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TBG have been massive fans of Poetic Pilgrimage, and have been anxiously waiting for the release of their documentary, Hip Hop Hijabis for ages! 

The documentary follows the journey of these two pilgrims as they continue to strive for their performances to be accepted in a community that finds it difficult to accept the fusion of hip hop, reggae and Islam. Their candid addressal of the hypocrisy and double standards their face is …..

Their segment on Al Jazeera’s The Stream (above) touches on some pertinent issues. In addition to giving us in an insight into their relationship with each other, and the difficulties they’ve faced as Muslim women on a stage, they raise an important question: why is it that arts from different cultures are widely accepted in the Islamic community, but reggae and hip hop are increasingly dismissed as ‘un-islamic’? The roots of hip hop stem primarily from the fight for social justice, which, if i’m honest, align with the majority of Islamic principles.  

As Muslims, we should be ashamed that this kind of racism exists in the wider Islamic community, especially because our religious tradition is founded upon artistic expression, specifically poetry. 

Watch the segment above, the trailer of their documentary, and let us know your views.

- A x

P.s so who’s gonna be tuning in on Sunday to watch the documentary!?


“Saints in the City” by Sukina (Poetic Pilgrimage) 

this is for those with mercy in their eyes
whose prayers have the power to pierce the skies

to those who have come to the conclusion
that this world is but an illusion
that will one day fade
and all that will be left is
His face