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who's designing venus?? spill abt venus

Im designing Venus tho i havent completely finalized her! She’s a bitter sassy planet with sulfuric acid clouds for hair and a lot of her fashion. She is the hottest planet in our system and is always mad at Sun for that. Sun irritates her but she is secretly envious of earth for being a life planet that Sun dotes on.

She and mars get a long really well cos they’re both salty AF.

  • Leo: and now i'm gonna add some H2SO4
  • Percy: some what?
  • Annabeth: is sulfuric acid it's highly corrosive strong mineral acid with the molecular formula H2SO4 and molecular weight 98.079 g/mol
  • Leo: you said sulfuric acid? oops
  • *Leo's mixture explodes*
  • Annabeth: what the heck
  • Leo: i thought it was water
  • Annabeth: don't you know that water isn't colored? for gods sake Leo!
  • Leo: well it was nice to meet you guys
  • Annabeth: you freaking drank it?
  • Leo: ya *he faints*

Onions, and by extension Shrek, have layers.  Onions are a bulb, a sort of modified stem in a plant. Potatoes are tubers, which are modified roots and do not have layers. Potatoes are not onions. Shrek is not a potato.

So bulbs are special underground stems that some plants, like Shrek, can have. Therefore you can think of the layers of an onion are just leaves. Just like rings in a tree, bulbs grow layers as they grow older. The more layers an onion has, the older and more successful it has been in its life. Shrek must have lots of layers.

The purpose of a bulb is to store and protect water, nutrients, and other things Shrek needs to survive. This gives it an advantage over say, trees, which need a constant intake of sun and nutrients to survive. Onions like Shrek can store nutrients to use them when they need to.

The layers then also serve an evolutionary purpose. If a predator wants to eat the onion, it must first eat through many layers of icky tasting onion and will likely be discouraged. Of course, Shrek has no natural predators so this is not an issue.

Shrek’s layers are modified leaves which help protect the nutrients it stores inside. The more layers a Shrek has, the older and stronger it is.

If you’ve ever chopped up an onion, or looked at Shrek, you’ve probably ended up crying. Onions make you cry for the same reasons they taste bad. Onions are filled with enzymes, and when you break through their cells, with a knife or with your teeth, these enzymes are released.

Enzymes that were kept separated from the sulfenic acid by the cells are then free to mix, forming propanethiol S-oxide. Propanethiol S-oxide is a gas, which rises up and reacts with water in your eyes to form sulfuric acid. That burns your eyes, so your eyes produce more water to try to wash the acid away. So you cry.

If you want to protect your eyes from onions, you can cut the onion under running water (which washes the propanethiol s-oxide away before it can get to your eyes), or refrigerate it before you cut it. A cooler temperature will slow down the chemical reaction in general. If you want to protect yourself from Shrek, you can’t.

When you cut an onion, the natural enzymes mix with the water in your eyes to form sulfuric acid. Your eyes produce tears to try to wash the acid away.

The Average American eats 20 pounds of onion per year, so it would take 10-15 Americans to consume an entire Shrek in one year. There are 45 calories in a single serving of Shrek.

Happy April Fool’s Day from the Scientific Pokedex!

Crystals of 2-iodobenzoic acid that crystallized out from the reaction mixture.

2-iodobenzoic acid is a quite easy to prepare chemical, made from anthranilic acid by the Sandmeyer reaction. It starts with the diazotization of anthranilic acid followed by a diazo replacement. First anthranilic acid is treated with nitrous acid in order to convert the amino group into the diazo group. The diazo group is ejected, yielding a carbocation which is then attacked by highly nucleophilic I− anion.

From o-iodobenzoic acid several chemicals could be made, on of these and probably one of the most famous is the IBX and the Dess-Martin Periodane. 

