BRB Playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature PSone on my PSP. 

#@$! Farmville. This is as old-school as it gets… then again, if we’re talking real old-school, there’s always ACTUAL real life farming that literally puts food on everyone’s tables. But I guess that’s besides the point.

But yeah the PSone Harvest Moon is one really addicting game. REALLY addicting. Around 9-10 years ago, we didn’t really pay any heed on the game when we first saw it sitting on the game store shelf, and would not have tried it out until my bro got it as a gift. If I remember correctly, I think my bro was getting around three gifts, and he gets to pick which game he wants (for his Birthday? Christmas? I couldn’t recall). I forgot the other two, but the last pick was Harvest Moon, and he just picked it up out of curiosity. 

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So when my bro started playing Harvest Moon, I don’t think he bothered with the other games that much. I saw him playing the game and… we were both playing it like crazy from that point on, during that whole summer. 

Flash forward to the present, we got the game again via PSN for $5.99, but it’s crazy that the original game, just like a lot of PSone classics (that isn’t “GREATEST HITS”), are now being bid and sold on for more than $100+ now. Their value would only steadily increase over time, so those who have PSone games and had kept them in mint condition, with the jewel cases and manual intact with little to no wear, you’re going to make some good money when you decide to sell them. Back to the game, I’ve been playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the past few days now, and it’s just as crazy addicting as it was when I played it during high school nearly a decade ago :P

sukotsuto replied to your video: A short and easy to follow video tutorial showing…

This seems to apply for the pen rather than pencil. I get less strain if hold it like a kitchen knife, securing the base using the pinky, and index and thumb grasping near the tip for control. Straight line done like a sword slash motion.

Pen or pencil doesn’t really matter really. He just decided to use a fineliner in the video, however there are pencils that are made to be held a certain way like for example carpenter-pencils.

The way you described holding the pencil sounds a lot like the way people hold carpenter-pencils. Maybe you should try out one of those, they’re apparently pretty nice to draw with.

Pictured: My inked artworks last year (or was it two years ago?). 

I haven’t posted anything that’s reblogged in a while in this here blog lol. 

Anyway, I didn’t really think about being an artist until two years ago, as I considered becoming a game designer (the reason why I took up computer science years ago), being in the game industry, then becoming an MMA fighter  -in that order- prior to becoming an artist. I did play around being a comic/manga artist back in high school, like many others, but didn’t take it seriously.

Now, ever since a couple of years ago, I just drew like crazy, and I had no clear idea how it all started. I suspected it was out of a whim… or probably out of desperation, due to me having serious doubts of making it as a fighter? I’d still consider fighting if I no longer have options, since martial arts was my obsession since high school (and still is). 

Once I get started on martial arts, I’d ramble incoherently non-stop, so I had to put a stop to that right now :P What I do have to say is that for some strange reason, transitioning from martial arts to art seems to work unusually well for me. It’s hard to pinpoint why, but the more I do art, the more it feels similar to doing martial arts.

I could list a bunch of reasons, but I feel most of them cannot be explained in words. I guess I had a decent grasp on how the human body and its muscles work from doing martial arts. The way my hand moves, may it be using pencil, charcoal, pen, or brush, is not too different from how I move my hand when I throw a punch or swing a weapon, and when I do either in a single bold, decisive manner, the more effective and meaningful it is. How I pace myself is quite similar as well. I could expand with more reasons, but I’d just ramble non-stop. :P