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  • Sungmin: Heechul made me call people and tell them he was dead to see how they’d react.
  • [earlier that day]
  • Heechul: Is he crying? Is Leeteuk crying?
  • Sungmin: A little.
  • Heechul, grabbing the phone: You should be wailing, you stone cold bitch!
  • Heechul: Now call Eunhyuk.

Thank you Leeteuk, for being the best leader you can be, even if you have too much on your own hands.

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Thank you Heechul, for being so extra with variety, yet so caring to your members and showing your soft side.

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Thank you Hangeng, for keeping the connection with your brothers and wanting to perform with them again like the past memories.

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Thank you Yesung, for being your unique self, and singing with your strong and husky art like voice.

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Thank you Kangin, for showing your own special way of caring for Super Junior; even if you’re struggling, you’re willing to admit your mistakes.

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Thank you Shindong, for being the mood-maker within the group and helping the members anyway you can.

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Thank you Sungmin, for never forgetting the members despite your marriage, and still maintaining your adorable personality.

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Thank you Eunhyuk, for joking around with everyone and smiling with your classic gummy smile.

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Thank you Siwon, for opening up your group with your acting as you still refer to yourself as a Super Junior member.

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Thank you Zhou Mi, for being your bright self despite everything you gone through and for taking care of Super Junior-M.

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Thank you Donghae, for smiling like there’s no tomorrow, and always reassuring the members whenever needed.

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Thank you Ryeowook, for making sure Super Junior is properly taken cared of by being your motherly self.

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Thank you Kibum, for remembering Super Junior, even if you moved on your own towards a slightly different path.

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Thank you Kyuhyun, for despite teasing your elder members, you still love them with all your heart.

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Thank you Henry, for expressing all of your amazing talents and enduring being a foreign member from across the country.

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Thank you Super Junior, for being The Last Man Standing, remembering the fact that your path is an and, not an end.

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(Even though most of you guys just tripped here… oh the irony indeed.)

About Sungmin and the division among ELFs

There’s been a lot of anti-Sungmin sentiment lately and I for one had no idea why there was hate for him to begin with. “Are K-ELF angry bc their bias got married??” I think that’s the most common reaction among I-ELF but that of course isn’t it. What bothers me the most is the divide between Korean & International ELF tbh. Each side calling the other stupid/ignorant bc “they don’t get it but they think they know everything” is very unfair. BOTH sides need understanding. Do research, try to hear what the other side is saying rather than judging them based on a couple of angry/hateful comments.

I did. I looked up posts from K-ELF on “reasons why Sungmin will never regain Korean fans” and read them. And you know what? I GAINED UNDERSTANDING. I finally get why K-ELF feel betrayed. But you know what else? I ultimately still support Sungmin (just FYI he’s not even my bias in SuJu so don’t go there).

I agree that the timing for his wedding was extremely poor especially considering what had happened with Leeteuk’s family & also the SS6 tour & the album promotion period. It was a selfish move to push on with the wedding. It just was. Also, him using bodyguards during fanmeetings to basically bully fans from bringing up the topic- very wrong. And denying the rumors to Korean fans but admitting it to others- also not cool. Plus, forcing his then gf’s nickname onto others via his new signature was kinda lame.

Even though I sympathize with K-ELF on those points, I still choose to support Sungmin & his wife bc at the end of the day, I feel like it was just a really unfortunate confluence of events, bad timing & yes, a tablespoon of selfishness (really like a cup if we’re keeping to cooking ratios but you get the point). They wanted to get married on the one year anniversary of their first meeting and he didn’t want to put it off bc he was enlisting 3 months later. They really wanted to be married. I can’t hate on him/them for that. Yes, it came at the expense of a couple of things- namely the inconvenience of his group but I don’t believe that means he doesn’t care about Suju anymore. He made a choice for himself and his love and put it ahead of the group. Priorities change in life, but again, it doesn’t signify that he has stopped caring about the members or the fans.

