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160723 SUKIRA (KTR): Leeteuk talks about their accident in ‘07


Leeteuk: Since ***ssi talked about a tough story, do I also need to bring up a painful memory? Haha Before, when I was doing radio broadcast with Eunhyuk~ssi, we had a very big accident. To be precise, it was on April 19th. I can’t forget it. That time, me and Eunhyuk~ssi are the DJs and Shindong~ssi and Kyuhyun~ssi came out as guests. We had a corner “Find the 13th Member of Super Junior” that time. After that corner, we have another filming schedule so we decided to move and go out quickly. Usually, when the managers come, they sit in front and I sit at the back but that day, there were so many fans so the manager sat in the back and I had to sit in front. We were feeling good when we rode the car; it wasn’t the car we have always been using but Kangta hyung’s. That time, Kangta hyung has a different schedule so we got to borrow the car. 

We got into the car feeling good saying, “Let’s go to the next schedule~” but then that time our manager was not good at driving. He was also a new comer to the company. We were passing by Olympic blvd. and there were some slippery parts. And then when we got to the slippery part, (he) missed the handle and on the left…was it called a guard rail? We got on to that. The car could’ve twisted to the right but the manager got nervous so the handle was hwak! The car spinned and it suddenly screeched to the right. And then again he suddenly turned the handle to the left!! It spinned and I saw everything that happened because I was sitting in front. The car went to the right, and then left, big vans could tumble easily. 

That moment, I thought crazily like “Ah…it has only been few years since we’re doing activities. I want to succeed!”; “I want to live!” I suddenly remembered the moments when we debuted and our lives as trainees and that time I was thinking I wanted to live. I really held onto the bottom of my seat with all my power! I was holding onto it then the car when right and left. Then my face hit the window on the right side ppak! When I bumped into it, I screamed “Aaaaack!!!!” When the car turned over, I passed out. 

When I passed out, I thought like what you see in movies, “Ah, I’m dead now”. I was like that but I opened my eyes. In movies, you see the soul come out of the body when there’s an accident, right? I felt that way. That feeling. That’s why I was like “Oh? Where am I? Where am I?” then looking back, I realized that my body got hammed in the window of the car which turned over. My other eyes couldn’t see that time because my upper right eyelid got ripped and it was bleeding. 

When I (moved) my body like this, I had thought “Ah, I’m alive” then that moment I remembered the members. “Ya!! Are you guys okay??” then they replied “Yes, hyung, I’m okay~” “I’m okay”. I was thinking “What to do? What to do?” then suddenly Junjin~ssi’s manager was passing by Olympic blvd and saw us. He wasn’t sure if that was us but since the van got tumbled, he wanted to help so he went to our way. Shindong~ssi, Eunhyuk~ssi and I got off the car. I asked Shindong~ssi and Eunhyuk~ssi “You guys are fine, right” but then that time I didn’t see Kyuhyun~ssi. Then I asked Eunhyukkie, “Eunhyuk~ah, go quickly and try to find Kyuhyun” when we saw him thrown out of the window like that;Kyuhyun was sitting at the far back while listening to music when the car got swayed…yes, everything’s still fresh. 

An ambulance came and since I was bleeding, I was the first one they attended to but I told them it would be better if they could assist Kyuhyun first. I was waiting with Sinhdong and Eunhyuk when another ambulance came and then we left. First, we went to a hospital to be checked immediately and then we moved to a bigger hospital to have surgery for my waist and eyes. Shindong and Eunhyuk had to do an x-ray. Then suddenly the doctor was chasing Shindong after he saw the x-ray results. “Shindong~ssi!! You can’t move like this now!!” “Why? Why??” “We found a fracture. A fracture!!” Then he said “A fracture?” then the doctor showed the x-ray. “There’s a fracture on your right hand. Can you give me your hand?”