Dess–Martin periodinane (DMP) is a chemical reagent used to oxidize primary alcohols to aldehydes and secondary alcohols to ketones. Compared to other reagents, it has several advantages that include milder conditions (room temperature, neutral pH), shorter reaction times, higher yields, simplified workups, high chemoselectivity, tolerance of sensitive functional groups, and a long shelf life. It is named after the American chemists Daniel Benjamin Dess and James Cullen Martin who developed the reagent in 1983.

It’s produced with a two step reaction, involving the oxidation of the iodine atom of the corresponding benzoic acid with Oxone or potassium-bromate and sulfuric acid, than treating the resulting IBX (2-iodoxybenzoic acid) with acetic anhydride. The only bad point in the synthesis, that the IBX and the DMP could explode if not treated properly. 

A laboratory technician lifts two plastic rods from a boiling bath of hot sulfuric acid to demonstrate the newly invented Teflon, 1940s.

Prompt: From anon: Hey, first of all, I love your stories! ❤️ Could you maybe write a Leonard McCoy Imagine with the Reader being selectively mute and he somehow manages to “make her talk to him”, if it’s not too much? I am selectively mute so it’s quite difficult and most of the time even impossible for me to socialise. Would be really cool :) 
Word Count: 1814
Author’s Note: I know this was a specific Bones request, but Spock hasn’t had a lot of action on my dash ever, and I felt he needed to be seen a little. Hope you like the fic, Nony!

“Y/N, do you have the samples ready for processing?” Spock stood beside you, looking over your shoulder. You nodded, and handed him the tray of vials. He nodded his thanks and stepped away, heading to the mass spectrometer. You were so grateful for the quiet way Spock just accepted you. He’d never questioned why you found it so difficult to speak, he just adapted his communication style to meet your needs. His messages to you were clear and concise and he’d commented on how well you expressed yourself through writing, which made it easier for him to just keep verbal communication to questions that could be answered with a nod or shake of the head. He might not completely understand your condition, but he respected your mind, and ensured you felt like a valuable and appreciated member of the Science division.

You checked your duty list, and proceeded to the next task. You were going to be working with some volatile chemicals. Spock seemed to assign you those duties a lot. He’d explained once that it was a question of logic to do so. You didn’t engage in social conversations while you worked, and therefore were less likely to be distracted by the other crew in the lab. This made your safety precautions more effective. You didn’t really mind. You knew that being diligent with your tasks would eventually lead to a promotion, which you’d never really considered when you first joined Starfleet, but you’d begun to realize was a very real possibility under the fair supervision of Spock.

It was nearing the end of your shift, and the captain had announced shore leave around the midpoint of the shift, so the crew was feeling distracted and rowdy. You knew you had enough time to get the investigation started, and once the chemicals were mixed, they needed nearly a week to sit before you could progress. Having shore leave in the mix was going to make the progress of the investigation feel a lot faster. You really wanted to have those first steps complete before you got on the shuttle to Risa. As you poured a particularly caustic chemical from its container into the measuring beaker, you got jostled by another lab technologist, and splashed the chemical on your arm. In surprise and pain, you cried out. It was the first time anyone in the lab had heard your voice, and Spock was over to you in an instant. He didn’t need to hear any explanations from the other crew member to know what had happened, and he led you swiftly over to the shower, rinsing the wound thoroughly. He drew the shower curtain to protect your modesty, and took a pair of scissors from the hook in the shower, cutting away your uniform with a cool indifference that made you feel safe, despite your nudity. He continued to focus the spray of the shower on the red areas of your skin, keeping one eye on the timer and another on your burns.

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10 Deezturdbeeng Metallicunts fakts

1 - No. 1 in Rolling stone’s ‘’the 100 most homosexual metal bands of all time’’ list

2 - If you play ‘’The four horsemen’’ backwards, you can hear Dave Mustaine saying ‘’I love my friends they will never kick me out’’

3 - James Hetfield was born in planet Krypton but was sent to the earth before its destruction

4 - Lars’ first drum kit was a bunch of stolen trash cans. 