But- and I really want to emphasize this point- if the guys can move on from it, why shouldn’t we as fans? I’m not saying they’re all over it- it may well remain a sore point within the group- but to go so far as to assume that they want him out is going too far. By going against Sungmin and his participation with the comeback later this year, you are hurting the group as a whole. Losing Hangeng & Kibum was hard enough at the time, but now you expect them to expel him from the group almost 12 years into this thing (plus Kangin but that’s another topic for another day)? No. I also want to add that my main contention with the anti-Sungmin K-ELF and really with ALL fans in the world who feel like he/they/ANY idols owe their career to them (the fans). I disagree. Fan support is crucial & necessary but to say that “THEY OWE US” is going over the top imo. Just as the idols aren’t entitled to any fan support, we as fans are not entitled to access into the idols’ lives.

For the sake of full disclosure, I think most I-ELF are miffed by K-ELF, not just because of this mess but also from the Henry-ZhouMi disaster from way back when. They were not welcomed (to put it very politely) and found support from the international fans. It still breaks my heart to hear them talk about how they were THIS close to quitting bc of the backlash against them joining. Hell, to this day, a number of ELF still don’t acknowledge them as a part of Super Junior. As Heechul once said, “if you can’t support all 15 members, then what kind of ELF are you?”

What upsets me most about this is the fact that we had a petition for Sungmin to stay with tons of signatures and we wrote emails to SM about wanting him to stay and we were’t listened to. It makes me wonder why they even asked our opinions if they weren’t going to tell the boys that international ELF wanted him in this comeback. I need to know where I can send them letters that they will for sure get, I don’t trust SM with my boys anymore. Let’s do our best to let them know we want Lee Sungmin in this comeback.

They need to know we want him where he belongs, on that stage standing with the others. 

SUJU Reaction: Sending them dirty pictures while they're at work.

Sorry for taking so long. -X

Leeteuk: “What is she doing?”

Heechul: “What am I going to do with this girl?” 

Yesung: *Smiling a like a freak for the rest of the day and scaring everyone*

Kangin: *Enjoying the photo but remembers he’s at work*

Shindong: “Is that what I think it is?”

*While looking at the photo*
Yesung: “What are you looking at Sungmin.”
Sungmin: “Oh, nothing at all.” 

Eunhyuk: “Just wait till I get home.”

*Laughing at the situation*

Siwon: *Calls you during his break* “You better be ready when I get home.” 

Ryeowook: *When he sees the picture*“Well what do we have here?" 

Kyuhyun: “She’s going to regret this.”

Zhou Mi: *To his members and manager* “Are we done here? I need to go home ASAP.”

Henry: *Starts acting like a child*"I see her underwear.”


What Super Junior would post if they ran a Tumblr Blog

Leeteuk: He would be very open with his followers, like they were all his babies LOL. His blog would be those travel/hipster type bogs that always post a bunch of white sheets and blankets. 

Heechul: His blog would definitely be Anime, with the occasional Frozen fan art. I feel he would also post a lot about the J-rock groups/bands he listens to and some poetry now and then. 

Hangeng: Because his home and family are in China, he would post a lot about the scenery and history of it. However, his blog would mainly contain puns that are so bad they’re funny. He’d have a multi-fandom blog, but he wouldn’t be too involved in theorizing. 

Yesung: His blog would always seem to be on a spam of couple goals, but when he’s not re-blogging black and white gifs of cute couples hugging, he would be posting a lot of art, fashion, and music of bands you’ve never heard of. 

Kangin: Sports, movies, and random stuff that pop up out of context. His blog would be quite personal, but also end up super popular. He would be the type of blogger that doesn’t socialize with his followers unless they send him asks, but he would be VERY friendly and loving. 

