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Super Junior is coming back this October and i swear if they could come back on my bday, my life would be complete in my eyes. 😂😂 (still not over the fact ELF waited 2 years and was this close to having everyone back.. I’m more upset about Sungmin not being in the comeback considering he really didn’t do anything wrong.)

The mistery of the concept

I’ve seen a lot of people speculating about what “warning” means and what super junior is trying to hint at us, so…

Which one do you agree with the most:

A) Romeo & Juliet

B) Police 👮 maybe like detective ? Idk

C) 18+

D) Black & white

E) None of the above

Honestly what is it? If u have any other idea please do share.

The comeback doesn’t even have a date yet and I can’t deal with super junior members already they are posting so much but they’re so random I’m so confused , is everything a hint? Are they just messing with us? What the f are They talking abooouttt??? Driving me crazy honestly , what the hell is a warning? Everything donghae posts is black and white, dos that have a meaning other than he’s a hipster at heart? Hyukjae I just,…yesung….help shindong is shady af Idk. they are so blatant about this that it is actually so confusing why can’t they be normal?

You can come and talk to me about this cause if u have any idea what this is lol, I honestly have no clue or lets freak out together.


[STATION] “U&I” Music Video by Sunny x Henry was released on the 15th September 2017.

[STATION] Le Clip “U&I” de Sunny x Henry est sorti le 15 Septembre 2017. 


Here are some of the most viewed K Pop boy group music videos of 2017! Who’s your favourite?
[V LIVE] [Replay] 2017 Snowball Concert (2017 SNOWBALL CONCERT)

“V Live” with Henry and Shindong performing 2017 Snowball Concert on the 29th August, full concert.

“V Live” avec Henry et Shindong interprétant le Concert 2017 Snowball le 29 Août 2017, concert entier.