BRB Playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature PSone on my PSP. 

#@$! Farmville. This is as old-school as it gets… then again, if we’re talking real old-school, there’s always ACTUAL real life farming that literally puts food on everyone’s tables. But I guess that’s besides the point.

But yeah the PSone Harvest Moon is one really addicting game. REALLY addicting. Around 9-10 years ago, we didn’t really pay any heed on the game when we first saw it sitting on the game store shelf, and would not have tried it out until my bro got it as a gift. If I remember correctly, I think my bro was getting around three gifts, and he gets to pick which game he wants (for his Birthday? Christmas? I couldn’t recall). I forgot the other two, but the last pick was Harvest Moon, and he just picked it up out of curiosity. 

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So when my bro started playing Harvest Moon, I don’t think he bothered with the other games that much. I saw him playing the game and… we were both playing it like crazy from that point on, during that whole summer. 

Flash forward to the present, we got the game again via PSN for $5.99, but it’s crazy that the original game, just like a lot of PSone classics (that isn’t “GREATEST HITS”), are now being bid and sold on for more than $100+ now. Their value would only steadily increase over time, so those who have PSone games and had kept them in mint condition, with the jewel cases and manual intact with little to no wear, you’re going to make some good money when you decide to sell them. Back to the game, I’ve been playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the past few days now, and it’s just as crazy addicting as it was when I played it during high school nearly a decade ago :P

sukotsuto replied to your video: A short and easy to follow video tutorial showing…

This seems to apply for the pen rather than pencil. I get less strain if hold it like a kitchen knife, securing the base using the pinky, and index and thumb grasping near the tip for control. Straight line done like a sword slash motion.

Pen or pencil doesn’t really matter really. He just decided to use a fineliner in the video, however there are pencils that are made to be held a certain way like for example carpenter-pencils.

The way you described holding the pencil sounds a lot like the way people hold carpenter-pencils. Maybe you should try out one of those, they’re apparently pretty nice to draw with.

As usual, I haven’t been uploading my stuff recently here. My USB drive is kinda wonky right now, as it sometimes couldn’t read my mobile phone USB and webcam USB connection. For now, I bring you this:

Digitally colorized version of an ink render of Matt Mitrione I did I think a couple of months ago. I’m still kinda experimenting with digital coloring, and I’ve been doing it via Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011. :P

dA link:

I can’t believe I haven’t uploaded this yet lol.

Self portrait oil painting practice on approx. 8 x 10" canvas board using the cheap oil paint set I bought months back. This is my second attempt at oil painting, right after that black and white oil painting I did in class. 

I was messing around with oil paints here, layering stuff whenever I made an error (which might have created a new set of errors lol). My palette’s one big mess since I’m still new to painting, I’m not really sure if I’m managing my stuff properly.

I want to do some more oil painting at home, but I can only do them in those canvas boards due to lack of space and no place to store em without someone accidentally touching or knocking it over.

Quoting a forum post I did a few minutes ago: 

Anyway, just woke up late, played finished playing some Battlefield 3. I tend to be a little vocal while playing, especially when I’m playing with teammates that do nothing but camp and be totally unhelpful. I REALLY hate snipers… if they’re in my team. I love snipers if they’re in the OTHER team, on the other hand, as after assessing hundreds of games, the chance a team will lose can be proportioned to the number of snipers in their team. For every noob camping sniper, their chances of winning decreases by 10-15%.

Name withheld to protect the innocent. 

I don’t play facebook games at all, except for Words with Friends. I like playing Words with Friends since I’ve always wanted to play scrabble with people online, and this seems to be the only free alternative that a lot of people play. 

Those already in my facebook friends’ list, feel free to challenge me. :P


These are some of the oldest drawings I have uploaded in facebook, which I think I made a year ago (Around Feb-March 2010). This was probably the first step I made towards deciding to become an artist instead, and one thing leads to another, I enrolled in college again and started my first semester in August 31, 2010.

The first drawing is a very close fight between MMA fighters Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida (known for using traditional Shotokan karate in MMA) and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (known for using Muay Thai extensively). I saw this high quality photo of them exchanging blows, with Shogun throwing a midsection thai roundhouse kick while Lyoto counters with a karate straight punch to the face. 