Then Shindong showed his hands to the doctor kkk Shindong placed his hands in front of the doctor’s face saying “But…my fingers are fine??? They are fine” kkkkkk Then the doctor asked again if he’s really fine.They found out that there was a mistake in the x-ray and the doctor asked in he’s feeling pain in other parts. Shindong’s back was slightly scraped. Then the doctor asked him how was it scraped then Shindong answered because the back door of the van was small. Me and Eunhyuk were quite slim and we were able to get out but that time, Shindong was quite fat so when he was coming out, he got scraped. kkk Now, I talk about this while laughing but then that time it was really…It was really difficult. Seeing the members are actively doing projects, most especially our Kyuhyunnie who does jokes well, drinks alcohol well and does broadcasts well, I feel very happy.

korean text credit to: 56fabiola58, english translation by tinyyhae


160929 Leeteuk’s last live Sukira broadcast:

Leeteuk’s first and last letter to the Sukira family..

To everyone in the Sukira family, I’m holding the pen for the first time like this for everyone. 

I should have written a letter earlier but this letter is my first and last letter to you all. 

It has been 10 years with everyone and I don’t know how to put 10 years worth of words on a piece of paper. It’s like writing a love letter, writing, writing and erasing, writing and erasing. 

Sukira is like a place where I’m able to find peace like a girlfriend who makes me excited and sad. Sukira is a friend whom I spent my 20s with for over 10 years. 

From 2006 to 2016, the child-like idols in their 20s who became huge seniors & old people in the music industry. University students who were once girls going through puberty listening to Sukira while studying, becoming a man’s woman and becoming a child’s mum. 

Even though it’s sad that time is running, it’s a natural thing but thank you for letting me feel that the time was shared for a while. 

Always being unsure of farewells, being afraid of farewells, I want to delay this break up. But it’s time to part with everyone. I’m sorry. 

Those who listened attentively to our voices, laughed and cried together for 10 years and those who became our new family members in the middle. I’ve always said “When you’re having a hard time or when you suddenly thought of something, I will always be here from 10pm to 12am, so come.” but I’m really sorry that I can’t keep the promise anymore. 

Thank you for loving, supporting and listening attentively to me who is lacking. Also to those behind the scenes making the 2 hours broadcast go smoothly daily, understanding our ridiculous schedules for 10 years and for letting the Leeteuk who is able to speak well now voice be heard, our Sukira PDs, writers and staffs. 

Today too, the studio is empty and lonely. Thankful to our Super Junior members, thank you Eunhyuk, Yesung, Ryeowook, Sungmin for being Sukira’s string together. 

Eveyone, I, Leeteuk will come back again. I’m still lacking of life experiences and there are many things that I don’t know. I’ll come back again to relate and hug everyone after I’ve experienced, studied and learnt more. 

I always say this right? “It’s not the END, but AND” and dream of the day we meet again, feel the excitement of that day and live well. I’m really thankful for all those times. You, KISS family, are more precious than anyone in this world. I sincerely love you. 

video: Povy L  |  © 58fabiola58  |  trans: eunhaes_

[TRANS] 160226 Sukira

T: I prepared this album for 1 year 6 months. I wanted to show a more improved side of me. So I went to America  when I had free time to receive lessons. I had a time of self-development on my own.

T: I want to have a (solo) concert in Korea and also have an overseas tour to let people around the world know about my music.

T: “if there’s a chance I wanna share my music through a concert with kfans and even iFans”

Taemin mentioned he stayed up late often to practice for this comeback.

R: How did you write the lyrics for Soldier?
T: I wrote it all at once while I was on a plane. I think I had a difficult time writing it for a week. I was on a plane for an overseas schedule and suddenly had an idea and wrote it.

(on ‘Sexuality’)
T: I had worries about this song. The title is ‘Sexuality’ and was worried whether it’ll not meet the censorship standard but I decided to keep the original title. I think this song shows off my charms.

Taemin: I think that this song (drip drop) is a song that’s the closest   representation of me. That’s why I also filmed a dance music video

R: How did you take that kissing photo?
T: I took it one by one and it was done by chromakey. It actually has an internal meaning to it. If you watch the music video, there’s 2 of me. A stronger side of myself and another different internal side of me. I tried to capture that moment in the album jacket photo.

R: You skin has become so good. Did you receive skin care?
T: I slept just a moment ago so I think it got better momentarily.

R: How do you take care of your health?
T: I try to have a well-regulated days even when I have to stay up overnight. I exercise regularly and I eat anything if it’s beneficial for my health!

DJ asked about Taemin’s imaginary dating. Taemin replied that he has imagined what it’d be like to be a campus couple if he was not a celebrity.