Shindong: I feel like Shindong would have a lot of gaming and tv production.His blog would always have tutorials and cool facts that you probably don’t need LOL

Sungmin: FOOD. His Tumblr would be similar to his actual blog. Food, fandoms, and couple stuff LOL Except it would be on the couple he is actually in. He’d be popular among his followers and be very social with them, even gaining a few of them as friends. 

Eunhyuk: The funny blogger, the one that all of his followers have a crush on, whether they’ve seen his face or not. He would only reblog things about the fandoms he is a part of and would post a lot on his theories and ideas for whatever he is into. Also, the occasional dirty joke or gif would pop up without warning. Yes, he would be THAT blogger. 

Zhou Mi: He’d be the blogger who’s friends with all of his followers, he’d encourage people to come to him with their problems so he could help them. But while he wasn’t doing that he’d be blogging about his own experiences and posting his own pictures. 

Siwon: His blog would be full of puppies and random stuff he likes, including religion quotes. However, he would end up spamming your dash with funny pictures and gifs. 

Donghae: He would rant to his followers about his crush or his day, or random stuff he likes. His blog would just be a bunch of random things he likes: puppies, american artists, movies, every fandom you can think of. He would be crazy popular though.

Ryeowook: Food and cute art, with the random spam of couple goals like twice a week LOL He would be the friendly blogger who gets lots of cute asks 

Kibum: Although I don’t know much about Kibum, I feel his blog would be very personal. He’d post reviews of movies or books he likes, Write about his own life and be pretty open with who he was. I feel he’d be the type of blogger that people follow just to get to know him~

Kyuhyun: Food, travel, and gaming. He would be the blogger that seems to never be off of Tumblr. He’d ALWAYS be night-blogging, no matter what time of day it was. He’d always complain a lot about how hungry he was LOL

Henry: He’d be the blogger that posts 1 pic of himself every month but end up with thousands of reblogs in barely an hour. He would have those love yourself motivational quotes, puppies, and be full of positive happy stuff. 

SUJU Reaction: When you tease them by touching their butt.

Leeteuk: “Is there a reason why your hand is on my butt.”

Heechul: *Would get you back by slapping your butt.*

Yesung: *Would get shy and turn red.*

Kangin: “Two can play that game Y/N.”

Shindong: “If you keep doing that you’ll regret it Y/N.”

Sungmin: “May I help you?”

Eunhyuk: “Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

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Donghae: *Has you backed up in a corner before you can even blink.*

Siwon: “What am I going to do with this girl?”

Ryeowook: “This is considered harassment you know? I think you should apologize and make it up to me.”

External image

Kyuhyun: “Isn’t this supposed to be the other way around?”

Zhou Mi: *After trying to stop you multiple times.*

“There’s no stopping you is there?”

Henry: “It’s nice isn’t it!?Now let me touch yours.”


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Hi~ What would Super Junior's reactions be (in gif form) when they discovered their girlfriend was very intelligent? Thank you~!

Thanks for the request!!! Enjoy!


Leeteuk: **dresses up to look smart to impress you**

Heechul: Oooh, talk intelligent to me~ **raises eyebrows**

Han Geng: That’s my intelligent girl!! **completely smitten over you**

Yesung: Wait, what? What did you call me????? What’s that word????

Kangin: **tries to figure out what the long word you said means**

Shindong: YAH, Stop confusing me!!!

Sungmin: **makes evil plans to have you confuse the members**

Eunhyuk: **feels slightly intimidated, so is determined to get more intelligent**

Zhoumi: **thinks you’re just so cute when you say something intelligent**

Donghae: **smiles every time you sound intelligent**

Siwon: **thinks it’s completely attractive and finds himself shy around you**

Ryeowook: **you’re smarter than him, so he just pouts about it**

Kibum: **speechless but impressed**

Kyuhyun: Pssh, you’re not smart. **you say something way intelligent that he doesn’t understand** Well, maybe you are…..

Henry: WOW! You’re so smart!!! **impressed**


Hope you liked it~ ^_^

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