Calling all Sukisho/Sukisyo fans to action!

Since Sukisho is a really old anime/game, I can understand why it’s fandom is dead. However, that doesn’t mean we have to accept it!! Me, and a few other friends have plans to try and get this fandom back on it’s feet. Anyone can help with this! The more and more people post about Sukisho, the closer we get to getting the fandom back! Please help, even if it’s just by reblogging old stuff! Anything at all we do could help revive this fandom!

When Matsuri and Nao reunited..

Matsuri: Jeez Nao, it feels like forever since you drowned Sora in the deep end and burned down the swim club!

Nao: Sora was a bitch ass poser! Whatever. I did my time, joined a prison swim team, got out on crippling anxiety good behavior! Ha! Believe that!

Matsuri: You broke out didn’t you.

Nao: Who told you that!?