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I do alot of gardening daily and unfortunately find myself adding a few bandaids each day for injuries everywhere on me. Im so used to it, its routine. I thought it would be funny if Fushimi had a new bandage put on by everyone each time he comes across someone who notices something wrong. I carry some in my pocket. What if everyone adds onto him like a sticker? Fushimi would be more sexy that way with some ointment? XD

The sexy part depends on the type of bandage, like Fushimi covered in bandages is kind of a sexy mental image but Fushimi covered in lots of tiny band-aids is adorable XD Like say there’s been a lot of Strain activity lately and Scepter 4’s been pushed pretty heavily to their limits, like maybe this is during the period between the end of S1 and MK and Fushimi’s just running from place to place taking care of things. He keeps coming back with small cuts and bruises and of course he doesn’t take care of them at all because he thinks it’s a bother and anyway what’s the point of bandaging up such small cuts, they’ll heal on their own fine. One day he comes back from a mission and Munakata notes that Fushimi has a cut on his face that is still bleeding slightly, Fushimi shrugs it off and Munakata just reaches into his pocket and pulls out a blue band-aid with a tiny puzzle piece pattern on it and just sticks in on Fushimi’s face while Fushimi stares at him blankly. Munakata’s very pleased with the sight of Fushimi wearing a band-aid, Fushimi’s all awkward like can I go now but he doesn’t take the band-aid off either.

So of course then everyone else notices that Fushimi’s got a band-aid on that was clearly given to him by someone else and this like emboldens the rest of the squad to help take care of Fushimi’s injuries since he won’t do it himself. After that every time Fushimi gets a cut someone always comes by and puts a band-aid on him and imagine half the squad has their own particular favorite types of band-aids so you can almost tell who put what on Fushimi. Like Fushimi has two cat band-aids on his fingers from Akiyama and Benzai, there’s a sushi print one on his cheek from Kamo and one with anime characters on his arm from Enomoto and he’s got several on his neck and arms from Awashima that feature an adorable rabbit print. Fushimi is so irritated at getting all these band-aids but somehow no one will stop putting them on him and maybe it ends up being like a sneaky way of getting him to take better care of himself, like the only way to stop from being covered in cute band-aids is for Fushimi to actually bandage his own wounds all by himself. Everyone’s a bit sad that they don’t get to give Fushimi band-aids anymore but they are happy to see him finally taking care of himself properly.

Set it all free

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This one that I’ve been thinking of doing for weeks! I hope someone likes it. 

Nat x f!reader 

Song is from the movie Sing, that starred our lovely Scarlett Johansson, I never knew she had vocals! Anyways ENJOY! 

“Guys did you know Y/N is in a band?!” Bucky slides into the kitchen to a group of non caffeinated superheroes.
Nat’s ears perk up at your name. “Really?”
“Hell yeah, I heard her practicing her electric guitar in her room. She’s so badass.” Bucky swoons over your skills on the strings.
“I. Need. Coffee.” Tony sits waiting for the machine to brew his sweet morning.
“Guys. Y/N. Is. In. A. BAND!” Bucky says excitedly.
“Okay what about it?” Clint asks walking into the Walking Dead kitchen. Luckily he thought about the team and bought some coffee on the way here.
“You’re not surprised?” Bucky asks.
“Not at all, she told me a while ago. Ya’ll should go to her show tomorrow night.”
“She didn’t tell us she was in one.” Natasha furrows her brows.
“You guys didn’t notice her disappearing in the middle of the night and returning in the mornings?” Clint raises an eyebrow.
“It’s been too active on Hydra’s side lately, it’s been a hell of a few months.” Natasha says feeling a bit hurt that you never told her.
“Don’t worry Nat, I’m sure you’ll want to attend this one.” Clint winks at her as she rolls her eyes.
Clint noticed Natasha’s look of longing every time she saw you. He couldn’t help but chuckle every time.
“Good morning lovely people!” You say in your best announcer voice.
“Y/N, why didn’t you tell us you were in a band?” Bucky asks.
“Yeah Rockstar, you didn’t think we wanted to hear you?” Sam asks grinning at you.
“I figured yall would be busy, and since the world has a team to save them, figured why not join a band?” You joke but no one is amused.
“Tough crowd, I play tomorrow night, you should come.” You invite everyone but your gaze finds the beautiful redhead sipping her coffee eyeing you back.
“Alright it’s settled. AVENGERS OUTING!” Tony shouts finally fully awakened to the situation. “Do we get to play?”
“Nope, leave that to me and my bandmates.” You smirk as Tony sulks sitting next to Rhodey who consoles him.
“It’s okay, they aren’t ready for the WarMacanics.” He says.
“Oh no, if we were a band we’d be called Iron Mavericks.”
“Why would we be names Iron Horse?”
“I was going to say Iron Maiden but they are already a band.” Tony sulks again.
“You two are clueless about bands.” Steve laughs.
“You should know old man, did they even have bands back then?” Tony retorts.
Steve rolls his eyes. “Old joke, find a new.”
“Like your injected abs?” Rhodey says slyly.
Wanda spits out her coffee. Vision is appalled by the action but he sees the amusement in her face.
“What’s so funny?” Vision asks.
“If I have to explain the joke, it loses its humor.”
“Oh… please tell me.” Vision begs Wanda but she cleans up her mess and leaves with Vision quick on her tail.
“Damn and the Iron Machine is on a roll this morning.” You laugh and head out to meet up for rehearsals.

