so kibum has officially left suju- right so hangeng and kibum both are not part of suju, like officially- i’m cool with people supporting them still ok because i support them both too, i respect them both and support their solo activities and whatever they do, but the fans who support them, but don’t support henry and zhoumi too can fuck off. mimi and henry put their all into the group and unconditionally love the rest of the members and support their activities that they probably wish they were a part of. they cheer them on when they’re on stage and they’re not, like eunhyuk said once “doing super shows with them and watching them wait for hours in the waiting room after performing ¾ songs hurt us”…but despite that, mi and henry are cheering them on from the sidelines, and that’s why i respect them both so fucking much. when they’re on stage and they’re getting hate from the fans chanting ‘only13′ they still stay so cheery- like i swear it pisses the other members off more than it does them, or at least that’s how it appears because they both keep singing and smiling. i seriously fucking love henry and zhoumi ok

“if you can’t support the 15, what kind of elf are you?” -heechul

Suho, Chen - 150104 Super Junior M Guest House twitter updat: “수호 첸은 예능천재 동해형과 긴장 푸는 중~♥️오늘밤 #슈주M과 #엑소 가 한자리에! 이건 모다? 무조건 봐야 하는 고다!! 꿀잼 보장! 12시 15분 본방사수♥️ ”

Translation: “Suho and Chen releasing their anxiety with entertainment genius Donghae hyung~󾬌️ Tonight #SujuM and #EXO in one place! What is this? It’s something you must watch!! Fun guaranteed! Don’t miss the broadcast at 12:15 󾬌️”

Credit: Super Junior M Guest House.


kim heechul, who still inspires me more than anything -

you still light up my life. i am incredibly lucky that, for more than a third of the time i’ve been alive, i have been your fan, your petal – looking up to you, growing with you. it’s kind of astounding to look back and realize what a formative role you played in my life, from the other side of the world. it’s just as astounding to think that you probably don’t know that you shaped a person’s life in such an amazing way. from you, i learned to be loyal, to live without fear, to exist on my own terms. any good in me i owe to you for being the best, most unique role model i could imagine. you made me smile when nothing else did. you are my idol. you are brave, brilliant, caring and compassionate, and you are yourself in a way that has always put me in awe. i want nothing more than for you to be happy, and when i see your success, your friendships, your adorable insta live today, i feel a little more at peace to know that you are happy. i love you forever, and i hope your birthday is as special to you as it is to me.

♡ sarah