The second drawing was of Shane Carwin celebrating a victory. I forgot who he won against from that screenshot I referred to. I described him as “future UFC HW champion” prior to his fight against Brock Lesnar, and I feel he would’ve won that fight if it weren’t for his muscles locking up on him (unlike what most fans thought, it doesn’t look like a cardio problem to me). I’m still not counting him out for the UFC Heavyweight belt contention btw.

Both are done via artist pen and grey markers. If I were to redraw them with all the knowledge I learned… :P

I mentioned enrolled in college “again” since I took up CompSci a long time ago, back in 2003 up until 2005. That was before I noticed franchised schools see you more as dollar signs rather $$ rather than students, so despite me having the highest grades in the whole school (Well, most of the time up until a more hard-working girl student came along lol. It wasn’t much anyway since there are only like 25-30 of us there.), so the richest kids, despite them not caring about class enough with frequent tardiness and absences, are being given more attention to. A couple of my rich classmates actually offered to pay me to finish a project for them, but I declined, since I’d have less time to have fun (why did I have high grades again, when people mostly see me goofing off a lot?).

But yeah needless to say I pretty much forgot the programming languages that I learned then, and would require some serious refresher classes to get back in track in programming again. I’m not too fond of programming though, since I can’t spend hours in front of the computer monitor without feeling any sort of ill effects :P

Anyway, this was just supposed to be me posting up some old stuff, but it turned into a story of my old college days without warning lol.

I can never play MMORPGs. It’s really just a videogame genre I can never get into, no matter how good someone says about this or that MMORPG. Not that I haven’t tried getting into them… the problem here is that I had to TRY to like an MMORPG, instead of me genuinely loving it on my own.

The irony here is that I’m the one that first got everyone else I know hooked into the genre when it first came out in the Philippines via Ragnarok Online. I was one of the few thousands who first played Ragnarok Online during (closed?) beta when it was still free, and I told everyone I know, friends and cousins, about the game and a lot of them got hooked. REALLY hooked. 

I stopped playing a little after it was no longer free, and had only played the game sparingly a bit after until I’ve completely stopped playing the game and went back to my old arcade-playing ways. My friends and cousins hated me for not only getting them addicted, but also bailing out on the game so soon while they spent their whole allowances for more than year playing Ragnarok Online, spending hours and hours in netcafes.

External image

Pictured: Typical family-owned netcafe in the Philippines. I swear there’s a netcafe or two in every block in the city. 

Since there’s an experience deduction penalty for dying in-game in Ragnarok Online, one person I know actually shed a tear and was in momentary agony when his character died and he saw his experience points go down by 1%, roughly equivalent to more than ten hours of killing monsters in a dungeon. I wouldn’t even have the patience to grind that long in an RPG, let alone MMORPGs.

Which brings to the question: why? Why don’t I like MMORPGs? I feel there are a ton of reasons: 

- I hate grinding. ESPECIALLY if I have to fight the same monsters for hours ‘til end.

- I hate having to pay to play, and having to make the most out of playing the game by spending hundreds of hours on it if the payment plan is a monthly for unlimited play. Exception to this are arcade games.

- You start out like everyone else, and would have to go through great lengths to even try to be remotely unique from everyone else.

- Gameplay-wise, it doesn’t feel as solid as single-player games.

- Speaking of single-player games, seeing as I’m an old-school gamer, I tend to prefer to play alone, not wanting to be bothered or pressured by online friends or clanmates to play. I prefer to play on my own time rather than adjust myself in order to play with them. This is also the reason why I wouldn’t really make a good clan member in FPS games.

- My idea of multiplayer is usually playing with the person next to me or the same room in some console or arcade. It doesn’t feel as fun for me when the person I’m playing with is miles away.

That’s the gist of it. I’ve played a bunch of other MMORPGs throughout the years until I pretty much stopped bothering with the genre. They were never as fun to me as everyone else, no matter how hard I try. I’ve had more fun playing in the arcades, especially with friends, as I grew up with that.

Speaking of arcades, if I were still in the Philippines, I would likely go to the arcade every now and then whenever I visit the mall just to play a few games, before heading home. Shame arcades here in the US are so far and few in-between, while there’s at least one or two arcades in every mall in the Philippines, and there are like five malls within 15 minutes from where I used to live :P