“Hey…” Nat rushes out after her. It’s now or never…
“Hey Nat, what’s up?” She smiles at Natasha, making her feel nervous, her palms sweat.
“So… would… you…” She could barely get the words out when Steve comes out ruining the moment.
“Natasha, help me, I have no comebacks for Rhodes and Tony! And now thanks to Y/N, they dubbed themselves Iron Machine…” Steve gives her his best puppy eyes.
“Fine.” She looks remorseful to her and follows him back into the kitchen.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You yell after her, you try to calm your feelings but it’s not happening.
“Was she trying to tell ask me something?” You asks yourself, you shake your head. “Nah.”
You finally meet up with the band to practice your songs.
“Is your girlfriend coming tomorrow night?” Monty asks, he’s the drummer.
“Who?” You ask confused.
“Natasha.” Your bass guitar player, Judith, mocks you while holding her heart.
“Shuddap, she’s not my girlfriend…” You wholeheartedly wish she was yours.

The day you met her was on the battlefield. You were a SHIELD Agent and doing a solo mission  undercover, you did it so well Natasha fell for it. No one was able to win against you, besting you in a battle was damn near impossible. Except for her, she had you pinned and you felt your heart racing, the look of ferocity in her eyes made you want her.
If it wasn’t for Coulson, she probably would’ve killed you. But at the point you didn’t care. She let you go and you both introduced yourselves, you handed her what she needed. You both took out the base you’ve been working undercover in. Since then she’s been wanting to spar with you, you’ve both trained together, she loved when you went against Bucky and the guys and beat them in hand to hand. The thing that stuck out the most to you both was when you shoved her out of the way of an enemy convoy, you were stuck in the hospital wing for months and recovery was a bitch. But Natasha stayed with you, your feelings for her got worse, it got to the point where you had to be near her. You had to hear her voice. You hated the feeling of being without her. When they finally made you part of the Avengers, it made things so much more harder on you, you were always on separate missions. When you were home, she was off on lengthy mission, she used to respond all the time, and then she would take days to reply. So to get your mind off of her you turned to music. It wasn’t long after that you made your own band, your songs of angst, love, heartbreak, anger, jealousy resonated with the crowd. You and the band became an underground hit amongst New York’s music scene.

The night came and your stomach was in knots. You did your vocal exercises and practiced your chords when you hear the crowd on the other side of the curtains get louder.
The curtain lifts and you become a whole different person, you were a fearless storyteller, you let the people know your every emotion. Your words slip from your lips into your fans ears, you sway to the beat, getting the reaction you wanted from them.

“Damn she’s good!” Bucky says tapping his foot to the beat.
“Hell yeah.” Sam agrees nodding his head to the song.
“This, is different.. I love it.” Steve can’t contain himself. He dances by the bar when a blonde bombshell pulls him to the dancefloor.
Thor came with Jane, thankfully dressed casually, Tony sent them an E-vite to the performance.
“This is magnificent… is that Lady Y/L/N?!” Thor is dumbfounded. Jane laughs at his expression and nods.
“Let’s go Thor!” She pulls him to the dance floor.
Banner, Tony, Rhodes, Clint, Vision, and Wanda are in the VIP booth above the crowd.
“Dude, she rocks.” Rhodes dances along with Wanda, they get up and dance to the songs.
“I thought Natasha would be here by now…” Clint looks down to their other group and doesn’t see her.
“She was on a mission she said she might miss it but she didn’t want to go to that damn mission. Fury sent her cuz she’s the only aside from Y/N but she’s busy at the moment.” Tony sighs.
“Damn…” Clint sighs.

“This one is just for those of us who are going through our own tribulations right now, whether it’s someone holding you back, or your own circumstances, you need to set it all free. Love yourself, be yourself, and let yourself love.” You say into the mic, you scan the crowd and smile when you see the group at the tables near the bar. You follow Bucky’s signal and look up to the VIP booth and see the others. But no Natasha. You feel a little sad but you set that emotion aside for your last song.

