Overprotective Avengers

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Request:  HI! If it’s not too much trouble, can you do a request of a young reader with the Avengers ( and SHIELD) and how they interact? Like Tony making the reader a suiy and Steve tells him how dangerous it is because they’re protective?

Being the youngest out of the avengers was one thing, the next thing was that the other avengers were pretty much overprotective of you. They would let you train with them even team up with you in most parts of the mission but sometimes their protective side towards you made you go on the more safer parts of the missions.

Every avenger on the team you pretty much got along with much differently.


To him you were like a little sister, so when you were assigned to go on a mission with him and another he’d make sure you were by him at all cost.

If you were to date you’d someone he’d make sure they were a good person before even letting them be around you. Course he didn’t scare the poor boy off from you he just wanted his ‘little sister’ to be happy.

If you and a boy went on a date he’d tried but fail to blend in with a crowd to make sure you weren’t being brought to anything you hated or was forced to do what you didn’t want.


Now with Tony you were pretty much like a daughter to him, he taught you how to fix things and he even allowed you to help him fix up one of his own Iron-Man suits.

To say that he didn’t kind of spoil you was an understatement, when it was your birthday or Christmas he bought what you liked. Like the game system you had liked he got for you as it was in your room already.

At one point he even tried to make you your very own Iron-Man suit to protect you better but Steve said it was to dangerous considering you didn’t know how to control one and you could get hurt.


Being around him was cool for you, he was your best friend to say the least. Whenever he was with the avengers and had a mission an hour or two away he’d stop by to play some video games with you and have a small competition to see who was better at what games.

At some point he even taught you how to shoot some arrows with a old bow of his, he seemed to trust you and liked you enough to allow you to have it as a practice bow whenever you felt like you wanted to try shooting arrows.

Well pretty much you did it to see who was better but of course he won with that.


Now with Natasha you two were actually close like sisters, whenever you had girl problems or so you’d go to her and talk about it. If it was about boys it would be a bit hard to chat about since she wasn’t always with someone but she’d help you either way.

Just like Steve in a way though she’d make sure if you dated anyone that they were who they said they were, course that meant she’d do a background check on him and also made sure to keep a close eye on the boy.

But of course if you talked to her about a boy you liked she teased you here and there about the boy. But either way she’d have your back in anything.


Just like Natasha you two were close, she wasn’t far from being the newest member of them team like you so she’d actually be willing to help you feel comfortable around them all.

If you, her and Natasha had a girls night out and just hang she’d pretty much not let many guys flirt with you cause if they did you’d either be brought into her arms or she’d just make them leave.

Also she’d teach you how to speak her language since if you asked her once she would slowly teach you small words and if you gradually caught on well enough she’d go on with full sentences 


With him it was a bit odd, Vision was still getting used to human things. At times he’d come to you and asked whatever something meant or what one of them members of the team were doing and what it was all about.

But when on missions Vision might be an android but he still had a protective side to him. It shocked him but it didn’t stop him from making sure no enemy got to you or even attempted to kill you.

Whenever you cried he would wrap an arm around you and let you pour out your feelings and everything that hurt, after that he’d actually try to cheer you up. If he succeeded then he’d smile along with you and he’d try to keep you smiling. 


Now Sam to you was one of those cool older-brother figured to you, at times he’d let you go on morning runs with him but of course you’d laugh at him when he could a bit angry with Steve whenever he passed the two of you and continued to go with saying ‘On your left.’ 

If you were partnered up with him in a mission then he’d actually make sure you were well held in his arms before he allowed his falcon wigs to take the two of you off into the air. (that was your favorite)

You both had a relationship to the point if one person won a video game the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted. Which was embarrassing but still fun at the same time.


Now with Thor things were different, sure he spoke words in a different way but sometimes you understood what he had meant. Hell one time he allowed you to visit Asgard with him. You were shy at first but once he explained you were the youngest member and wanted one day to see the place you soon couldn’t stop grinning as you looked around.

When on Earth and helping keeping enemies away he kept a close eye on you, if one of the enemies hurt you he’d make sure to step in first to use his hammer on them.

Now he was known to love his pop-tarts, when the others saw him share a few with you they were shocked but knew that he too out of all of them he had a huge soft spot for you.


Now he was one of the members of the team that liked the fact you didn’t care out of the others in the city that he was the Hulk and whenever that side of him broke free created fear and destruction.

Even if he spent most of his time in the lab he actually allowed you to help him with a few small things, he also taught you a couple of things to help you learn the meaning of a few things cause you were actually wanting to understand the talk whatever he and Tony would have to explain to you and the others.

One thing though if anyone hurt you or anything at all that caught you to be hurt or even cry, he’d get mad and Hulk would quickly arrive. Surprising to the others on the team when he sees you besides Natasha the rage within the Hulk slowly stops 

 No doubt the Avengers taught you a lot of things you know now, and also they loved to spend time with you when they weren’t all that busy. But of course without a doubt they made sure that if anyone hurt you they so would not get away with it no way in hell would they allow that.

Sure it was a bit annoying but you knew they meant well, you knew they were just looking out for you and you didn’t blame them for that. Course you tried to return the favor but they always told you.

“It’s our job to keep you safe, don’t worry about us.”

But deep down you wouldn’t give up on returning the favor, these people were your family and you couldn’t let everything they do for you go if you couldn’t do the same.

||A/N: Wow I haven’t done anything like this before, I know I missed a few but I didn’t want it to be that long. I hope I got their characters right I might of made them OOC but I still hope this was what you had wanted.||