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“M Countdown Top 10″ with “The Little Prince” by Ryeowook at the 2nd place on the 4th February 2016.

“M Countdown Top 10″ avec “The Little Prince” de Ryeowook à la 2ème place le 4 Févier 2016.


Henry’s Lunar New Year Greetings, with English subtitles.

Les Voeux de Nouvelles Année Lunaire de Henry, avec sous-titres Anglais.

Kung Hei Fat Choi! or Happy Lunar New Year in Korea!

Snakes also tend to listen to their intuition and make a lot of money, but also try to be thrifty.

Won Bin, So Ji Sub, PSY, Lee Jongsuk, Kim Bum, Woobin, Jung So-Min, Daesung of Bigbang, Doojoon, Hyunseung, and Junhyung of B2ST, Ailee, Henry of Suju-M, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Yuri, and Hyoyeon of SNSD, Donghyun of Boyfriend, Jokwon of 2am, Wooyoung of 2PM, Yonghwa of CNBLUE, Sooyoon of Royal Pirates, Onew of SHINee are among the Snake people in the Korean entertainment scene.

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Rules: Put your phone/ipod on shuffle and name the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. @chaelinssi

1. luv sickness, part 2 // mad clown feat. the quiett

2. woof woof // shinee

3. crazy girl // kim bohyung

4. a million pieces // kyuhyun

5. fly high // suju-m

6. imma new thang (intro) // u-kiss

7. oppa, oppa // d&e

8. crazy dog // yezi feat. san e

9. not yet… // orange caramel

10. different // winner

I need more blogs to follow. ;n;

My dashboard is like 96% with Exo and the 4% are other groups, ughh, so I really do need more blogs that post these groups: ((Would help me ALOT if you could also write which groups your blog contain of, thx♡))
Boy groups :
- Bts
- B.a.p
- Day6
- Vixx
- Got7
- Infinite
- SHINee
- Super Junior (Idc if it’s SuJu M/D&E/K.R.Y or M&D)
- Winner
- Monsta X
- Seventeen
- Up10tion
- Teen Top

Girl groups :
- Exid
- Red Velvet
- TaeTiSeo
- Snsd ( but just with Jessica ok)

Would also be very very nice if someone post about those two Kdramas ;; :
- Sassy Go Go
- The Heirs
And I just look into blogs that REPOST this, not into them who like this post ;-;


Could I get a ship with bts, exo, got7, monsta x, super junior, and ikon please if your ships are open 😊 than you 😍


SHIPS by sujajin

none of the following gifs/photos are mine


BTS : Namjoon

EXO : Kris

GOT7 : Jackson

Monsta X : I.M

SUJU : Siwon

iKON : Junhoe

AHHHH SO PRETTY! I hope u like ur shipssss! :)

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I'm not sure if you're aware of the sones' hatred towards Super Junior and ELF, but I think I know another reason why they hate them other than the crap that sones claim SJ did to some of the members. Super Junior has a true bond, a real friendship, and sones hate that their bond is so real because SN8D can't even pretend they love each other anymore.

That’s probably why they hate f(x) and MeU too… goddamn sones, there’s no way they can cover the sun with a finger!

Anyone with any sense can see their precious soshibond is as fake as a 3 dollar bill.
[EngSub] Radio Star Ep.463 ||
By [EngSub] Radio Star Ep.463 ||

“Radio Star” with Ryeowook and Henry as guests and Kyuhyun as a MC, full episode 463 with English subtitles.

“Radio Star” avec Ryeowook et Henry en tant qu’invités et Kyuhyun en tant que MC, épisode 463 entier avec sous-titres Anglais.

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Hi! Could I get a Got7 and SuJu ship? I'm 5'4 a teensy bit chubby but also muscular and sort of curvy. I really love to cook, eat, draw, write, run, play basketball, guitar and sleep. I also love video games but I'm not like obsessed. Anime is life too. People say I look slightly cold and I have kind of a rbf, but inside I'm a fluffball basically. I'm more of an ambivert and a Pisces. I do enjoy skinship to a certain extent. Ummmm yeah! Thanks you so much!!!!!

Going off of all your characteristic traits and style we think these boys suit you best. They both enjoy skinship like you and are total fluffballs after you get past their rbf. Also I believe these boys would prefer a chubby/curvy girl to spend their time with and youre also very active which would definitely win over these boys.

Got7: Jackson

Super Junior: Donghae

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I only have one ship in my inbox rn!

I’m doing it rn, but I want some more to do after that, so be sure to send in requests! I would also love it if you guys would send in some more stuff besides written ships, like reactions and mtl and selcas! Thanks fam!