5 - ‘’Lulu’’ actually stands for : Lars Ulrich Loves Urine

6 - They enjoy throwing  sulfuric acid to the crowd in concerts

7 - One night Kirk shat Ride The Lightning and that’s how the album was made

8 - No Metallica member knows how to write. They draw dickbutts to communicate and write songs

9 -  They are famous for saying ‘’We are bigger than Jesus’’

10 - Kirk Hammett is actually an Eldritch abomination

Acid-base homeostasis

Normal acid production in body 


  • Produced by oxidative metabolism of CHO, Fat, Protein 
  • Average 15000-20000 mmol of CO₂ per day 
  • Excreted through LUNGS as CO₂ gas 

FIXED ACIDS (1 mEq/kg/day)

  •  Acids that do not leave solution ,once produced they remain in body fluids until eliminated by kidneys
  •  Eg: Sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid

 Organic acids 

  • Are most important fixed acids in the body
  • generated during catabolism of: amino acids(oxidation of sulfhydryl gps of cystine,methionine) Phospholipids (hydrolysis) and nucleic acids 



  • Moderate changes in pH 
  • Combine with or release H+, cellular proteins, phosphate ions, haemoglobin, or bicarbonate 


  • Ventilation = rapid response, corrects 75% of disturbances; can also cause them 

Renal regulation 

  • Receptor-mediated endocytosis 
  • Directly by excreting or reabsorbing H+ 
  • Indirectly by changing in the rate at which HCO3– buffer is reabsorbed or excreted 


  • Normal pH : 7.35-7.45 
  • Acidosis  = abnormally low plasma pH - Acidemia: plasma pH < 7.35
  • Alkalosis = abnormally high plasma pH - Alkalemia: plasma pH > 7.45 
  • Metabolic acidosis: dietary and metabolic input of H+ exceeds excretion 
  • Metabolic alkalosis: loss of H+ through excessive vomiting or excessive ingestion of bicarbonate-containing antacids
  • Repository:  hyperventilation or hypoventilation cause pH to shift when PCO2 changes
She was alive



Prompt: the team has to find the reader but, when they find out where she is because of a video, she is already dead.

@overcastmisfitkid @paradiselover-18


You were tied up to a chair, a simple black one. The ground was wet because Diana filled a bit more the little pool that was in front of you.
At first you enjoyed the sensation of your feet in contact with the cold water, but the it became uncomfortable. Why had she filled a pool? You couldn’t understand it, as you couldn’t understand why she turned on a camera and positioned it below the pool.
She kidnapped you three days earlier. She came out of nowhere while you where walking home from the supermarket at late night. You could remember that moment very well.
At first you were worried, but then you know, you were sure he and his team were looking for you.
You were on the phone with your best-friend Spencer talking about the case he was solving there in Quantico. He scared you a little, but you never thought you could be the victim he was looking for.

He was looking at the board. There were five photos on it and the last one was yours. You took it some month earlier and he couldn’t help but look at your hair, suddenly remembering the good scent it had the last time he hugged you. Coconut.
You eyes were smiling like you mouth. He liked that photo a lot but he couldn’t stand looking at it for the reason he was doing.

“Reid, she will be ok.”

Garcia tried to comfort him. She knows how much you were important to him.
She smiled to give him some strength, but he didn’t do the same.

“You know, I’ve known her since college. Well, she was in college, I was not anymore, but it doesn’t matter… she convinced me to join the FBI. She helped me with mom when she had her bad moments, she was there for me after hard cases. I can’t lose her.”

“You won’t. We’ll find her.”

So she left him alone and he looked at your photo for the last time.

“Please, don’t die…” he whispered.

Morgan and Rossi were together, discussing the modus operandi checking the victims at the coroner’s again. All the five victims were drowned, but everyone in different liquids: alcool, bleach, sulfuric acid…
Of course the UnSub liked seeing pain in victim’s eyes, seeing them stop moving.
That’s what they could see from the videos the UnSub left at the crime scene. The team was able to see it after the crime was committed.
Always after, but not this time.
This time a link appeared on Penelope’s computer. She clicked on it and a video appeared on it.
She called everyone screaming.
It was you, tied up to that simple black chair in front of the pool.
When Spencer saw you, tears started forming in his eyes.