“I followed my heart into the fire
Got burned, got broken down by desire
I tried, I tried but the smoke in my eyes
Left me blurry, blurry and blind
I picked all the pieces up off the ground
I’ve burned all my fingers but that’s gone now
Got the glue in my hands and stickin’ to the plan
Stickin’ to the plan that says “I can”
Do anything at all
I can do anything at all”

You feel strum your guitar and let all your pent up frustrations. You felt your “one sided” emotions breaking your heart.

“This is my kiss goodbye
You can stand alone and watch me fly
Cause nothing’s keeping me down
Gonna let it all up
Come on and say right now, right now, right now
This is my big hello
Cause I’m here and never letting go
I can finally see, it’s not just a dream
When you set it all free, all free, all free
You set it all free”

Natasha finally made it back to base. Clint gave her a phone call and she quickly changes into some jeans and her Iron Maiden tshirt. She takes Steves motorcycle to the concert spot, but it even though it was a smaller choice it was no match for the New York City traffic, and the spot had to be in Brooklyn. She peels into the parking lot and fixes her clothes and rushes inside.
She watches you from the entrance saying your speech. She can see you scan the crowd, she hides for a bit, and looks out to see your saddened expression. When you sang you took her breath away. She found the words speaking truth to their situation. She always felt she would darken you, she felt she was holding you back… She was afraid to let herself love you. She felt you deserved better than her.  

“I was a girl caught under your thumb
But my star’s gonna shine brighter than your sun
And I will reach so high, shoot so far
Gonna hit, gonna hit, hit every target
Make it count this time
I will make it count this time”

You look out determined to tell her how you felt when you saw her. You wanted to let go of all your insecurities, and regardless of she turns you down, you just had to set your emotions free.

“This is my kiss goodbye
You can stand alone and watch me fly
Cause nothing’s keeping me down
I’m gonna let it all up
Come on and say right now, right now, right now
This is my big hello
Cause I’m here and never letting go
I can finally see, it’s not just a dream
When you set it all free, all free, all free
Set it all free”

Natasha feels your energy from, she forces herself to move forward. 

“You set it all free.”

You see her and your vision blurs, tears streaming down your face.

“You set it all free.”

You close your eyes to blink away the tears. You move closer to her side of the stage.

“You set it all free.”

Natasha has tunnel vision, she only sees you, she hears you, your truest words. She can feel you through the beat. She screams out to you when you start your  mad guitar solo, the crowd cheers along with her. Your heart swells over as you slow down your song finishing up your solo.

“This is my kiss goodbye….
You can stand alone and watch me fly….
Cause nothing’s keeping me down….
I’m gonna let it all out!
Come on and say right now, right now, right now
This is my big hello!
Cause I’m here and never letting go,
I can finally see, it’s not just a dream
When you set it all free, all free, all free
Set it all free!”

When you finished your song, you looked back to her spot but she was gone. You thank your fans for attending and wait till the curtains close.
“Dude! Y/N that shit was AMAZING!!” Talia, your back up vocals and pianist shouts.
“You guys rocked the fucking house!” You shout back and everyone joins in the center stage hugging it out and hi fiving each other.
“Give it up for them ONE LAST TIME!” The host shouts into the mic, before you can all get into your places. You were pulled from them and you feel the softest lips ever, your eyes are closed, but you knew who it was. Her scent is nothing new to you, you let your arms pull her into you. Her hands play in your hair.
Your bandmates are in awe, and the crowd is silent. The curtain is back up for the last applause and announcements for their tour dates.
She pulls away and her face is flushed, her eyes tinted with lust. You open your eyes realizing that you were just kissed by the love of your life, in front of your fans and your best friends.
Clint shouts from the VIP booth. “FINALLY!!!”
Everyone cheers and awww at you both. You pull her into you, you hold her from the back. She leans into you, turning to your ear.
“Set it all free, right?”
“Damn right.” You say pulling her to the backstage.

i’m gonna sound dramatic as fuck but i don’t give a rat’s ass anymore. 

so an enormous fear of mine finally came true and what perfect timing. everything else in my life is falling apart so why not this too?

jesse lacey is being accused of sexually harassing a teen girl some years back. i’m…crestfallen. i’m disgusted. a part of me hopes to god this isn’t true but i made the fatal error of having a male hero so i’m dubious. and i’d be remiss to call myself a feminist for doubting an accuser just because she’s accusing someone i looked up to.

this is heavy shit for me. it’s no secret that brand new is kind of my everything. they’re all over my walls, my blog, my wardrobe, i have a sticker on my car, my fucking tumblr url is a brand new reference for christ’s sake. this is bad. they’ve been go-to sulking band and now i have no other music to emotionally connect to. my heart is literally broken.

i’ll get over this but a worse thing could not have happened at a worse time. i might change my url soon too so i’ll have to figure that out.

in the mean time, if anyone has music recommendations….i need it