DARAHAE FEVER~ Are they really just FRIENDS?

These past few days have been a roller coaster ride for DaraHAe shippers. And here I am analyzing their so called 10 years of Friendship. XD

  1. First off this week during SS6 Donghae said he invited Dara to the concert in front of thousands of overly obsessed ELFs and Damn he was not afraid if the fans get butthurt for inviting his friend that is a GIRL and which happens to be SANDARA PARK the ideal type of many male celebrities and the perfect epitome of Goddess.  Do you see that sparkle of happiness in his eyes after he said her name…his members couldn’t be anymore happier teasing him about it! XD ♥^^♥

  2. On that same day Dara followed Donghae on Instagram. (So she could tag him?LOL) 10 Years of Friendship yet they only followed each other just recently?!! I guess in the past they were afraid that the fans willl make a huge fuss about it…of course they will gdi what do you expect? this is showbiz, people love assuming and making issue about lil things. That is why DaraHae no longer gives a fuck about that (They’ve kept it far too long) and showed off to everyone their closeness. Dating or just Friends… still their interactions are the cutest thing in the world! And I am so glad that most BJs and ELFs support them~ They are the key to end the SM x YG war? OMG now that I think about it they’re like the idol versions of Romeo and Juliet?! hahahaha
  3. Take note that 4Minute’s Jihyun (who he is also close with) was also there yet Donghae only mentioned Dara’s name in front of everyone. Dara and Jihyun both took a selca with Donghae backstage but it was DaraHae’s selca that made it to the news and everyone went Bazingga! It’s weird how Jihyun and Donghae had a more couple like pose as compared to the 6 inch gap between DaraHae yet no one gave a damn about that and were like “DaraHAe is REAL! They’re Dating!”. Gawd if Donghae put his arm around Dara like what he did with Jihyun…I can imagine the painful wails of Fanboys and Fangirls around the world. And the Victorious screams of DaraHae shippers…hehe

  4. They have been friends way back in high school and no one had a single clue about it. We started shipping them even without knowing that they were close all along. I remember how Dara use to post Donghae’s pics on PEX while she was still in the philippines and Donghae’s random mention of “Sandara Park” on a show. His secret glances during MAMA. Dara following him on twitter out of the blue…to the cute twitter convos up to this moment…gawd They are just so perfect for each other and all I want is that they’ll confirm it to everyone that they are DATING! XD 
  5. srsly Sungmin revealed he was dating yet the reaction of the public wasn’t as surprised as when DaraHAe revealed that they were
  6. ok so I conclude that Dara and Donghae are Dating and that they are using this friendship thing to prepare the fans for the BIG EXCITING news that they are already engaged and that they’re getting married next year. LOLJK. kbye.