“So, tell them who you are, even if I bet they already know.” Diana, the UnSub said.

You stayed in silence. You didn’t want to play her insane game.

“Come on (y/n)” she suddenly grabbed your hair making you feel pain “I told you to tell them who you are!”

“I a-am (y/n). (Y/n) (y/l/n).”

“And why am I giving you the chance to tell them where you are?”

“Because my best-friend is on the team. You like playing with the FBI.” you whispered the last phrase, but she pretended to not hear.

“So, little (y/n), where are you? Where have I kept you for three days?”

Spencer stopped to breath to listen to the reply. He couldn’t believe he was about to save you.

“We are in the abandoned industrial building situated in Christopher street. We’re here…”

“Now let’s wait a pair of minutes for them heading the place, ok? Let’s sing.”

So she started to sing a really sad melody, you couldn’t even recognize what it was.

Of course the team headed their cars and headed the building you said about.
Spencer was happy because he was about to save, but at the same time he was worried. He did ’t know what it was, just some bad thoughts.
Penelope, who was on the phone to tell them what was happening on the video, said a thing.

“She untied (y/n) and… oh God, please, go faster guys!!” she screamed, terror in her voice.

“Why Garcia? Why?” Emily asked.

“She started. Started drowning her.”

Reid’s eyes closed, letting a tear to fall down his cheek. ‘There is still time. I will save her.’ he continued to repeat to himself.
After thirty seconds the arrived there and started to check out the building.
It took almost two minute to find the room where you were.
But when they entered…

“No… no no no no. (Y/n), sweetie please. Wake up.” Reid said running toward you.

You were lying on the floor. The water was still in the pool and the water that was on you when Diana took you out of it was already dried. Almost four days before. You lips and face were white. Your hands were cold. You were dead. Four days before.
He knelt next you. He looked at your face and he could swear you seemed sleeping peacefully. He understood. Everyone understood. He deluded himself he could save you. But he was not able to.
It was a recorded video. You left this world four days earlier and he was deluding himself to save you. But you knew he tried.

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what are the admins favourite chen fics?? (chen x any member)

Drunk and Fuck (Chen/Chanyeol, NC-17)
Easy After All (Chen/Baekhyun, NC-17, cruise!au)
Enemies Beware (Chen/Chanyeol, NC-17, wolf/vampire!au)
(Chen/Chanyeol, NC-17, archeologist!au)
Furry Little Problem (Chen-centric)
Leviathan (Chen/Suho, NC-17, pirates!au)
mirror’s edge (Chen/Baekhyun, parallel dimension!au)
Plant Life (Chen/Suho, NC-17, farmer!au)
Pocketful Of Sunshine (Chen/Suho, NC-17, cat!au)
Say Something (Chen/Suho, NC-17, broken/dysfunctional)
Supernovas in Collision (Chen/Luhan, superhero!au)
Tinder Love (Chen/Baekhyun, NC-17)

my ships are showing and I have many more, but oh well
- niki

A Succession of Kings (Chen/Suho, royal!au)
Allow Me To Serenade You (Chen/Luhan, university!au)
And the Truth Shall Make You Free (Chen/Suho, spy!au)
Asleep At The Switch (Chen/Luhan, Harry Potter!au)
Cold Water (Chen/Lay, university!au, ongoing)
Shattering Light (Chen/Suho, thunderbird!au)
Paperweight (Chen/Baekhyun, voice message!au)
Perseverance (Chen/Lay, fake dating!au)
Suddenly The Air Is New (Chen/Suho, nanny!au)
Sulfuric Acid Gets Out the Hard Stains (Chen/Kyungsoo, horror) 
Tales of a Fox (Chen/Luhan, historical!au, fox!au)
Worth (Chen/Lay, established relationship)