T: After shooting the music video and up until now, I have lost 2 wallets so far.

(Taemin called Moonkyu)
Taemin said he’s really not used to calling Moonkyu Timoteo.
Moonkyu: we both don’t talk well so when we’re together talk doesn’t go smoothly

Cr: coolcat; fantaemsie; z0eyyy

160425 SUKIRA (Kiss The Radio) with DJ Leeteuk and Yesung

Leeteuk asked why his first radio broadcast was Cultwo Show. Yesung called the manager and asked to help him answer.

Leeteuk: We’re considered as people from the old times, Yesung-ssi.
Yesung: I’m not. I just debuted. I’m a rookie artist.

Yesung only used 1 minute on the show to promote his album.

Someone requested for Yesung to sang a bit of “Spring in Me” but he forgot the lyrics because it should be “snow flakes” originally as the album will release in Winter.

 Yesung sang ‘Spring in Me,’ Leeteuk said, “Ah, you really sing great. As expected of a SuJu member." 

Yesung: I wanted to add Confession as one of the side tracks of a Super Junior album, but it failed.

Leeteuk said that a lot of fans are requesting for "My Dear." 
Yesung said that he really wants to sing it on Sukira.

Yesung cried while singing “My Dear”.
[My Dear is the song that I think about SJ and ELF. The last Lyric was about SJ gather and stand in front of ELF and Shine. ©]

Leeteuk: Yesung has been crying a lot since he released his album. And getting so stressed. What’s the real reason?

Leeteuk asking Yesung to not cry.
Yesung answering with "You too, don’t cry~”

Yesung: It’s because I felt lonely and insecure. I wasn’t able to see the members (personally), which were always with me.

trans by yesungtrans & onlyesung

[Trans] 20160223 Sukira - DaeJae's driving license & Daehyun's driving style

[Trans: hellosaya]
[Korean to Japanese Trans: loze0719 (Twitter)]

Both Daehyun & Youngjae passed their driving test in one attempt. The driving school has also mentioned something like “This place is difficult to get a pass” and Daehyun went to Gangnam, which is one of the most difficult place to get his driving license.

Daehyun: It’s difficult to drive in Busan. Busan people drives in SangNamJa Style (Manly style, people drives wildly).

Youngjae: Daehyun too (laughs)?

Ryeowook: I still drive with both hands. You’re not driving with both hands right?

Youngjae: Daehyun drives with single hand (laughs) What if he drives with his feet (laughs)

121209 Sukira
  • Listener: Do you have any occupational disease? (Meaning: something that usually happens with people in certain occupation)
  • Min: When i recieved a call that says 'Hello, customer', i instantly respond 'Hello, we're Super Junior!' ^^; And when the respond was 'Ah...Yes...?', i was very embarassed.
  • Wook: When i push the button to pick up the interphone inside our dorm, i say "We're Super Junior" ^^;
  • Min: Also when i walk the street, i can't let people recognize me so i have to wear hat to cover my face. But when i think people starting to notice i need to run away!
  • Wook: that's right! ^^ But lately if i'm recognized by someone, i just let it be that way. I don't really care very much. ^^; Also when i go to the restaurant. The owner ask me "Can you please sign...?" So i said " Where's the cardboard and pen?" But it turned out the owner was asking me to sign the receipt! I was really embarassed! ><""
  • Min: Ahahaha! I used to travel to Pusan and someone said to me "please take a picture" so i posed but they handed me their camera instead~!
  • Wook: to Sungmin-ssi? They didn't recognize you?
  • Min: i think so... ^^;
  • Wook: We should try harder! ^^;
  • Japanese translated: @miyahee09
  • English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)
[TRANS][SUKIRA] 111129 How tall is Sandeul?
  • NOTE: They were reading a request from a girl in middle school who gets teased by her tall brother for being very short.
  • RW: Sandeul, how tall are you?
  • SD: I'm 178 cm. (About 5'10")
  • RW & SM: *GASP*
  • SD: But when I'm standing with the members I look the shortest..
  • SM: You're the shortest?
  • SD: Among them I look short.
  • YH: Uh oh, is this Sandeul's self-destroying statement?
  • RW: But in Super Junior, you'd be one of the tallest..
  • trans cred: mr. jiyoung @ AVIATEB1A4