suits: took me a while in season 1 to really get into it and then season 2 started and it's all i want to watch now

My Review of Teen Wolf  6x17 - Werewolves of London

One of my favourite episodes, thus, far. It’s amazing what seeing old characters will do.

- Favourite Scenes

1. Old Faces Return
This is going to broken up in 3 different sections:

- Jackson and Ethan
What a way to open the episode!. I never really liked Jackson, but it was still nice to see him again and add Ethan into the mix, just made things even better. I’m hoping we get to find out how they got together, because that’s still a big question mark I’d like answered. And while they’re at it, I’m also hoping to find out what happened to Danny!?. Since he is closely linked to both Ethan and Jackson, I will find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t stay in contact with them.

Starting the episode with two new old characters was the perfect way to go, and I can’t wait to see other familiar faces pop up throughout these last 3 episodes.

- Deucalion
Speaking of familiar faces, Deucalion decides to join the party!. His one of my favourite villains Teen Wolf has had, and it was quite weird to see him turn over a new leaf. But in a way, I feel like it suits him. Not only does it give you the impression that Deucalion has learned from his mistakes, it also shows that he likes who he is now more so than who he was. So in saying that, could he perhaps teach Gerard a thing or two?.

I know we see more of Deucalion because his in a fighting scene shown in one of the trailers, so let’s hope a) he doesn’t die and b) he doesn’t die ahaha.

- Peter Hale
Oh, how I’ve missed him. For me, Peter was the highlight of the episode. Every scene he was in, Ian just nailed it!. I couldn’t imagine 6B without him and I’m super glad that he was brought back. My main concern with Peter however is that there is a fair chance that he might die. While I don’t want him too, I think it’ll bring his character full circle if he does die protecting Malia.

We all know Peter is selfish, and craves power. But the scene in the car with Malia showed a glimpse of a Peter we don’t see often. And that only happens when his around his daughter. In a way I think it would be poetic if Peter died selflessly to protect Malia. Just thinking about that makes me wanna cry, so I have my fingers crossed that Jeff isn’t that cruel.

However, the finale isn’t going to be without bloodshed and I have a feeling that some of our favourite characters will die. And if I had to place a beat on one of those characters, sadly I’d go with Peter….

2. Scott and Malia
I didn’t think I’d like Scott with anyone else but Allison, and nothing with change the fact that she will always be his first, true love. Scallison will live on in many ways!. However, I can’t get past the insane chemistry Scott and Malia have with one another. It’s something that is rare between two characters, because most of the time there really isn’t much lead up from that friendship stage to the relationship stage. Most shows just throw two characters together either for fan-service or just because they “can”.

But Teen Wolf has had some really good pairings that not only make sense, but you can see the connection (Stydia, Scallison, Mama McCall and Chris Argent even with the Sheriff, Allisaac even though they weren’t really official, Dethan, Jackson and Ethan, etc). And now we have Scalia, which took be by surprise. But they work and I love them together.

The kiss scene from last episode solidified my Scalia feels. But the hospital scene and when Peter told Malia not to fall in love with a dead guy, which she replied that she already has, permanently locked those Scalia feels in. Watching them with each other, you forget that Scalia roughly only started at the start of 6A. However, it doesn’t feel like that at all and it all comes down to the chemistry between the characters. And Tyler along with Shelley have amazing chemistry together. So it’s easy to believe that Scott and Malia have developed feelings for each other.

3. Lydia
Lydia Martin is a character we all should appreciate!. Her growth, development, bad-ass glo up is one of the best I’ve seen in Teen Wolf. Every episode my eyes are glued to her, watching how Holland acts certain scenes, her facial expressions, the way she says certain words and each time I love how she does them.

She barely had any dialogue this episode, only towards the end. But the scene where she had her banshee premonition while walking through a cold, iced hospital reminded me of Stiles scene in 5x05 where Dylan said nothing as he stood in the library while Donovan was chasing him. It’s those scenes in particular where the actor or actresses doesn’t say a lot or anything at all, and you can see it in their face that really changes the tone of the scene and leaves you glued to the screen.

All throughout season 6, even from season 3 Lydia has really impressed me and has quickly become my favourite character. And I have my fingers crossed she gets a happy ending!!

- Least Favourite Scene

1. Sheriff vs Guidance Counsellor
The reason I disliked this scene was because of two reasons. a) because the counsellor was once again being annoying and trying to jusifty this whole war, by basically blaming the Sheriff when all his ever done is protect the residents of Beacon Hills. And b) because her smug face actually thinks she is going to win.

You could tell that as the Sheriff was showing her the photos and explaining how evil Gerard is, that she was affected. And just when I thought she’d come around, she did a 180 and acted like her actions aren’t as bad as what she is commending the supernaturals for. The fact that Sheriff Stilinski told her that there doesn’t need to be anymore bloodshed, that no more people have to die if they just work together and understand one another, and all she did was then turn the blame on him, really, really annoyed the hell out of me.

I feel like two things are either going to happen. 1) the counsellor is going to die at the end either be the hands of a Gerard, or 2) She is going to be the last one standing of the hunters and see all the bloodshed and feel guilty, because now the Anuk Ite is defeated and no longer amplifying her fear. Or the most cliche thing would be if she gets put in a life or death situation, and gets saved by a supernatural creature. Thus, realizing that they aren’t all bad and what happened to her wasn’t their fault. At this stage I have no love or like towards this character so I’d rather option one, but that’s just me.

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode a 8 and a half/10

- Favourite Quotes
ETHAN: Which means you forget our anniversary, which also means I’m gonna kill you
MALIA: So what you moved into a cave and took a vow of uselessness
PETER: You don’t need to appeal to my ego, it’s quite healthy
PETER: What’s the hold up, I have a lot of revenge to plan