Cold Water is the only ongoing fic that I put in there but my friend is writing it and I think it’s so good asjdhfjhf please give her support!! And Sulfuric Acid Gets Out the Hard Stains is pretty frightening so please take the warnings seriously if you do think about reading it!
- alexa

Are You Wearing Space Pants? (Because Your Ass is Out of This World) (Suho/Chen, tentacles)
Aromatherapy (Chen/Kris/Chanyeol, ABO)
Changing Pace (Suho/Chen, sex toy)
Code Capybara (Suho/Chen, tattoo!AU)
I Wanna Walk On Your Wavelength (Chen/Xiumin, ABO) 
Just Us and Fire (Chen/Chanyeol, MAMA!AU)
Make Them Hear You (Suho/Chen, dystopian!AU)
Friday I’m In Love (Chen/Chanyeol, domestic AU)
It’s Gonna Be Forever [Or It’s Gonna Go Down In Flames] (Luhan/Chen, arranged marriage!au)
That Summer Magic (Suho/Chen, amusement park!AU)
The Song Beat In Your Chest (Baekhyun/Chen, wolf!AU)


Somali Astronomical/Astrological terms

Space = Fagaagga
Space and Time = Fagaagga iyo Semen
Solar System = Iskujoogga qorraxda
The Solar System = Isku-joog qorraxeed
Galaxies = Diillimo-caanoodyo

Planets = Meerayaasha
Planet = Meere
Planet = Malluug

The Sun = Qorraxda
Moon = Dayax
Mercury = Dusaa
Venus = Waxaraxirta(Sugra) ama Bakool
Earth = Dhulka
Mars = Farraare
Jupiter = Cirjeex
Saturn = Raage
Uranus = Uraano
Neptune = Docay

Saturn rings = Garaangaraha Raage ama Saxal
Dwarf planet = meere-cillin ah
Nebulae = Ciiryamada xiddigaha
Crab Nebula = Ciiryaamada
Super Nova = Xiddig dhimanaaya

Asteroids = Dhadhaabyo
Comets = Dibdheeryo
Meteorider = Burburka jibinta ama xiddigaha ridma
Meteor = Jibin
Meteorites = cir-kasoo-dhac ama shiidmadoobe

Light Year = If-sanadeed
Black holes = Dalool-madowbaha
Open Universe = Koonka Furan
Closed Universe = Koonka Xiran
Expanding Universe = isbaahidda Koonka
Light = ifka
Speed of Light = Xawliga ifka
Cosmos = Koonka
Color Spectrum = shucaaca ilayska-ifka

Lunar Eclipse = Dayax-madoobaad
Solar Eclipse = Qorrax-madoobaad
Calendar = Shintiris-sanadeedka
Leap Year = Sanad shindhalad ah

Astronomy = Xiddiga'aqoonta
Astronomers = ogaalyahannada xiddigo-aqoonta
Satellite = Dayaxgacmeed
Navigation Satellites = Hagidda dayaxgacmeedyada
Space Exploration = Sahminta fagaagga sare adduunka
Earth-based observatories = Rugaha kuurgalka fagaagga dhulkaku Saldhigan
Research Centres = Rugo cilmibaaris
Spacecraft = Gaadiidka Cir-maaxidda
Spaceships = Maraakiibta cir-maaxidda
Robot Vehicle = Alaadaha dadoobisan
Telescope = Doorbin
Mirror = Biladdaye
Lenses = Quraarada cadaska
Zoom = Waxweyneynta
Observatories = Rugo-kuurgal

Spherical = Ugxan
Rotation = meerwareeg
Rotate = udub-wareeg
North Pole = Qudbiga waqooyi
South Pole = Qudbiga konfur
Northern Lights = Wirwirka Qudbiga woqoyi
Southern Lights = Wirwirka Qudbiga koofureede
Equator = dhulbaraha

