” you asked as you walked down the street to the Impala.

Sam shrugged, “It’s nothing,” he told you, but at your frown, he sighed. “I just didn’t like the way he was looking at you.” Sam looked down , and you smiled a little bit, because you were pretty sure that you had heard some jealousy in his voice. You hadn’t pegged Sam as the jealous type, but you supposed that everyone got jealous at some point.

“If I batted my eyes at you would you feel better?” You asked, clinging onto his arm and batting your eyelashes up at him. Sam laughed and shook his head at you. He wasn’t stupid and he knew that you had caught on to his jealousy, and because of that he blushed. It wasn’t like he was your boyfriend, or anything, so he knew had no right to be jealous,but he couldn’t help it. You didn’t seem to be too bothered by it, so Sam didn’t say anything, he just put an arm around your shoulder as the two of you laughed.


Dean was your friend, and he hadn’t been, nor would he ever be anything more than your friend. However Castiel still got jealous of Dean when the two of you were working on the case and laughing together. Cas didn’t understand why he felt jealous of you and Dean’s friendship, but he did. He had asked to help with the research, so he could spend some time with you,but instead he was just staring grumpily at Dean with his arms folded.

“Are you alright Cas?” Dean asked looking over at him. Cas’ reply was pouty, but he saw that he was infact fine, and Dean just shook his head and announced that he was going to go get a beer. Castiel only pouted more when you hollered for him to get you one as well. You furrowed your eyebrows at the angel, wondering what his problem was. You hadn’t known him all too long, but he never acted like this.

“Castiel, what’s wrong? Please tell me.” You gave him puppy eyes that rivalled Sam’s in hopes of getting Castiel to tell you what was bugging him. He was acting very childerish, and while part of you found it quite adorable, you couldn’t have him pouting the whole day either. You sighed and nudged him when he said nothing,”Castiel.”

“I don’t know,” his voice was even more gravelly than normal,”I don’t know what I’m feeling.” He noticed your look of confusion and sat up, replacing his childish pose for a more mature one, and elaborated. ”You and Dean share a special bond. I don’t…like it. I can’t explain,I just- I want us to have a bond like that.” He looked like he was physically perturbed about this whole concept and it brought a smile to your lips.

“Castiel, what you’re experiencing right now it’s jealousy. It’s a very human emotion actually. Don’t worry though Castiel, we will become good friends. Maybe even better friends than me and Dean.” You sent him a teasing wink and smiled at him. This seemed to an answer Castiel liked though, because he beamed at you. He wanted to be much better friends with you than Dean was.


Crowley walked along next to you, one of his demon servants on the other side of you. He had a little something to take care of and while he took care of it, he was going to leave you with his servant so that no harm would come to you. That was until he noticed how his servant was staring at you. He had told you something funny and you were laughing at whatever it had been. He was looking you over in a way Crowley didn’t like. He also walked closer to you than Crowley would have liked for him too. His hand kept hitting yours, and while you didn’t really seem to realise or mind, Crowley did.

He pulled you closer, wrapping his arm around your waist and looking over your head at the servant, casting him a meaningful look his way. He didn’t seem to get the hint though, it would seem, because he just kept right on talking to you. Crowley wasn’t one to get all pouty though, no he was the exact opposite, if he was jealous he would fix it himself. He stopped walking, and since he had an arm around you, you stopped too. You have him a confused look, but when he leaned down and kissed you you kissed back willingly. It wasn’t too long of a kiss, but it was definitely a long enough one for his servant to get the hint. When he stopped kissing you he gave his servant  a smug smile and continued walk with you next to him.

You gave Crowley a look of confusion, but before he could explain himself to you, you were at the place he needed to be at. You stood in silence for a few moment before you tried to talk with Crowley’s servant, but he didn’t give much of a reply. You didn’t understand what had happened, you had been getting on fine a few minutes ago after all. It was with a sudden realisation though, that you understood why he was being so quiet. Crowley had gotten jealous and that’s why he had kissed you. It made sense to you now, what with the smirk he had given his servant and all.

When Crowley got out of the building you smile at him and wrapped your arms around one of his. He smiled at you and send another look toward his servant, just confirming your suspicions. As you began walking you stood up on your tiptoes and whispered into his ear so that his servant couldn’t hear “I see you’re jealous of your servant.” Crowley looked a little shocked, probably because he hadn’t expected you to catch on to his jealousy, but eventually he just smirked.

“Not anymore, love.”

I just finished my third mix!! this one is aall women of color, from Togo, Congo, Jamaica, India, Japan etc… ranging from classical type of music to more experimental… tell me what you think, reblog and like ppl :))

01. Miriam Makeba - Malaika
02. Bella Below - Rokia
03. Sophia George - Girlie Girlie
04. Tshala Muana & Meje 30 - Silika
05. Selena - Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
06. Shaa'ir + Func - All Your Lies
07. YAS - Ouloulou
08. Sulk Station - Bindya
09. Nami Shimada - Sunshower
10. Yemi Alade - Johnny
11. Mbilia Bel - La Beauté d'une Femme
12. Sister Nancy - One Two
13. Dej Loaf - Me U & Hennessy
14. Nicki Minaj - Want Some More

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Do You Ship It?

Prompt // Y/N and Stiles are the newest target of Beacon Hills High School's anonymous Twitter, @DoYouShipIt — and yeah, they kinda do.

Notes // This is just a little something something I wrote after reading a really good fic. Y/S/N stands for Your Ship Name and Y/T/H stands for Your Twitter Handle, by the way. If you enjoyed this, leave feedback, constructive criticism, and more requests !

Warnings // I hope you like long rants about intersectional feminism because that's kinda Y/N's thing !

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India has fast tracked into music scene thanks to the internet. And boy the results are brilliant. Brilliant song and band. Love Tanvi’s sultry vocals with minimal sounds.. Haunting and beautiful. (Best part is the sound of bangles/paayal crinkling in the background rhythm.)

Sulk Station perfectly blends trip-hop & dub step. Unlike any other Indian band! 


The Music Project: SULK STATION


Monthly Top 5 Albums - May 2012

Sulk Station - Till You Appear (2012)
Patrick Watson - Adventures In Your Own Backyard (2012)
Yann Tiersen - Skyline (2011)
Beirut - The Rip Tide (2011)
Advaita - The Silent Sea (2012)
bonus: S. Carey - Hoyas EP (2012)

i must have listened to hundreds of songs during the final rundown to my exams but if i were to retain full albums, these are the ones that stuck in May. this includes the compulsive buying of The Rip Tide vinyl and hours getting accustomed to the new indie scene in India with Sulk Station and Advaita.


Bangalore based Sulk Station spin a little trip-hop, a little lounge, mix in Indian classical vocals and create a gorgeous soundscape to the sunset.

Sulk Station’s Contentment is an interesting song that is almost like ambient trip hop. I hear trip hop elements but it’s much more minimalistic and down tempo. Sulk Station are based out of India and they are surfing the new wave of electronic indie acts on the internet. I’m a big fan of The Knife and read this quote by them “This is a stratospheric record,also unlike anything produced in this country” about Sulk Station and had to check them out. It’s quiet the record indeed and I’m so glad that I looked into them. You can hear that they’re influenced by trip hop legends such as Portishead and the like but you can also hear their Indian roots strongly on some songs like their latest release called Aur Nahi


Sulk Station-Take Me Home