Core = Bu’
Inner core = Bu’da gudo-xigeenka
Sulfuric Acid = aashitada kibriidka
Greenhouse effect = kulaylkaydinta

Astronomical unit = Halbeegga xiddigaha
Diameter = Dhexroorka
Formula = Hab-xisaabeed

Particles = bitaanbitooyin
Anti-Particles = lidka-bitaanbitooyinka
Particles = iniino
Nuclear reaction = iskushubmidda bu'aha
Magnetic Field = Birlabta
Charge electricity = Cabbeynta Shixnadaha Jacda

Gravitational Forces = cuf-isjiidashada ama xoogga-jiiddada
Gravity = Cuf-jiiddada
Circuit: Mareegta
Current= Qulqulka
Forces = Xoogag
Earth’s gravity = Xoogga-jiiddada dhulka

Inertia Law = Xogta qaynuunka nuuxsi wax-negaadsan
Acceleration = Xowli
Response Act = Qaynuunka falka iyo falcelinta
Theory of Relativity = Fikriga isudhiganka
Quantum Theory = Fikriga imisada ama meeqada
Mass = Jir
Energy = Tabarta
Relative = Hadba Rogmada
Electromagnetic wavelengths = Dhererka hirarka ku danabeysan birlabta

Pyramids = Taallo-tiirriyaadyo
Zodiac = Cutubka Meecaad
Constellations = Cutubyada xiddigaha

Aries = laxo
Scorpion =daba-alleele ama dib-qallooc
Cancer = naaf
Gemeni = mataanaha
Virgo = afaggaal
Sagittarius = dameerajoogeen
Pleiades =Urur
Leo = Libaax

Capacitor = Madhxiye
Resistor = Caabiye
Diode = Laba Qotinle
Transformer = Dooriye
Socod Karaarsan = Accelerated Motion
Samaan = Time
Barobax = Displacement
Fogaan = Distance
Karaar = Acceleration
Keynaan = Velocity
Xawaare = Speed
Celcelis = Average
Socod Winiin = Circular Motion
Barobax –xagleed = Angular Displacement
Gacan = Radius
Karaar –xagleed = Angular Acceleration
Keynaan –xagleed = Angular Velocity
Xoog = Force
Culeys = Weight
Xoog –cuf –isjiidad = Gravitational Force
Xoog –dilaac = Shear Force
Xoog –giigsan = Tensile Force (tension)
Xoog –islis = Frictional Force
Xoog –ligan = Normal Force
Xoog –taab = Tangential Force
Xoog –urrur = Compressive Force (compression)
Xoog –xudumeed = Centripetal Force
Weheliyaha isliska = Coefficient of Friction
Daafad = Momentum
Daafad –xagleed = Angular Momentum
Gujo = Impulse
Gujo –xagleed = Angular impulse
Kalka = Period
Maroojin = Moment
Maroojinta Wahsiga = Moment of inertia (Angular mass)
Walhade = Pendulum
Tamar = Energy
Hawl = Work
Awood = Power
Tamar-keyd = Potential Energy
Tamar-socod = Kinetic Energy

Speed = Xawaare
Velocity = Kaynaan
Acceleration = Karaar (I think this is more appropriate than xowli and this is how i remember it from Fiisigiska)
Deceleration = Karaar-jab

Average Velocity: Kaynaan Celcelis
Momentum: Daabadayn
Diffusion: Saydhin
Capacitor: Madhxinta
Capacitance Capacitor: Madhxinta madhxiye
Radio Activity: Kaah
Infrared: Casaan Dhiimeed
Decay: Qudhmis
Decay series: Qudhmis isdaba Joog
Resistance: Iska caabin
Concave Mirror: Bikaaco Golxeed
Convex Mirror: Bikaaco Tuureed
Virtual Image: Humaag Beeneed
Real Image: Humaag runeed
Displace Ment: Baro bixin
Noble gases: Hawooyinka Wahsada
Vector: Leeb
Hir = Wave
Daryan = Echo
Itaal = Intensity
Tooxda maqalka = Range of audibility
Danan = Pitch
Isku duba-dhac = Resonance
Ileys = Light
Noqod = Reflection
Daahfurran/gudbiye = Transparent
Falaar abaareed = Incident ray
Golxo = Concave
Tuur = Convex
Xagasha qiirqiirka = Critical angle

Xisaab - Maths

Tiro = Number
Tiro tirsiimo = Natural number
Tiro idil = Whole number
Abyoone = Integer
Jajab/Tiro lakab = Rational number
Mutaxan = Prime
Farac = Composite
Tiro maangal ah = Real number
Tiro maangad ah = Imaginary number
Tiro kakan = Complex number
Wadar = Sum
Faraq = difference
Taran = Product
Qeyb = Quotient
Urur = Set
Hormo-urur = Subset
Hormo-urur quman = Proper subset
Dhextaal = Intersection
Isutag = Union
Duleedin = Complement
Aljebro = Algebra
Doorsoome = Variable
Tibix = Term
Hawraar = Expression
Tibxaale = Polynomial
Heer = Degree
Hawraar lakab = Rational expression
Isirayn = Factorization
Isir = Factor
Isle’eg = Equation
Isle’eg toosan = Linear equation
Isle’eg wadajira = Simultaneous equation
Sunsun = Sequence
Dareerimo = Series
Faansaar = Function
Wanqar = Symmetry
Tikraar = Intercept
Made = Asymptote
Tiirada = Slope
Weydaar = Inverse
Qiime sugan = Absolute value
Xididshe = Radical
Saabley = Quadratic equation

Joomitiri - Geometry

Bar = Point
Xariiq = Line
Xagal = Angle
Fool = Bearing
Barbaro = Parallel
Qoton = Perpendicular
Sallax = Plane
Goobo = Circle
Gacan = Radius
Dhexroor/Dhexfur = Diameter
Qaanso = Arc
Fatuuq = Sector
Labojibaarane = Square
Dhinac = Side
Laydi = Rectangle
Joog = Length
Balac = Width
Saddex-xagal = Triangle
Sal = base
Dherer = Height
Gundho = Centroid
Barbaroole = Parallelogram
Koor = Trapezoid
Qardhaas = Rhombus
Gunbur = Pyramid
Toobin = Cone
Dhululubo = Cylinder
Gabal Toobineed = Conic section
Goobo = Circle
Saab = Parabola
Gees = Vertex
Jeedshe = Directrix
Kulmis = Focus
Qabaal = Ellipse
Kulmisyo = Foci
Dhidib weyne = Major axis
Dhidib yare = Minor axis
Labosaab = Hyperbola
Dhidib-wadaaje = Transverse axis
Dhidib-xisti = Conjugate axis
Taxaneyaal = Matrices
Taxane = Matrix
Jiiftax = Row
Joogtax = Colunm
Suge = Determinant
Leeb = Vector
Itimaal = Probability
Abnaqan = Factorial
Raaboqaad = Permutation
Racayn = Combination
Waqdhac = Event
Xigidda = Differentiation
Xad = Limit
Xigsin = Derivative
Lid-xigsin = antiderivative
Abyan = Integration
Abyane huban = Definite integral

And finally, beautiful, fluffy crystals at the bottom of my flask! Great!

Purification of organic compound could be done on several ways, the most popular nowdays is chromatography, which is quite practical, but requires often a LOT solvent. Other methods include distillation what is a great method if the compound could be vaporized at room or diminished pressure and of course there is crystallization. 

Crystallization could be a highly complex problem if quite similar compounds are in the raw product and often several crystallizations should be made from different solvents to obtain a pure product, so crystallization is often stated as an art, but if it’s successfully done, it could afford perfectly pure products. 

Long ago a prof at the department recrystallized 1 g of a phthalocyanine dye from 1 liter of concentrated (95%) sulfuric acid. Hard to imagine, but it gave a pure product and the compound was isolated in a good yield.